Monday, 24 December 2012

So a little update, and other bits.

So it's been like, 5 months since HHI, and I havent posted in a while, so heres a post :3
I just updated the logo, its nearly Christmas so Merry Christmas to all that read :)
ABDC isnt coming back, I hope it gets enough petitions for it to keep it going or atleast get taken over by other people, It'd actually be interesting to have the winners of previous seasons running it.
It does suck though that it wont be coming back, If i ever sort out my crew, i'd atleast love to audition, I feel sorry for crews that get callbacks and then its all "try again next year" which wont be possible without a new show, people wont have abdc to look forward to each year, and I wont get to see Skool Rascals or Miniotics T___T
i'll type some more, theres been alot of cool videos this year, some of my favourites being Pacman & Moons elevator videos "going up" or down... i forget, those were some good tutting videos o3o
ReQuest's video for that Missy Elliot song that dissapeared from youtube, that was cool.
loved the Royal Family one too for Missy's 9th Inning, though i do feel myself thinking there was a bit too much walking around, but i loved the face paint, laser tag place feel of it, it was cool.
HHI videos i posted, the IaMmE video's for skoodie was cute, the one they did for vlado footwear was cool too, I'm looking forward to 2013. anyway, Have a good Christmas and New Year people :D <3

Friday, 31 August 2012

Hip Hop International & Step Up 4 Review.

Ok so i'ma start with Hip Hop International seing as i havent written some stuff in a while, I'm just going to type out my favourite performances and why.

Bubblegum (New Zealand):

Ok so, i love Nicki Minaj, and i love how this music all fits together, the routine is hard, looks extremely fun and the kids look awesome, i love the sort of ... i think its tutting, well its not but looks kind of similar, when the 2nd song starts, i think Parris does really well with this crew, i think its better than last years, some members have dissapeared and the crew has new members, i guess its somewhat difficult with kids being different age and all that, i noticed one of the girls from last year was moved into sorrority, I love the illusion they do to Muny (matrial girl), where one stands at the front and they all slowly come out behind her lifting their legs high, its sort of a cloning effect, then the choreo for stupid hoe was cool, the song itself reminds me of speedcore, so the way they dance to it and all the hand movements (whacking? vogueing? tutting, ionno)
it looks really cool and is fast, I didnt see much difference in the routine from the first version they did apart from the girls creating a thrown at the end for the queen, it was better than the first one.

Sol-T Shine (Japan):

so, a new crew, i liked the routine alot for this, dancing to Existence VIP as a first song was cool, the rolling of hands looked interesting, then when it sped up, the choreo to the drop looked amazing, it was like, puppets but looked really cool, then the 2nd song where they all bent backwards to each part in the music was amazing, I didnt think they'd get lower then lower and so on, then some cool fast choreo looked cool, they were all in sync with each other and there was that cool part with the smooth looking slide, then the part where they all moved across stage doing flips was a good build up to the electro song, some fun choreo here, then the part where the Chris Brown song came in looked really fun, it was like swiping arms and footwork, which looks really fun and i'd learn it if i knew the name of that move.

The Royal Family (New Zealand):

So this routine was awesome, no suprise there, the opening to I Am Your Leader was cool, marching for the queen i guess, i loved the concept of i guess people fighting for the crown, Parris starts off with the crown with some cool Nicki Minaj choreo which was cool, then it was that blonde guy thats kinda hot, i think he's gay, and i love it when gay guys dance the way he did, its feminine and cool, the choreo to the 2nd song with him taking the crown off Parris looks fun, some work on the floor that was cool, other fun bits, then Kiel takes the crown and is all "blap blap blap" with his hands and the others do some hand pattern and the people in the front look left, right left, that looked really cool, then onto some Polyswagg :D which i'ma call it, i think whacking is the correct word, ma hur looks feirce V: then a member of the remaining 5 ReQuest girls take the crown and do some insane Krumping, it was amazing, i wasnt a fan of Krump on abdc6, coz it seemed like people were following tight eyez around the stage while he was doing stuff, but after watching ReQuest do it in 2011 at HHI, i was really impressed, then that kid comes out and does some krumping, i dont mind it but wasnt a big fan of it, i prefer when they krump together instead of just one, then someone tries to steal the crown D:< but then someone else has it and we go onto Push It, alot of fun old school stuff here which looked alot of fun, the girl wriggled her bum and slowly went off to the left and i thought that was funny, then the guys in the middle do some cool stuff, then some others come out doing some fun looking choreo where they like, fist pump forward, then some Mr worldwide coz we needs to see that NZ footwork which is amazing, someone else now has the crown (makes me think of game of thrones) i think this gurl is a new member of ReQuest and use to be in sorrority, its a shame there was no ReQuest performance as i have bumped them up above IaMmE and IaMmE are now my 2nd favourite, ionno whats going on, i didnt see Oriana, Sam, that girl who performed with them at HHI last year instead of Kaili, so i feel a bit sad about it, I love the way in the next part as the "phatphatphatphat" lyrics are heard and they all back away one by one really fast from the middle, it looked really cool, onto the part where they danced in couples, it looked amazing and was sexy, and watching the others in the back's legs go to the "boom boom" part made me giggle a bit, it was very well thought out, then they come through the middle and do some cool choreo with the girl with the short black hair, then they drop to the floor and ... ionno what to call it, spread their legs? that sounds bad but they kind of opened and shut and opened and shut, it was funny but really amazing, then it ends with the Original Queen back with the yellow shirt on, and they all shoot.

Sorrority (New Zealand):

Ok so... this was my favourite performance, the Royal Family's was good but it seems a bit too much going on, i do prefer smaller crews (even though it was amazing)
ima start with the first version of the routine, which was them starting in a circle with Kiel in the middle, the music starts and he spins to certain sounds, and they did some choreo before the "Wheeeeeeere have you been" i think this part should have been kept in the 2nd version, the part that was changed where they dance to cockiness and do the coat part where one leans left and then the other 2 do it to parts, that was taken out too, i did like it and miss it somewhat.
ok so the full version which is in the video above, the opening is the same but with a bit taken out, the part where they fall was exciting and they shake their hands and look as if they've had their loved one taken away from them, i love the story of Kiel not being able to find his loved one and asking where have they been all his life, dancing in couples with them, the build up was amazing, the left side go, then the right side go, doing some whacking and it sharp, tidy, amazing, then i loved the part where they gathered and the girl was looking out towards the crowd for her guy and they were like, it was like pointing the direction, then they do some tutting peice to the slow part of the song which looks amazing and smooth, then when it drops its like "SNAP" and fast again, then the slow part of the song came again and "SNAP" it created amazing build up and was exciting for me to watch, then the drop, the drop is just amazing... that footwork looks so cool and is the most amazing footwork i think ive seen, then the girl who use to be in bubblegum does it so we can see it sideways across the stage as the other go back, then she hi 5's Kiel and they move over going down by one, then come up in pairs which created another great picture, then they all like, they look like their in pain as they all move right, they look like they've actually lost somewhere or angry coz they dont know where their loved one has been, it added to the whole performance, then slow motion part with a sexy pose, looked amazing, the music drops again and some really cool looking choreo, this is much better than last years performance, the whacking and fast movements are the coolest thing ive ever seen, and gave me goosebumps, made me excited, then another slow part, but in this part there was like an electric sound and they all shook and the girl in the middle's hands were speeding up, that created another great picture, the following choreo again was fast then they all dropped to the floor apart from Kiel, the following part where they crawl was cool, then Kiel lifted his leg and did some like, tap on his side, and Where Have You Been came back on, the song is used alot in this peice but the way its been mixed is far from boring, Kiel looks back and the girls are somewhere in the crowd, which again, perfect for the song, looked amazing, then BANG ... THIS IS WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN, the way she comes up in the middle is amazing, then some slow breathing sounds, this part was amazing and blew me away, i guess the jacket trick thing came from ABDC, MOS got a challenge to do a jacket / coat trick to Cockiness, and this was much better, the way she had all the girls with jackets looked like they were on leashes, then 2 at the front pull away, and the other 2 too, god knows how she let go of them 3 / 4 jackets and managed to still hold the others, i thought the framing of her chest popping was really cool, then she's like blindfolded, its almost as if Kiel shouldnt have been asking where she has been coz she's too much for him to handle, the 2nd time i watched it i noticed something different, while this is all happening, Kiel is slowly backing away in slow motion, as if someone actually changed the speed of the video, its really smart, then the ending was cool, from the previous version where they just danced with the jackets opened, this time the jackets made like a skirt on each girl and looked amazing, then Kiel is crowned, this was by far my favourite performance, i thought i'd love the royal family's performance better but for me, this took the cake :3 and the crown :o

