Sunday, 29 January 2012

Got To Dance: Semi Final 1.

Chucks routine, i'll be honest, i didnt like it much that, it was mainly jumping and doing flips, it didnt impress me as there wasnt much dancing, it had very little dance and the stuff he did do between the flips and tricks werent even that good, he could be much better if he had more dance, something that bugged me

Project G:
I wasnt bothered about missing this, my brother was here and wanted a movie on his HDD~ so i wasnt paying attention, from what i saw though, they were out of sync, some parts where they were all doing different stuff and it looked sloppy.

This kid is 13, The routine that he did was ok, it didnt wow me alot, but he's 13, it was an ok'ish performance, he didnt a little bit of tutting which was better than ive seen from some of the others on the show, Ashley Banjo gave him a red star D:< that gets on my nerves when he puts crews through that aint even that great, and good groups like Addict, Veni Vici (something) and the other group that were like poreotics.

I like these, they have a street thing going on :D It was cool, its like tap but... modern and cool :D I dont really know what else i can say, it was good :3 they had some other moves apart from tap too :D

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Got To Dance callbacks.

First off, I'd like to say i'm dissapointed the judges didnt put through addict, i missed their audition on auditions uncut and when they kept showing glimpses, i wanted to see them, so i'm glad that they showed their routine in the callbacks, I love the fact that they listened to sounds in the music and danced to them, unlike most of the other crews that was very "1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4"
I liked the way that they were dressed, reminded me a bit of Sorrority Crew, it was a nice routine and i loved it, much more than alot of the auditions throughout season 3.

I dont like the fact the judges put through people just because theres not enough genre's of dance, they should be putting through dancers because they're good.

Other callbacks:
I thought the fact that the poledancer went through over another poledancer that use to judge her was funny.
the 2 solo dancers didnt interest me, the guy doing house was boring, ive seen house done better (inside the box ;0) the other "commercial" crew wasnt worth blogging about =3=

Got To Dance 22nd january

Ok, so this is the last episode before they decide who goes through, and if they narrow it down and some people dont go through because "theres not enough genres in the semi finals" then thats stupid, they should put people through if they're good, not let someone go because not enough whatevers =3=

Unity UK:
Unity Youth auditioned the first year and i think a few of that group are in with the bigger / adult group, this group was also on Move Like Michael Jackson. anyway, i think i saw this routine on youtube some months ago, for the World Of Dance UK event~ It was pretty sharp and they were all onsync, i like them better than diversity, but i didnt like the music they danced too, i prefer my crews using dubstep and something... with a hard beat~
but i do like them, i'm looking forward to see what they do next :D

Urban Jokers:
These 2 guys auditioned last year, and this years routine was ok, some random diving i didnt enjoy, and it seemed a little sloppy, there was some tutting part with one behind the other which looked like some moon / pacman routine gone wrong, i liked some of those moves they pulled though, I wouldnt say that they're better than last years winners, but i didnt enjoy it enough, there were no "wow" moments for me.
jokey stuff isnt really fun for me to watch anyway, unless the routine wows me, ive already seen stuff like this, Chris and Wez, Twist and Pulse etc.

Method Of Movement:
a group with last years Crazy Popper :3 I liked this guy last year solo, and was expecting to see somthing awesome when they put him with the other guy, but i didnt like them together =3=
anyway, the routine, these have potential but the routine was very weird, it was like, Crazy Popper standing in the middle doing stuff and the others moving around him, then him doing something across the stage and the others following him, then that "louder" dubstep song, they all seemed to huddle together and let the girl jump on them, which didnt really do anything for me, i want dance, not pointless running off someones chest =3=
but towards the end they all did windmills with crazy popper just standing, it was like, he can just pop while the others do stuff, i dont want to sit through alot of routines watching him stand around popping while the others do alot of other dancing. i hope their next routine is better.

I would love to see IaMmE / Poreotics as a special guest on the semi finals :3
my favourite auditions this year were plague members as soloists, sa few girl groups and antics, and Antics are the first group told that they're going through to the semi finals :3
and thats all i'm blogging for now, theres another got to dance after the home visits, ionno if thats the first semi final, but if it is, i'll be back :V

Friday, 20 January 2012

Got To Dance: Auditions Uncut

another new episode of Auditions Uncut.
Dynamite Latin Fusion:
These girls mixed latin and street, but the only street part i saw was the beginning, i didnt really like the routine that much and they used that Electro song with the "wow" sample in it, i love electro but dislike that song so much >_>

(i didnt catch her name because i was busy >_>) anyway, this was pretty fun to watch, i like the genre of music (electro swing) and the she kept that hula hoop up, it didnt drop once :D i cant see much being done with a hula hoop though, so her next routine if she's in the semi finals will probably not be as good, or too samey.