Ok so, Step up 4:
I didnt think it was as good as Step Up 3, the choreo was cool in the movie, the first performance looked kind of cool, the dance style was different for the dubstep where i usually see waving and stuff, they did a different kind of dance, then there was some kind of... it looked like a Brain Bang, but not as good, however, i did like it. The 2nd routine where they were in the museam was kind of cool, but... was confusing, the chick was going to different rooms but the camera was still focusing on other parts, like, the girl went into one room to see the girls with the jelly fish, then all of a sudden, the  camera goes back to Jet Li, then shows Pacman, all while, shows some guy hacking the museams system, then they were standing there in the dark with wavelines all on them, it didnt look that great, i couldnt really see the dancing, just wavey lines.
The 3rd routine where they were all in suits, the escalator part looked cool, but when they were all dancing, they did some tutting where they used their left hand over the right, and faced their right, then at some point further in the routine, it wasnt exacly the same but seemed as if they did it again, and with great tutters like Mike Song, Pacman & Jet Li in the movie, they could have come up with a better routine, but... the camera kept cutting off so we could see the latin guy outside creating something.
i found the movie somewhat confusing, Phillip Chbeeb, Jet Li werent in the first routine, or atleast i didnt see them, then in the 2nd routine it seems as if they come out of no where, then the 3rd routine wasnt tht great, as it was cut off by security and stuff, the 4th routine, and final, it was ok, for me personally, i didnt find it that exciting, i was expecting to see moose a little more in this movie, and Chadd aswell, but you see Chadd for about a minuet doing a robot routine with Jet Li, Pacman, Mike Song and some other guy, the camera was waaaaay too close to him aswell, and kept showing other people, so we missed some and it was too close, i would have liked to see a better routine, i think the parts he had in step up 3 were better.
theres some running up and down a slope with bungee cords which wasnt that great, just seemed like they were going back and forth, though they did do some footwork which looked kinda cool.
the part with Moose wasnt that good either, he didnt dance for long and the others just stood around him with those police barricade things... so yea, i liked step up 3 more.

am sorry Jon M Chu, if you're gonna hire dancers for your movie, make sure they're there when needed like when that guy exposes the other guys secret and only 4 people turn up, where are all the others? the others dont talk much... but yaar, if you're gonna hire people, please let them atleast make up some choreo for your movie, i mean, you have Pacman, who good have made an amazing brain banging peice, mike song who could come up with better tutting than the stuff you provided in the movie, Jet Li & Chadd who could have made a much better robot routine.

Monday, 6 August 2012


So i havent posted in a while, both my Pc's down and i havent posted my opinion on abdc's final, i couldnt be bothered with that =3= anyway, ive posted a crew list in the side bar of crews that i think people should deffinatly check out, also, I'm going to change the layout / design with a nicer looking logo when i have both pc's sorted.


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

ABDC Week 9: David Guetta Challenge

Wow, David Guetta's gone far over the past few years, i remember when i first heard that "Love Don't Let Me Go" on the car ad, where the car turns into a robot and starts dancing and stuff, he's a good artist although some tracks have sounded a bit samey (Sexy Chick / Where Dem Girls At)
Its a shame this weeks episode didnt have last chance challenges, well... last wednesdays, Ive been a bit late this week doing my review :3, I always like to see original music for a peice of art ;0
anyway, on with the routines this week.

MOS Wanted Mastermix:
So the opening is a little slow, but slow in a good way, i liked the part where they all moved individually to the uplifting sound in the mix :3 then their gliding was lovely and smooth, and the next glide was good, the lit up gloves for eyes looked cool with some high, some low, then the dancing to the rap part was really cool, following the lyrics, then comes the "AYE AYE AYE AYE AYE" where they all do like a doll pose individually, the same with "un u u un unnn" which was good, then they follow the background parts which impressed me because usually people just follow the beats or lyrics, and it was like robotic movements which i loved, then some more cool choreo, I didnt think much of the gloving part, it was a bit slow, but i did like the guy doing the grafiti type thing to spell MOS with the gloves. It was a good routine and in my opinion, the best of the night.

8 Flavahz Mastermix:
So they started with the gloving, with an 8 which looked pretty, then some "boom boom boom" looking thing where the gloves go out with one in the middle which was kinda cool, then some stuff that looked a bit weird for me, they side stepped while moving arms in and out while behind each other, then a little tutting that looked like it was taken from their Rihanna challenge, i liked the part when one of the twins came through the middle and all the hands went off to the side to the "booooowwwwwwwwwwwww" sound :3 that looked cool, then the next gloving part looked fun, the part where the usher song started and the twins and the other one leaped and turned to their front and put their legs out, i loved this part coz it went to the "bu booom" part in the song, then the others come in from the side and do that thing (ionno what its called, i should research for next season lol) that looked good, their gliding part was really good, i like that they changed it up and had the 2 at the front doing a glide on the floor, which was different, then the other one spins like... 100000 times, then on the Nicki Minaj song, the opening part to that i really liked some of the movements, i thought the part where they all stood still and moved just their hands looked fun, and some stuff that looked like whacking, I didnt really like the slow walky part even though lil mama loved it, then the rest was ok, and the end where they all posed and moved like dolls (well, dolls dont move like that but i get it) it was a fun routine :3 I wish they had used that heart they made in the video before with the gloves.

Elektrolytes Master Mix:
the same with 8 Flavahz, they had a part in their video that they were thinking about but didnt use it, where they could move different parts of the doll but instead they used a puppet type thing, their choreo looks kinda fun, then theres some flips that i didnt care for, the opening for the glove part to the kid kudi song looked like what MOS Wanted did where some are in the middle and they all put their hands out, i thought the next part they did with the gloves where they did like, a connecting peice was a little slow and when the guy did his gloving part it felt a bit slow too, the part where all of them stood in a line and did the gloves over the shoulder looked kind of cool but i didnt think it went with the song too well, then one of the brothers did like... nunchucks with the gloves? D: and the others did some slow stuff, dont get me wrong, if your an Elektrolytes fan, I LOVE them but just felt it was slow and didnt work for me, i liked the dubstep part, though they should have showed it from the front, and then there were 2 pacmans eating the dots which looked really cool, The usher opening was cool, and then a little krumping, then the guy did the flip off the others chest, it was cool we get it, MTV doesnt have to slow the camera down so that we miss 5 beats of the next part of routine, then some cool gliding by the guy who was in season 1 :D the flip at the end was cool too.

Last Three Group Routine:
I liked the way MOS opened and the sounds they picked to dance to, they so smart V: and then others come out of the smoke, it looks fun to be them, then Elektrolytes walk forward with 8 Flavahz on their back, which was cool but... arent they heavy with those chair things too? then 2 come in from the side, MOS holding them like Angel was held in that performance, and some choreo by the other Flavahz that i couldnt see because i saw the 2 being held, I thought it was funny watching MOS & Elektrolytes in the background, MOS doing some choreo and Elektrolytes taking off those jackets and just moving in a square, then Flavahz do a cool flip thing, which was cool, dubstep part was ok, I liked the part before the drop where they all danced together, then when the drop kicked in there was some more fun looking choreo with all of them, and Tamara then did that cool sidewards / back kartwheel thing.

so 8 Flavahz are now voted into the top 2, I'm happy for them but at the same time pissed, Fanny Pak should be in the top 2, the same as ReQuest should have been in the top 2 last year. anyway...