Regga Noise:
Ok, so i;m pissed off because Sky 1's picture and audio went offsync before these ladies started dancing, The routine had a few good moments but seemed a little silly, with some parts like "who let the dogs out" and music switching between run the world (girls) and about 5 other songs. but yea, i would like to see the routine in sync with the audio and maybe write something again.

no other crews to blog about so thats todays stuff written about V:

Thursday, 19 January 2012

More Auditions Uncut on Got To Dance

Wednesdays Auditions Uncut
Project G:
this was the only group worth blogging, an all girl group but their routine looked sloppy, and a few werent in sync, nearly the whole routine was 1,2,3,4... I want people to listen to sounds in the song and dance to them, not just "Who run the world ...... girls.... 1...2...3...4"
its not original, come up with better dances.

Todays Auditions uncut
These ladies were pretty good, not awesome or unique, but they listened to sounds in the music and danced to them instead of just the 4th sounds in the music. I just hope they come up with a better routine for their next performance.

and yea, no other dance crews shown in these 2 episodes =3=

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Got To Dance: Auditions Uncut

Monday Nights auditions uncut i'm watching as a repeat, so... if any crews come up that i like the look of i'll blog about it. i have no followers yet :( but that doesnt mean no ones reading. if there is i'd love to see atleast one comment, that'd make my day. anyway, on with the show, then i'll edit this post later when tonights auditions uncut is on.

Veni vidi vici:
what a strange name, This girl group reminded me of ReQuest in a way, they hit it hard in some parts and one of the girls at the end was wearing a tiara, which reminded me of ReQuests crowns gesture :3
some nice iso's and a lovely choice in music, i liked these. They werent as good as ReQuest but they were good enough to get my attention.

LOL, so 2 people made a ring with their arms and a guy tried to jump through and fell, I like the idea of mixing Bollywood styles and Street, but i didnt like these, there was a little tutting, and i was like "ooo" but yea... more "noo" =3= they didnt seem to be very insync with eachother but they got 2 gold stars, i was hoping for 2 red stars. I also didnt like their music choices, if you're gonna mix the 2 genres of dance, i dont want to sit through most of the routine listening to bollywood music.

Anyway, i'll edit this later with the 2nd show.

Edit: So heres part , 6 o'clock on Sky 1

They claim to bring it harder and faster than guys, They did something similar to the group above (Veni vidi vici) where they did a part where the girls crawled and another girl had like chains, they said to Ashley Banjo "We're ready for you Ashley" which yea, i personally think they're better than Diversity.
I didnt like the whole routine due to 1,2,3,4 syndrome, but that was only a few parts, the rest was pretty good though, i liked Veni vidi vici better though. alot of girls seem to be dancing to Run The World this season.

Oh another bollywood / hip hop group, ok, i dont like it, its 1,2,3,4 again. and i didnt see any hip hop anywhere. thats about all i have to say about the group.

John James:
lol, so i'll be comparing most of the time through this season, mainly because if something doesnt impress me, people need a reason from me why i dont like them.
So, my reason... I liked this guy but he didnt impress me as much as i was hoping he would, the dancing before the bboy part was pretty interesting but thats all i can think to say about the routine, the Bboying part wasnt complicated enough to make me go wow.

and thats all for now =3=

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Got To Dance Week 3.

Ok, so its the third week that this has been on, and i decided i'ma type this out while i watch it, its more helpful this way because i can remember crews names.
19 minuets in and nothing good, well, a good tap guy who does "hoofing" which was pretty interesting, but its not a dance crew :(

The Future:
Kid crew, Yay >_> i hate kid groups, because they seem to get through for being kids, I would personally say no, they were ok, nothing special, they opened with a bit of tutting which for me was a bit easy looking, It was like "tut tut tut, now look left coz we dont know where to go with our tutting part" nothing special, they went on to do "move to the left and step, then move to the right and step" which yea, for me wasnt really entertaining, Iconic boys were better, and i dont like Iconic Boys =3=

Unit 3:
These 3 auditioned last year which i never saw, again, i dont like people who come back, atleast wait a few years before doing so, the guy was all shakey at the beginning which was anoyying to watch, then some legs came out to make an illusion, it was odd, then they made a shape with their arms and looked like they were about to start tutting but didnt, then did some dancing that for me was a bit slow, it didnt really show me anything good.

Oh now a video montage of people who havent gotten through including people who auditioned last year (i hatechoo) and now a contemporary dancer who also auditioned last year. >_> its all nice dancing and all but doesnt interest me :3
~the rest of tonights first episode didnt have anything else worth blogging and now for episode 2.

Dazl Boys:
This was odd, these guys were cheerleaders but... bullies in school, it felt off, they used Happy Hardcore as a genre, which i'm happy about because it hasnt been used on a show for any type of crew. If i end up putting a crew together i want to use Happy Hardcore, but some more melodic stuff with vocals.
anyway, they didnt get through but i like the whole idea of guys being cheerleaders.