Battle Time
MOS Wanted VS. Elektrolytes.
Somebody That I Use To Know (Tiesto Remix) / Feel So Close:

Round 1 MOS:
This was a little weird for me, they didnt seem tight enough when they got those first few parts in, and i didnt get some of the movements they were going for, some individual parts and others moving slowly, i wish they did it all as one, there was a bit of krumping which was good, but most of the dubstep sounding part was odd, I dont like watching MOS dance to dubstep, its weird for me, the LMFAO challenge with the dubstep part in Sexy & I Know It was weird for me too.
(when the guy did the bonebreaking thing, camera went to him as he walked forward to elektrolytes and i couldnt see what the others were doing) thanks alot MTV.

Round 1 Elektrolytes:
the tick part was cool coz, i liked that last season Street Kingdom did it, then Chachi did it in the opening to S&M, now this season its like alot of people have been using the opening tick to dance to before the music starts, which is good :3
So theres some attacks individually, then 3 of them flip, then they all come and are like "We shoot you now dudududududu" then the part where they made a ring was cool and the guy in the middle was all dududududu aswell :3, i liked when they all slid out on their butts, then some dubstep, they all get their hearts or spines ripped out and smashed on the ground by their own crew member, which was weird. The forward flip was cool.

Round 2 MOS:
the sounds they first dance to is good, i liked the Elektrolytes pose and the "noooo NOOOO" thing, the choreo looked kind of fun that they were doing, then a flip, hat throws, then an under and over flip which Elektrolytes have done (which reminds me, i'ma quickly go into this, in season 5 when Hype 5-0 did that, JC was like "its been done loads of times before" it was their magic performance, why hasnt he said it on this season?) I liked the, we're gonna flip, no we're not, fooled ya thing, I think its an insult saying that Elektrolytes performances are bassed on flips and tricks rather than good choreo, then a cool trick by the hot black guy :3

Round 2 Elektrolytes:
the first part was kinda fun looking, i havent seen that before, then theres a handstand to the "bewwp" sound which is cool, the part where the guys legs are wrapped around the other guys waist and he bounces off the floor with his hands didnt do much for me, its not really much, just... bouncing... the next part where the skinny tall guy does the bit on his own looked fun, then more dubstep, this part of the routine i liked alot, the roll over was cool looking, though it looked a little weird, with the guy on the far left being tall and... Sal being short doing it aswell, it looked as if the others were bending but the tall one didnt, then nunchucks, it was kinda fun, like... we'll beat you literally with nunchucks D:<

Final Round:
Ok, i'ma be honest, i didnt like this atall, i'll mention one part but wont bother watching the rest, I liked in the distance where Elektrolytes arms went out to the wavey sounds in the music, and they did the iso's with their necks, and the few parts MOS did before the kick, but its kind of pointless to watch because theres way too much going on, and Cameras switching between crews and stuff.

So yea, MOS are going home, which is bad because this season, i feel as if good crews have gone home again because of kid crews, next weeks final should be good, I was looking forward to seeing all crews return but i read that crews will be dancing with IaMmE, Poreotics & We Are Heroes (thats what ive seen in images) no JabbaWokkeez, SuperCrew or Quest, well, i dont think, but will see next week.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

ABDC Week 8: LMFAO Challenge

I liked this weeks episode, also, i was wrong, voting doesnt close mondays so forget what i said last week hurhur V: it kind of sucked because the guy who uploads to youtube didnt have 720p, so i had to watch 420 and it was kind of blurry, so ive downloaded the CDPLAYABDC2012 videos using keep vid so i can watch 720 incase i didnt catch things when watching blurry routines.

Opening Number: Live My Life.
Its kind of interesting because this song was on TV right before my sister and i watched it, again, nothing really stood out, apart from the shufflebot heads that Elektrolytes were wearing, it was kind of cool when they tried to do an illusion type thing with the 3 bot heads, one moving up, then the other and the other. but yaar, thats all that really stood out, OH and one of the twins doing some stuff on the steps which was cool.

Mos Wanted: Sexy & I Know It.
I thought District 78 would have been lazy and just shortened the version that they made for callbacks, but it sounded different, which is good, anyway, The opening was a little slow for me, then they took the first lot of shorts off, then some other bits, then dubstep part, i thought it was a bit boring, these are all teachers and well known, i think they could have done ALOT better on that dubstep part, or done an illusion or something, but no, guys lean to the right and one dances, then they lean to the left and another dances, I liked the part with Ian was working out, it was creative, then the funny part came with the guy being all crosseyed, then a very sexy manly catwalk peice, which was funny :3
I'm glad these are in the top 3, out of the 3 crews that are left, i like these the most, not my favourite performance of the episode, but still good, and fun.

Elektrolytes: Champagne Showers.
I loved their HHI routine, and we've seen parts of that routine here and there throughout this season, each week though i feel as if they've been lacking something, ionno what,  I liked this routine alot though, the opening was ok, they seem to do alot of "hands go out, other hands go out stuff" then theres the twist / flip thing / throw which was good and robotic, and the robot section was cool, building the robot for the jump over the top wasnt that interesting,  i loved the hat part because it was like a screw being spun, then a bit of shuffling, which was cool, it wasnt continuous shuffling, it was like, tic tic tic, like... in a good way if you understand what i mean :3 and the robot at the end was ok, nothing special, ive seen better robots being made :3

RNG: Sorry For Party Rockin'.
I love RNG and was a fan of theirs when they were on AGT, i remember their routine to imma be that reminded me of poreotics, they were dressed in red and had glasses on, their pitbull routine was awesome too, thuis was a little dissapointing this week, some bits didnt seem as strong as the past few weeks, the opening was ok, the part while parents are gone is a good idea, the first tutting part wasnt that good, the dolphin dive was ok, the recreating that part from the video wasnt that great, the jump throughs were ok, and the other tutting part wasnt really strong enough to make me go "wow" there was also a bit with a weird walking part right before they lifted their legs and played like a guitar, but i felt it was a little weird.

8 Flavahz: Party Rock Anthem.
This was a good routine for them this week, the opening choreo is ok, and the twin did that fun spin thing, i liked the spongebob part but they didnt make it look as good as shufflebot, the next few parts they do some cool tricks, theres some other parts, It made me cry a little the first time i watched it when the one girl was pushed / flipped over, D-trix said over 3, but technically, 0 because they were standing behind and werent in line, the dubstep part was ok, some parts looked fun.
I want to learn the spongebob, now that i know the name of that move xD

and this is something i feel like i need to say. Woo V:
i think its unfair when people work hard to come up with something unique and be outshined by a kid crew because of their cuteness, and their "oooh, so young makes them good" screw that crap saying "Oh, your not good for a kid crew, your good period" because if you think that, then you're an idiot, I like both kid crews this season, but Fanny Pak isnt there because of both of them, i dont think its good that abdc has kid crews now, last year, the fact a kid crew like iconic boys went further than ReQuest is disgusting, Yes, i'm sure they're all very nice guys, but the fact is, if Iconic Boys werent there last year, and someone else was doing the same choreography, no one would pay attention to it and they'd be voted off first. its a fact.
America's Got Talent / Britains Got Talent have both prooven my point, cuteness gets you far i guess.