Another member from Plague auditioning as a solo dancer, I like her audition more than the other 3, her peice reminded me of IaMmE's Jaja, mainly the ticking, but some other parts too. i liked this peice, it didnt wow me too much, but i liked it alot more than most of the stuff ive seen on the show this year.

another montage but this time of alot of girl groups, some of these look pretty good

Ruff Diamond:
more groups who were at HHI 2011, i havent seen these guys performance at HHI but seing as they were there, they must be somewhat good. the way they're dressed reminds me of Sweet & Sour, now ive watched the routine, it was pretty good, the opening was nice, but towards the end it seemed to get a bit slow.
i liked them but they werent "wow"

he is a contemporary dancer, but does Bboying too, it was kind of nice to watch and Ashley asked him if he could see some of his Bboy stuff, some James brown comes from no where, and now he has 3 gold stars, it was much better than his contemporary routine, hopefully he'll come back with a new routine to some hip hop, he's good but he's no D-trix :3

so thats all for this weeks episodes, next weeks episodes then i'll judge the finals.
Yey :V

Friday, 13 January 2012

Sonic Generations.

What better way to start off a video game than a 20th birthday party for our hero.
until everything starts to go weird and all his buddies are sucked into a weird white world that seems somewhat familiar.
We start off by playing Green Hill Zone, i'll be honest, i love how this level turned out, SEGA did good for once (in a long time) and then you play the level as modern Sonic, which is also very nicely thought out.
then you return to white world, wait... wheres 3rd act with a boss... Ok, next level, another great level to make a return, the game continues and when you've finished the first 3 levels, or... lets be fair, 6, about 40 - 50 different side missions appear, these side missions help you get a key to continue, but you only need to do 1 sidemission from each zone to get the keys, once you've got the 3 keys from the 3 first zones, you get to do the first boss, after that, the same thing happens, 6 levels (in 3 zones) boss, then once more and you have the last boss...
this makes a total of 18 levels in the whole game, which blows seing as there are ALOT more sidemissions than main gameplay, when you get to the 5th or 6th zone, the game seems to get pretty repetetive, and modern Sonic is now sidescrolling too, which doesnt make sense, seing as we already have retro sonic for that, something else that bugs me, mainly with modern Sonic is the weird random walls put in for Sonic to trip over if he's running fast or ... "quick press circle so you can slide under this hole"
the levels in all arent even that great, Yea ok, Green Hill Zone and Chemicle Plant were really good, but when you get to the 3rd zone, which is Sky Sanctuary it feels good on retro sonic, but modern sonic seemed to lack good gaming, wait...
Sonic 1 - Green Hill Zone
Sonic 2 - Chemicle Plant
Sonic & knuckles - Sky Sanctuary... wheres the remade level from Sonic 3?
I personally think a remake of Hydrocity Zone or Carnival Night Zone would have made awesome levels, but anyway, they decided to skip Sonic 3 and continue with Speed Highway, City Escape, Seaside Hill, Crisis City for god knows why... Sonic 2006 was bad, Rooftop Run and then Planet Wisp.
I liked 5 levels out of the 18 which i thought was good, Green Hill as retro and modern Sonic, Chemicle Plant as retro and modern and City Escape as modern Sonic.
The game wasnt a very good celebration for 20 years of the blue hedgehog, they should have made a brand new game using retro Sonic with new levels, 3 stages for each zone... or what could also work is 4 levels for each zone, morning version of the zone,  daytime levels, and an evening / night one.
carefully thought out themes (hill / field / fire / water / cave / forest / haunted etc)
another odd thing is the characters, they dont do much, just stand outside a level, by the way, where is Big the cat or that robot, they could have had more levels using those 2~ also Amy can now fly with her hammer, how the hell does that work?

Sonic Generations is a big letdown for a 20th Anniversary, due to its lack of levels, and more sidemissions than main gameplay, and they arent even good sidemissions. Maybe sega will get better in the future, but i dont know, the fact that one of the Sonic games had him with a sword makes me think "Oh god, Sonic cant get any worse" but i havent played that game in the series, I'm looking forward to that Sonic 2 HD that someone has been working on alot, but i dont think SEGA will deliver with future Sonic games, i'll continue to play Mario, Mario has continued to be good, whereas this game didnt last long.
I think if i gave it a rating, it'd get a 5.5 out of 10, its good for retro sonic but the rest isnt good.