I think next week, 8 Flavahz should be the next out, leaving Elektrolytes and MOS Wanted, i wouldnt mind if Elektrolytes won, but I want MOS Wanted to win. I'm wondering how it'll work, will they do it the same as last year, so that the next episode is one voted off, the last 2 extended versions of judeges fav performances and last chance challenge, then following week all 6 season winners come back for special performances and then a winner is announced.
I'd love it for all 6 season winners to dance together, because i'd love to see them all dance like Jabbawokkeez and then do some Poreotics wavey stuff, then a big IaMmE brain bang, i think a Brainbang between (i go and counts) 30? people would be awesome to see. Anyway, thats all for this week V: baiii see you next week

Friday, 25 May 2012

ABDC Week 7: Rihanna Challenge

So, another Rihanna week, i wish they'd do another Gaga week, its a shame no one danced to Who's That Chick, i had a feeling last year that if ReQuest had made it to the Riri challenge, they'd have danced to that, i'll start of with how pissed i am about Fanny Pak going home this week, they deserved to win, coming back is brave plus, i'm not really a fan of Supercrew, the other year when they did champions for charity and last year when they had all champions at the final, Supercrew's performances was the ones i found myself skipping through, It'd have been better if Fanny had won season 2, the fun thing is, i havent watched seasons 1 - 3 but have seen compilations on youtube etc. ANYWAY on with the performances

Group Number: We Found Love~
hmmm, so the group performances arent ever as good as the main performances, but they always get people hyped up, they look kinda fun, a little boring in some parts, everyone seems to be wearing their main performance outfits, apart from 8 flavahz D:

8 Flavahz: Birthday Cake~
So the opening starts with the twins doing a flip off of the cake and other stuff going on, some choreo seem to be a bit boring for my liking, the tutting was ok, it wasnt really an exciting peice of tutting, i did like the routine but it wasnt the best, i dont think they'll get better than their vogue performance but hey... its a kid group, thats probably the reason Fanny Pak didnt get enough votes, the same reason why alot of crews last year that deserved to be in the final last year was not in the final, i think they should do 2 ABDC's a year again, have the first of the year with adult crews and the 2nd in fall with kid crews, lol what if HHI did their competition all as one instead of splitting between varsity, adult, children etc =3= NO D:<
near the end i thought when the 4 on the cake had the candles it didnt really do much for me, that part seemed a bit boring, they moved their head but ... they could have done something different so that they could move more or whatever, I found the part at the end an extreme amount of cute
"Stop dwop and woollllllll" :3

Mos Wanted: Cockiness~
This had alot of cockiness and alot of sexyness, i liked when the 2 guys were pulled sideways on the coats, the part where the one guy was in the middle doing his own thing, it was sexy, the trick the black dude did was sexy too, the part where Brian did that thing in the middle and the guys around him followed his moves at different times was good, reminded me a bit of the madonna challenge though when he went through them all, the trick with the arms going down the side with the guy behind the other didnt seem to do much, he should have done something else with his arms to make it look more weird instead of just going down, his arms didnt go down at a good angle, so i thought the other guy could have just had his arms out himself and do that =3= which was kind of pointless (maybe if his arms went lower) the whole routine was sexy though :3

Elektrolytes: Where Have You Been~
I hadnt heard this song until last night because i downloaded American Idol's final just to watch ReQuest dance with J-lo, and i thought "Oooooo, extremely dirty Electro, Aaron like alot"
This routine looked fun, had some funny parts, one of their best routines so far, I loved the part where the first guy (the one that was in ABDC Season 1) went through the middle with the mic coming closer to the front with the other guys dancing, that looked cool and fun, then the dubstep part where they did the wavy parts with their hand, then thumped the mic on the ground and did like a wavy cool effect, then the spin in the air was cool, the flip was cool too but i dont like when MTV slows the video down =3=  then the boyband part was funny. It was cool, they did good this week :3

RNG: You Da One~
Loved it, I think last week they impressed me alot so i dont judge these as being a good group just coz they're kids, the story telling was good, i like what lil mama said about opening a window to a duet, i liked the slow part, then something that looked like a brain bang, which is cool coz they said last week they werent much of an illusion crew, but i guess after doing the thousand or hundred hand challenge, they thought they'd try it again, which was a good idea, then they did a cool thing where they're leant back and do some neck iso's, It was a cool performance :3

Fanny Pak: Talk That Talk~
I feel i have to go into how results work, If this weeks show was recorded on saturday 19th, then the voting for pitbull week were still open at the time because voting closes monday right? so they take from the previous show? J-lo week, so if this is results for J-lo week, if you voted for Fanny Pak for pitbull challenge... then your vote doesnt count, because next weeks show would be pitbull results? but Fanny Pak have already left... so... voting is pointless i guess?
anyway, onto thieir routine, i liked the pink guns and peace stuff going on, Sohey is cute o3o
So the throwing the guns looks hard, and they caught them all which was good, i love the choreo they bring out every week, it looks fun and smart, they always deliver for me, the part where the 2 girls did that part on their own with the guys behind them was sexy, It sucks that i'm unable to concentrate because the phone keeps ringing >_> the routine was awesome, i love them, i wish they didnt go.

In all honesty, i think this week, 8 Flavahz should have gone home, then next week Elektrolytes, followed by Mos Wanted, leaving RNG & Fanny Pak to battle it out :3

Monday, 21 May 2012

ABDC Episode 6: Pitbull Challenge.

I'd like to start by saying, ABDC's been awesome this season, but i dont like gimmicky stuff  "do a russian dance"... "have an innapropriate dance of pants off"
so anyway, i cant remember which order they performed, but i'll just type up things i remembered from this weeks challenge (though i'm posting a bit late)

They have a big fanbase because of that awesome HHI performance, this week we see another little part from HHI, where they do the weird robot looking thing where a guy stands behind the other and both their hands move, there was alot of karate... way too much and not enough choreo, it didnt really catch my eye, i liked the J-lo performance better, but this week it felt like they were lacking.

8 Flavahs:
This routine was nice, and athletic, these girls are really good i think, they could probably win, maybe for the wrong reasons, I thought it was odd hear "Oh baby baby, nanananananana Laaaaa la la la la laaa why'd they add the can can this song is now chee ee ee ee ee ee eesey" which it was, it just sounded weird, people can do the can can without having the can can music... i guess... I liked when the twins both did flips are the front, facing different directions and it seemed really fast <:

Mos Wanted:
you expect more from dance teachers when they're doing stuff but fail, it would have been a great performance, again they have that whole smooth flow thing when they dance, then the guy didnt catch the hat, and the other failed to jump over the other guy, i expect more, they havent lived up to their name the pass few weeks. Ians cute :3

Fanny Pak:
This didnt stand out much, its got the fanny pak stamp on it, it was energetic in some places, but i felt like it was a little slow, i liked the part where they were in a line with Glenda at the front, and they did a the thing with their feet, i felt the camera was a bit low when they did the thing trying to make it look like their feet was the person aboves feet, i liked when Glenda spun through the scarfs, that was cool.

This was the best performance of the night / day, I liked their choreo, it was fun looking, the thousand hand thing (thousand or 100, i forgets) but it was different to what ive seen, its been done an extreme amount before, i know Elektrolytes did it a few weeks ago when the guy was back to perform, but RNG did good, i liked when they did it, then their arms moved to different places with the sounds in the music, then they came back towards the  end with the fans with bailey in the front and parts looked like they did a little tutting, MTV needs to focus on cameras, this wasnt shown from the front at first, I remember being pissed last year when iamme was doing their lil wayne performance and when they went into the "rubix cube" part, the camera was at the side at first D:< I think crews should be incharge of camera angles, so if we see tuttings / brainbanging / thousand hands or any other illusions, we can see them from the front, how they're suppose to be viewed.

I think RNG's performance was the best of the night, and Fanny Pak was the 2nd, followed by 8 Flavahs, Mos Wanted, and then Elektrolytes. Rihanna week next. :V

Friday, 11 May 2012

ABDC Episode 5: J-lo Challenge.

Oooo J-lo week, so i'm rewatching with my sister coz she didnt watch it qwith me last night~
Beau (casper) is in the video for Where Dem Girls At, I think him and Madd Chadd are dancing on the nicki minaj part :3

8 Flavahz~ Get Loud:
They did well with this routine, salsa parts were good, I loved the part where Tamara did the routine on her hands and turned, then the other twin did the part where she bent sideways with the trumpet, most of the choreo looked fun, I liked the ending with Tamara doing the flips :3 it was good.

Mos Wanted Crew~ On The Floor:
opening was cool, i liked that\ they danced to the vocals, and cleaning the floor was kind of a good idea, I loved when they used the camera and they ran about on the walls :3
choreo looked fun aswell, I want to see them dance to all the beats one week instead of the vocals and other sounds just to see what its like :D

LOL D-trix and Lil Mama sexy dancing:3

Elektrolytes~ Get Right:
I was really impressed with this, their past routines seemed to be lacking something for me, this was creative and had storytelling, the undercover guy getting mugged then beating up the guys, the fighting was pretty cool, i prefered Chachi's though, then there part they did in their HHI routine where they were in a line and then all go out doing that cool looking footwork, which i wanna learn D: the routine looked fun, i think it was their best routine so far :3 (even though that one guy dropped the walking stick) their subway train was pretty good aswell :3

Collizzion Crew~ Jenny From The Block:
I havent liked these much the pass few weeks, so i'm glad that they left the competition, the opening was a bt boring, they seem to always have people out of sync, the part where guys made a ring and the other guy went under was uncreative i guess, I did like the moon walk on the knees but yaar, i thought they were ok the first week, but the 2nd time when they did madonna i wanted funkdation to go through, then last week when they did drake and they did the tutting section, one was out of sync and looked like they were doing a different routine. so, happy they've gone.

RNG~ Do It Well
Best routine so far, ionno any of the 90's moves but they looked fun, I liked the part where they did that couples thing and then Bailey went through under the 2 girls feet, i liked the part in the opening where they did the thing where the one girl was in the middle and they kind of rolled to the 3 sounds, good routine :D

Fanny Pak~ Waiting For Tonight:
Best routine of the night, I liked the thought of it, it was like an alien discovering clothes and then others discovers clothes, I liked the robot looking part in the beginning, then matt discovers clothes, and is all happy and clapping, then i thought the next part was clever, Tossing & Turning, Cara is tossed in the air and reveals her clothes, then the other 2 spin at the front and have jackets showing, they kind of came alive, then towards the end there was another part where they like, moved their hands to the floor which was like, it'd go with 16th beats, but there wasnt 16th beats in the music, but it worked reallty well, i loved the routine alot :3

so next week is Pitbull badonkadonkadokadonk D: but should be good, some electro :3 & Iconic Boys meh =3=

Saturday, 5 May 2012

ABDC Week 4: Drake Challenge.

So, I havent heard any of the songs on tonights episode before, i guess Drake isnt as popular in the UK as he is in the US, again, this week will be a short post, because my pc is still messed up and i'm using a small laptop.

This routine was pretty cool, as always they're in sync with each other, the choreo was pretty cool, when they mentioned the rewind thing in their VT, the first thing i thought was Poreotics usher week, it was good, but i thought what would have been cool is, you know that youtube video RNG did with the Jabbawokkeez masks, they could have danced to those lyrics like Jabbawokkeez, and quickly pull out masks, i thought that would have been kinda cool, but the routine was still nice.

MOS Wanted~ The Moto:
as always, their routine was smooooth, but it was also lacking something, the passing like a relay part where they all went out one by one holding out their hats seemed to be a little dissapointing as i saw something in their VT that looked more interesting but they didnt do it, the rest of the choreo was smooth, looked fun, and when they dropped the hats at the end, the hats were all in sync and all landed flat :3 which was good.

8 Flavahz~ Find Your Love:
This made me cry, it was so sad, and sweet, and moving, the choreo was nice, I liked that it was nice and slow but also had its hard moments in there, i liked the moments, Ionno what else i can say about it, it was beautiful and omgah, as i'm watching it now i'm getting all teary eyed again, next next next.

Collizion Crew~ Over:
Ive noticed the pass few weeks, they havent been much in sync with each other, theres always a few that do something a little faster / slower than the others, the tutting part was the part where i noticed they seemed to be a bit out of sync, the car thing was a bit weird, they can be a car and groove aswell, ionno what the part on the back of the car was suppose to be, i dont know what the helicopter is to do with anything, I liked Funkdation more =3= they should have gone last week or this week.

Elektrolytes~ Headlines:
So i thought this was their best routine so far, I liked the way they went out after the guy is like "I'm back" but the part where all of their hands came out didnt interest me, its been done loads before, The dubstep part seemed to have a little from the end of their HHI routine where they all shoot each other, the guy from abdc 1 did a little finger tutting, the floating part was kinda cool with the guy rocking back and forth, i didnt really like the part where the guys head floated up between the jackets, the predator head thing was kinda cool also... YaAr :3


Fanny Pak~ Make Me Proud:
I liked this routine alot, They bring alot of theater each time they perform which is cool because i like stories in dance, their opening was fun, the choreo after was hard hitting and looked a little different to what they usually do, then the treadmill part was cool, i loved the routine alot, Matt Cady is sexy o3o & Nicki Minaj <3 i hope they do another Nicki week this season =3= The routine looks like it'd be alot of fun to dance to, I didnt like it as much as Britney week but maybe... just a little less :3

Stepboys~ Best Ive Ever Had:
I liked this alot, i think this routine and Fanny Pak's were the best in this episode (apart from 8 Flavahz)
I thought it was funny that the one guy who was Britney the other week was now a cute teddy bear, the whole routine was cute, fun, their best routine they've done so far, and looool, i just noticed the bear had a moustache, i think the mascot thing is a good idea, finding that word and playing on it, the spin was cool, throwing him up like that was awesome, then he comes and does a stand on his hand V: and then the part where the 2 guys threw him over and he hugged the other was adorable XD then the dougie :3 Its a shame they were booted :(

so next week i'm hoping collizion go home, next week is Jennifer Lopez, should be good dance music, electro, added dubstep ____O:

Saturday, 28 April 2012

ABDC Episode 3: Madonna Week

Ok, so i was looking forward to this episode, and thank god that guy uploads to youtube, i has to keepvid them before they dissapear~ so its going to be a pretty quick post because, my pc broke and i cant really be bothered to type alot on this craptop :3

Fanny Pak~ Girl Gone Wild:
I cant remember the song names, but this performance was good, i keep thinking "i cant remember much of it" but thats because ive watched the episode through twice, and i forget that all of them are wearing heels, which is really cool, and the 2 girls did rolls or something D:

Elektrolytes~ Hung Up:
This routine was pretty good, first time i watched it through, I couldnt see much of the krumping that was in the routine, some parts looked fun, some other parts seemed a little slow for me, I liked the hat trick.

Mos Wanted Crew~ 4 Minuets:
I remember this routine, it was smooth, like they were in the 2nd episode, I liked the 2 clock parts, thought it was creative, the first being where in pairs of 2, one arms goes to the next and moves~ the 2nd being the part where they were all together, I was impressed again.

8 Flavahz~ Vogue:
I remember in season 4 when We Are Heroes danced to this, and the techno part that district 78 added, rthey did that whole tutting thing that looked like a brain bang, but, I like 8 Flavahz routine alot better, i'm a big tutting fan, and they did no tutting atall which i was impressed by, the part where the girl had her leg up and the others were around her at some point made me think "hmmm, a kid crew could win this year" I thought this was alot better than the first week, it was hard hitting too, They impressed.

RNG~ Human Nature:
BBDC's interviews with RNG make me giggle, Bailey seems somewhat shy and doesnt know what to say, I think if i ever start a crew up, i'll be in his situation being the only guy in the crew~
Anyway, the routine, like 8 Flavah's was better than the previous week, both the kid crews are doing well, the routine was strong and they were precise, i liked the glide Bailey did (i hope i'm spelling names correctly)
and i liked the girl kicking Bailey around like "NO, WE DANCE D:<" It was a really good routine.

Stepboys~ Ray Of Light:
I liked the idea of this, the video is fast, so the hyperactive kids after having some sugar idea was funny / cute / good, I thought some of the choreo was a bit boring, and some was slow, they did that leg movement that i think they did on week 1 (or were they on 2? i forget) I thought the tutting part where they picked their noses was kind of funny too, and the fish out of water thing was funny aswell, I would have like to seen that one guy dressed as a girl again (and keep him that way through the rest of the season O.o)
the routine made me giggle, but i do want to see more choreo, and i want that choreo to be good =3=

~battle time V: ~

Collision~ Don’t Tell Me:
The routine was ok, nothing special, i'll be honest, it didnt entertain me enough, I dont really remember much about it apart from the bull at the end, they should have been voted off with Irratik.

Funkdation~ Gimme All Your Lovin:
These deffinatly should have stayed, I feel that their performance was alot better than Irratik & Collision's
I liked the flip the one chick did over the other, the "strobe" effect they did (i think its called strobing) It was alot stronger.

Irratik~ Express Yourself:
This routine was also kind of boring, i liked the routine they did on the first week alot better, the only thing i remember in the performance was the pushup.

So next week is Drake week, I dont really know ... any ... drake songs, i know he's in Moment For Life with Nicki Minaj, but yea...I think in an interview i saw someone said that theres a Skrillex week... so everyone will be dancing to dubstep? O.o Oh and i'll add to this post...

Britains Got Talent: Karizma Crew:
Ok so this crew who was on Britains Got Talent last week are from Canvey in Essex, which is like, a mile or 2 away, the crews routine was... meh, I didnt like it, they were dressed in a way that makes me think "I dont like the way you are dressed D:<" and the music was horrible, and the one guy was like... 30+ with kids, it was weird, I hate when crews use those classica.. / dramatic songs, like that crew the other week used the song when Judges on X-factor / BGT appear...

K, so BGT is on later aswell, and if theres any Dance Crews, i'll post again, or post again in a few days or something. K love you baiiiii :V <3

Friday, 20 April 2012

ABDC Episode 2: Flo Rida Week.

Oooh, this was a good episode, and ive decided to watch videos while i blog this time hurhur V:
and i'm thankfull that someone on youtube uploaded the full episode, i used keepvid to download, then usb -> ps3, anyway :3

Elektrolytes~ Club Can't Handle Me:
Their routine was pretty much the HHI 2011 performance that they did, the opening for me was a little odd, they could have saved the tower / flip for something else, it didnt really fit for that opening, there was an over / under thing with one guy bent over, the other leaps while another jumps over the top, which looked pretty cool because as the guy leaped, the one at the top looked like he was running across his back, then some choreo that looked fun, followed by a little bit of tutting, i liked when the guy slid on his head, and then a guy did the butterfly, then they did like, a chain reaction thing where one does something and the others follow, that looked cool, yaar, it was a pretty good routine, but when people use stuff they've used before I think "well thats a routine ive seen already, whats coming next week?"

RNG~ Right Round:
This routine was good, they seemed a little out of sync with the opening slow part, but after that they were all pretty much on sync, some parts i wish MTV had showed them from the front instead of at the side, where i'm like "was that magic? D:" i liked when they went down, it was smart with the lyrics~ Oh god i'm running out of things to say, I like them alot, and i like them alot better than Iconic Boys, i think they'll do good through the weeks, maybe better than 8 Flavahz.

Collizion Crew~ Low:
Well, when i researched these guys a few weeks ago, i didnt think much of them, but now i'm like "Oooo i like the dirty south" the movements in the beginning made a nice picture, then the choreo looked kind of fun, then they lifted their shirts, and i was all "Ooooo ___O:" but not an extreme amount of impressed, i think Dtrix has better abs hurhur :P then they stood behind each other and created another picture with their arms going out which looked good, then undies D: I liked the next part with the guy on the shoulders and a little bit of dubstep added to the song again making a nice picture, then lil mama's face on a shirt, bringing a little comedy is always good :3
I know the ... thing where people stand in a line and make it look like their hand stretches has been seen alot, they usually punch, but i like the way these guys changed it up and did a spank instead, then the ending was also cool, limbo, then a chop :D i liked the routine alot.

Funkdation~ Good Feeling:
Oh i want that cake thats in their VT, thats like... loads of cupcakes and the icing ontop is all one peice of icing o3o!
The opening was nice, piano stuff :3 it was simple but worked nicely, their energy is high which is always good, then they did something with their feet that looked like fun, then they did something with 4 of them in a middle, that was like a poor take on a brain bang, I like these guys but didnt like that part, then that chick does the flip, i like her, the fact she can do that impresses me alot :3
then some dancing in couples which also looked fun. good routine o3o

Mos Wanted Crew~ In the Ayer:The opening was cool, i like the slow parts, dancing to different sounds instead of the obvious ones in the music, then the spin the asian dude did to that sound which was cool, The choreo they did after wasnt hard hitting, but it was extremely smooth and nice, then i liked the next part with the balloon pump sounds and they each went out one after another in a really good way, then the choreo after that which was fast, then the music went slow, it was exciting, The part after where one stood behind the other and did that hand going over, and then coming back and was all "POP POP POP" was smooth then all BLAM, then they all stood behind each other, and went out nicely (the nicest ive ever seen that done if i'm honest) then some more smoooooth stuff, then it finished with a flip, a nicely thought out one :3 I dont know if i want these to win, or Fanny Pak now D:!!!

Battle Time V:
So i agree with the judges that Funkdation should be here, their performance was good but not as good as RNG, out of rng and funkdation i would have picked for the bottom 2 in this episode, Mix'd Elements didnt really do anything that impressed me, the guy spun around on his head, but we've seen that alot, Funkdation's parts in these were more interesting to watch,  the guy from Mix'd Elements tutting in round 2... wasnt at a high enough level for me to like it, it was like he did 3 / 4 movements with his tutting combo and didnt know where to go from there, yea, i think Funkdation deserved to stay. so thats the end of my post for this episode, Madonna Week next week, it'll be interesting to see how the guys dance to Madonna, i wanna see them doing a little bit of feminine dancing :3

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Britains Got Talent Episode 4: United We Stand

These were the only crew on tonights episode, and anyone thats seen any of my past posts, i dont like many UK Crews, being from the UK myself, its kind of dissapointing that the standard isnt of that in the US (i hope that makes sense) BUT after seing United We Stand's performance, i can say that i can add to the list of UK Crews that i do like (Plague, Unity, A-team, Addict) short list huh? :3

What makes me happy is, they arent just listening to the 4 count and dancing to that, which most (apart from some) on Got To Dance did do~ the choreo is fast in parts which is nice, and they're all lovely in sync with each other, the elctro part is pretty tight, the choreo for the move like jagger looks fun, and then theres the Unity ... sign? i guess, the tutting in the "classical music" section i felt could have been a bit better but it still works nicely, i like the edited part of the music where it goes silent and they move to that part, and the tricks were nicely thought out too, I think they're better than Diversity, I think if they were to enter something like HHI or ABDC they'd do well.
(i hate when Britains Got Talent says Troupe =3= just say crew damnit D:<)

Friday, 13 April 2012

ABDC Episode 1: Britney Week

Warning: I'm not that good with words so D:<
Ok, so it started, and after a whole day of looking for the episode and not being able to find it, then finding an episode to stream that i downloaded with real player, but then it was all pixelated, then the net kept dropping, and i installed hotspotshield to watch it on MTV's site, but the Ads... OH GOD those LOUD ads between each performance were anoyying, it was like "after the break we are joined by irratik~ BUYSOMEMOTHERFUCKINGSTARBUCKSBAAAAAH"
but yea, slowly able to watch it.
ANYWAY on with my reviews.

Group Number~ I Wanna Go:
The group number was ok, it felt a little slow~ but i guess thats what happens on ABDC, they're more focused on their performances than the group number, i like the part where Matt from Fanny Pak did a ballet type thing spinning the girl from 8 Flavaz, it was cute :3

8 Flavaz~ 3:
This routine was good, their style is interesting, I think that they're much better than Iconic Boys and will probably go far because they're kids on a talent show (ya know, like kids on every single talent show ever) I liked when the redhead was able to balance on her hands (ionno what its called)
and then the other one did the backflips, which suprised me x3

Mix'd Elements~ Till The World Ends:
the Choreo was a little bit boring, it didnt seem to wow me that much, there was one part where they were in the middle and all jumped out in time with the music which was kinda cool~ the suspenders for me are a little weird, if they use it in each routine its going to become a little odd, although the end picture they created looked pretty good.

Irratik~ Hold It Against Me:
They arent ReQuest but they're pretty cool~ their Choreo was all in ma face and feirce, hard and stuff and it was cool, i feel they did that thing with their hands a little too much though where they'd keep raising them really fast~ I liked the dubstep part where they turned and were like "now we're pointing and going slow but also fast" it looked cool, i should probably watch the routines while i blog, then i could pickup on more stuff =3=

Stepboys~ If You Seem Amy:
The flip onto the stage was cool, it looked high aswell, it was cool that he was able to land it and then pose when the lights when red, and he landed on beat which was cool, It wasnt the greatest performance but it was fun, and they said they wanted stuff to be fun, I liked the flip the britney guy did though the middle over the other 2, and when he stood on the backs of those others and slowly turned as the evil laugh in the music came on, I do think that when (insertjudgenameherecoziforgot) said about doing like, a few mores laughs and more choreo, their routines would probably be more awesome, but its only the first episode, I wouldnt mind watching more stuff like that coz it was fun.
(also, i watched a video of theirs on youtube the other day, they did an easter egg hunt for 8 Flavaz, and that made me think they're really sweet x3 so i like them more)

Fanny Pak~ Womanizer:
My favourite performance of the night, It was cool, it was sexy o3o I thought when Matt did the "you say i'm crazy" part with the headshaver was kind of good, it was maybe a little brave, the dubstep part suprised me because i didnt think i'd see Fanny Pak dancing to dubstep, and that part was all in time with the music, in the music there was a fast part where all the legs came up to those sounds, and i was all "Waaaaaah that looked cool" and then the part where the beat dropped and they did that "geisha" type thing wowed me aswell, it was an awesome routine, they're creative :3

So yea :3 thats the first episode done, i'll post some more next week :3 (hopefully if i can find the episode)

Monday, 9 April 2012

Academy Of Villains.

Ok so if you havent seen, just watch.
So this is soooo good, i loved the dubstep part, the tricks are in perfect places, the whole routine is amazing (If someone knows the name of that dubstep track, let me know) the tricks / illusions are really cool, i loved all of it, and then today i saw the WOD LA performance they did.

WHICH IS EVEN MORE GOOD and more dubstep <3 I think these are amazing and wanted to blog about them (the layout looks crappy at the moment >_> stupid blogspot)
If these enter HHI 2012 then i guess it looks like The Royal Family has some competition.
I find Academy Of Villains sexy =3= which is odd.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Britains Got Talent: Twist & Pulse Dance Company

So i think to myself "OOh... i forgot to blog about Twist & Pulse Dance Company, so i'll do that now"
and then the net just goes extremely slow THANKS VIRGIN MEDIA D:<

I didnt like Twist & Pulse that much, sure they were kinda fun to watch, but since then its like "Ive seen better, why did i like them? was i brainwashed"
The problem i have with this routine is its pretty much the same as we've already seen, You're at a rave, Twist & Pulse come over, spike your drink and BLAM, everythings too fast, theres a comment on youtube that says "they remind me of cheerleaders, not dancers" which i agree, the music is mixed way too much to the point where i think "This doesnt feel like Dance, its more like sounds because theres way too much music in those 1 & a half minuets" apart from that, they're also out of sync, I also just watched a performance of theirs at Hackey Empire( this ), which in my honest opinion, was sloppy, they're out of sync, and there was WAAAAAY too much walking / running around when the music changed, you need to GROOVE your way to your next position, not walk / run.
another thing I saw alot of in the video is punching the air, just because its fast doesnt mean its cool.
The fastest doesnt make you teh bestest V:
another thing i noticed in the Hackey Empire video is there were alot of V formations, which i'm getting tired of seing with UK crews doing, I dont mind it if its less people, when small groups of them did parts in the routine they were all in V formations, crews like T&PDC / Diversity / Peridot / Myztical (insert more anoyying UK crews here) If they were to go to the US, go for Hip Hop International, go on ABDC, or go to New Zealand, they'd all get eaten alive.

On a positive note, I dont like the music mixed overtop to the point where theres more than 100 songs in less than 2 minuets, but the way its mixed is good, i'm sure the guy from Twist & Pulse would be a good DJ.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

America's Best Dance Crew Season 7.

Ok, so its right around the corner, and i must say, its a little weird that Britains Got Talent has started before ABDC this year, which i'll also share my opinions on crews on that too, anyway, the 10 crews for this season have been picked and none of the ones i wanted are in that list.
so, i'm going to go through and share my opinion on the crews that ive seen videos of.

8 Flavahz:
girl group, some from Hawaii, some from the US, said that they practice via webcam etc~
i did watch a video where there were more than 8, the dance wasnt that great and no, i'm not gonna just go "OH WOW KIDS, DAYUM THEY IS KOOL COZ THEY IS KIDS" no... i didnt like iconic boys... abdc kind of fails in the way that... a crew like Iconic boys got 2nd place and ReQuest went home in week 4, so no, i will not like kid crews unless they're really good, but that was just one performance i saw of 8 Flavahz, a problem ive thought about is, the name 8 Flavaz seems to be all "theres 8 of us, we represent a different color each" and then its like... "so are you going to wear the same outfits each week?" I'm not saying i'm going to hate on them, i havent seen enough to go "wow, they're good, i'll vote for them"

i looked at Collizion Crew just now, seemed a little boring, so i'm not going to youtube all the others =3=

Oh, one of the Crews i wanted to see did get picked~ So yaar, Elektrolytes came first in the US HHI adult division in 2011, they seem cool, their facebook pic is sexy, their dancing is sexy, they seem fun.

Fanny Pak:
Its cool that they allowed Fanny Pak to come back, but it would have been cool to see another ghost of ABDC past in the 10 selected, they've won mtv awards, they were good before and will be better now
(its pretty bad but... ive not watched ABDC season 1 - 3, only 4, 5 and 6) :x

I've heard the name alot so, they must be good, i cant really remember watching any of their videos though, if i have done then ive probably forgot.

I think this is that crew with one of the chicks from ABDC 5's Bluprint Crew, i think a video i liked that was posted on BloggingBestDanceCrew was of Irratik where they were dressed in kind of purple jackets and they did a nice tutting peice to a faster version of Bass Down Low by Dev
(or as i like to say, i like my beats fast but my song is slowwwww sa sa song is sloooooow)
but yea, their routine was pretty cool (if it was deffo that video)

Mix'd Elements:
Mix'd Elements is another one like Funkdation where ive seen the name pop up alot but cant remember if ive seen good stuff~ both crews must be good as they've been picked and ive seen the name alot.

Mos Wanted Crew:
same with the other 2 crews, though, ive seen a few videos and was impressed, so this crew will be cool to see.

Rated Next Generation (RNG):
I remember liking RNG alot of America's Got Talent, they didnt wow me to a point where i wanted to run up and down the streets screaming about them, but they were pretty good, and since then they've got a few new members and have a guy in the crew, and their Jabbawokkeez tribute video on youtube where they're dancing to Fire Power (wolfgang garter, dirty electro track, go check it out NAO D:<) was pretty awesome so i'm looking forward to see how well they do on the show.

I havent really found any videos, just an old 2008 one which i didnt watch, or maybe i didnt look hard enough, they do comedy stuff which is always fun, one guy from the group was calling Chachi "Cheeto" at the ABDC7 auditions, they seemed like a fun crew, and Dtrix use to be a part of this crew, which will probably be sad, like when Quest danced on the ABDC6 final.

I'm hoping that in the first few episodes, they say about how many crews from other countries they got audition this year, and show some auditions, it'd be cool to see, some the superstars music being used this year should be interesting too, some Britney, Madonna, Rihanna (again) i'm not really bothered about "mr. badonkadonk" (pitbull) or flo rida :3

Yeey post done =3= am tired

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Some videos to check out.

Ok, so recently, ive been using to download videos from youtube of my favourite performances from dance crews and wanted to share the ones that I saved, and write a little bit about each, So first...

IaMmE: The Brain Bang
This routine was awesome when i first saw it last year before IaMmE were on ABDC6~ its nearly everything i like about Dance, the connecting (Brainbanging) thing is really cool, its creative and we've seen it done differently before by Quest, but the way IaMmE style works pulls it off perfectly, i cant wait to see what else they do in the future (even though its been nearly a year since they won) i still get excited when they tease videos on youtube (I think this was their audition routine for ABDC6)
They deffinatly deserved to win ABDC6.

IaMmE: Pacman & Moon - Trigger Fingers
I havent saved this to my Ps3 yet, but its something else i think people should see, IaMmE's Pacman & Moon take tutting / finger tutting / connecting / brainbanging to the next level, its like watching a puzzle, or parts of transformers all moving together to make something new and cool shapes / parts, its always fun to watch, and then to rewatch it and see something new :3

ReQuest: This Is Street 2011
 I think that Parris' Choreography is perfectly executed to a level higher than Jabbawockeez, like, the way Jabbawockeez moves with the music is really precise, each move they dance to goes perfectly with the music, and makes you think WOW~ Parris' Choreo also does this, but i think its better, the routine in the video above is what i think was done for their ABDC6 Audition, i remember seing Blogging Best Dance Crew & Pacific Rim interviews and when asked for a preview they showed parts of their dance for Monster, The routine is cool, it goes nicely with the music, each dance move goes with each sound, its not all 1,2,3,4, The opening song was sexy and they danced sexy to it, the part with SWAGGA was perfectly done (though i do prefer the way Poreotics dance to it x3) they hit hard, they should have gone alot further on ABDC6, i only think they were voted off because they werent American.

ReQuest: Redefined Pollyswagg
Another amazing video done by ReQuest, The video hasnt been edited, the way that they can move is Amazing, moving that slow but also putting the fast parts in then going back to slow, and it works perfectly with the song playing.

ReQuest: Hip Hop International 2011
They came 2nd but deserved 1st, Plague won first place for the UK, i'm from the UK but think ReQuest done better, the opening with the Krumping (I know they're quiet close to Tighteyes) was amazing, so on point and in sync with each other, I didnt likeKrump, but this was awesome, however, i do feel the opening song in which they did the Krumping too went on a little long.
Going into Baby Boy by Beyonce was awesome, sexy and then that part where the track slowed down and they went to the floor was amazing, then into SWAGGA, which they changed from what we've seen previously, it was a little shorter too, but still good, i liked the Crown peice part they did.
then lastly S&M, the way that this was done was also sexy (i'm saying sexy instead of feirce because i dont like that word) the Illusion they did with Reimy at the front and the others going down, like they were sinking was cool too.

Sororrity: Hip Hop International 2011
Another routine by Parris, this was really cool, i love Nicki Minaj so the opening to Romans Revenge was amazing, and then they did the part that looked like ReQuests dance to monster where they kind of crouch and the others jump over the legs, then they moved differently and it worked amazingly, I love the fact that the 2 guys in the group also dance feminine, it was on point, timing and syncing was perfectly done.

Bubblegum: Hip Hop International.
I remember looking through a video of HHI with all different crews, and remember how Bubblegum looked like a mini ReQuest and wanting to watch it, i'm really glad HHI uploaded to youtube.
This routine was also really awesome, Parris' Choreo again and its all perfectly done, theres some tutting in there aswell which i loved, the way they moved was unique. They're cute, they're BETTER THAN ICONIC BOYS (i thought i'd throw that in there, I'm sure Iconic Boys are nice guys, i just disliked watching them :3)

 ReQuest / Misfits / Bubblegum / Sororrity: The Royal Family - PollySwagg Lesson 2.
So, all the other videos i had watched on youtube before i saved to ps3, this however, i saved it straight to my ps3 and watched it on there, i was impressed, Parris made another masterpeice, I love the fact theres more this time, and its made me think... "Am i more excited about ABDC7 or HHI 2012?" and i think i'm more excited about HHI.
I loved the part with ReQuest at 1:41 where they're doing slow movements with their arms, and it works perfectly, then they change it up a bit with the speed of the movements, then its like "SLAP" It was my favourite part, then we see Bubblegum, which i'm glad Parris decided to include bubblegum this year, they look somewhat scary, the way they're keeping up with the adults, I like when they're all dancing together at the end, and the way everyone moves in this video is amazing.
Ok, i think i'm deffo more excited about HHI this year than ABDC7.

All the above videos make me want to Dance, and give me so many ideas, but all i can do is upper body movements (not very well) i can do a little tutting, but as for ma legs... yea i need to youtube how to do stuff, i cant move well enough i guess hurhur V:
(Its odd, i woke up from a dream today about somewhere i was going with my friend in a car, and ReQuest were performing, and i drove pass them, they were starting as i was getting there, but i missed it D: sad dream is sad :( 

~Aaron Roberts~

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Got To Dance: Final.

Yay, so what i'm expecting tonight... no weird stuff like "popping guy with bboys around him" D:<
better performances. just my opinions etc etc~ i'll probably compare to the better V:

This routine was pretty cool, the tutting sections were nice, they looked like they did a connecting peice, wasnt as good as ive seen IaMmE's do, there was a bit of krumping which was kinda good, seems like krump has become more popular (thanks tighteyes) :3 The illusion type thing they did at the beginning was interesting, a few parts they werent in sync with each other, if they stepped it up a little, they'd be amazing, some parts i didnt agree with but i'm not gonna bitch about it too much :3
Kimberly Wyatt didnt like it D: but... she's just a twat who lifts her leg so yea...
I liked it, she needs a slap :3


Their last performance was alot better, this seemed somewhat sloppy, they did that thing where they jump over the others back that they did in their audition, Ashley Banjo thinks they're the best girl group he's seen on the show (no... that group with the name that began with V ... vici something was better) it looked sloppy, not in sync with each other, they arent ReQuest, their outfits are awful.
a positive, there were some flips / tricks that i thought were ok~

I actually liked this, some parts were a little repetetive but they were in sync, and it was pretty good for a kid group, ive seen better kid groups but they did well, Ashley and Kimberly gave them a red... which is confusing but at first its all amazing... then its not... i thought it was pretty good.
(kimberly gave antics a red... then gave boadeicea a gold... wtf's that about) D:<

Methods Of Movement:
Ok, i'm going to be honest, i didnt like it, "Crazy Popper" sticks out like a sore thumb, the others are bboys, just weird, some parts were sloppy, i want something structured, its... just weird... its like... syncronised swimming with a footballer in the middle "controlling them"
I dont even think Crazy Popper is even that good, even if i thought of him dancing on his own without the others, when he does waving, his arms dont wave smoothly, its more pointy and odd.
LOL and the guy who spun on his head used a helmet, good bboys usually wear a beanie XD

Ok, i like what these do, they opened with Pon De Floor, and it worked nicely :3
their feet are quick and good, ionno what else i can write about it, but i did like it :3 mix of street and tap, i think they're the best at it.

This was really nice, dancing to Hero by Mariah Carrey, it was slow but worked really nicely, the tricks / flips were all in sync, i remember animaneax danced to "Bleeding Love" when they were on move like michael jackson. I would have liked to see more upbeat music, but it was nice.
judges gave them 3 reds, how does contemporary get such applaus but this doesnt? WTF JUDGES D:< not everything has to be fast.

Unity UK:
Damn they're really good, but i hate their music XD, its odd... it was good, but i feel as if there were too many tricks, they're all good and in sync with each other, and the flip at the end was cool, over the 2 people and then ending up right near the judges.
so yaar, ionno what else to add, too many tricks made it look a bit messy, but the rest was good.

Ok, so now Diversity is gonna be performing, then ima eat V:
ABDC7 will be starting next month (i think) and i'll blog about that :3

no dance crews are in the final 3... wtf D:<

their performance the other week was better than this one, but the other weeks one wasnt that great =3= so yaa