(Oh yaar, whats with the thing after side missions where you have to ring the bells and chase the note, thats nothing to do with anything and doesnt make sense)

~Aaron Roberts~ :V

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Got To Dance

So Got To Dance started on the 1st of January and i feel odd watching it, If you've read the previous posts you'll see that i havent really found any UK dance crews that i like, while watching, ive noticed that the brother and sister from Plague auditioned as a duo (Bgirl Roxy i think her name is, ionno the guys name) and one of the other Plagues members auditioned doing a tap routine mixed with a little street, but yea, they dont really stand out for me. So far through the past few weeks, 2 auditions have stood out the most.
A group from Essex, which i forget their name, but i think they were involved in Kayzar who auditioned last year (theres a Kayzar studio nearby somewhere) they reminded me of Poreotics, which i liked, they wasnt as good as Poreotics, but they had shades, an odd costume (if i remember rightly) and danced to dubstep.
though Kimberly Wyatt didnt like them, i did, I'd rather watch this group than Diversity.
I should be a judge, i judge hard =3= I'm not the type to put kids through just because they're kids
The other audition that stood out for me was Antics... they also reminded me a little of Poreotics also (though they didnt have shades, weird outfits) they had a nice tutting section, and a nice athletic flip in the air :V which was pretty high.
one other group i will mention is Boadicea, an all female group that hit it pretty hard... though, again, ive seen better~ ReQuest.
one thing that bugs me about the show is people that come back, i understand in America's Got Talent and X-factor people have come back twice, but then gave up... but they usually leave it a few years before auditioning again, not waiting a year and auditioning a 2nd and 3rd time.
Dance Dynamix auditioned the first year and i found them boring, they auditioned a 2nd time and made it to the final, they were boring both times and if they make an appearance in the weeks to come, i wont be happy =3=
then there was a guy who auditioned the first year, then last year came back with a big crew (Eruption) now... they split Eruption into a boys group and a girl group and that guy isnt in either of them, both groups were pretty good but, theres still nothing thats stood out enough for me to go "wow this is really good" I want someone to come out on the stage and show me something as amazing as brainbangin'

I think Sky could possibly be to to blame, maybe their editing of videos causes music to go offsync and look like some of the dances dont go with the music.
The show might get better, i hope it does~

There was another episode of the Auditions uncut yesterday (12th jan)
which is only on for 30 minuets, There was another duo of  guys in checkered shirts, the routine was ok but didnt really make me go wow~ there was another guy who was a solo dancer, who wasnt good, but the judges seem to think that he was amazing~ he did a bit of finger tutting, moved his thumb to his index finger and looked as if he didnt know where to go from there and started doing something else, i think it looked sloppy, i didnt like it.

I wanted to make a post about this but decided to put it at the end of this post, and its about the Design of the site, I made the logo myself using a nice effect ive previously used for a project I've been working on with some guys over on its a good site if you're a Dance Dance Revolution / Dancing stage fan. The background i made using different shades of grey hexagons, the grey helps stuff ontop stand out and I'm using hexagons in the Project, also added ABDC logo's for my top 5 Dance Crews.

~Aaron Roberts~ o3o

empty space o3o

nothing here D:

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Top Five Dance Crews.

So these are my five top crews.

1: IaMmE:
With Moon and Pacman doing videos all the time in the past, i could tell this crew was going to be good, taking tutting to the next level was one of the best things i had seen in Dance.
the 6 of them individually are all talented and work very well as a team, they deserved to win ABDC 6, brainbangin' is unique and hasnt been done before.
one thing i would have loved to seen on ABDC 6 would have been when the judges put the final three crews with other crews for a big performance, with 6 people brainbangin' is awesome, with 15 - 20 would have been amazing to see.
fav routine: S&M

2: Poreotics:
I remember i had seen videos of Poreotics before they got on ABDC, the first video i watched was the routine they did at Fusion X, from then on i loved them, the first abdc i watched was season 4, which i had downloaded, which was round time season 5 had started on TV, so when me and my sister finished watching abdc 4, and started watching 5, i was excited that Poreotics were on it. I love the comedy they bring, the tutting, and the fact they make ancing look really fun, i'd say Poreotics made me wants to dance, i freestyle when no ones looking, and i learned their awesome tutting routine for Hide & Seek (Afrojack Remix) even when they arent dancing, they're fun to watch, they're cool and thats why they get 2nd in my favs. they were at thorpe park doing a workshop on my birthday D: which blew because we went thorpe park a few days later Dx
Fav Routine: Love Story / Taylor Swift & the tutting section in their newer routine for Warp1.9 / The Bloody Beetroots and Steve Aoki. the illusion they create using the remix after the original is trippy and epic.

3: ReQuest:
I love the way these girls always hit hard, they should have won HHI 2011, I'm from the UK but dont think that Plague should have won, Parris' choreo was much better, the Krumping was perfect and i dont really like Krump, however i enjoyed that, the Sexiness of the beyonce section was awesome, and dubstep part was awesome too, they didnt deserver to go out of ABDC 6 when they did, they should have stayed longer, i think personally it was because they werent from the US.
Fav Routine: HHI 2011

4th: Quest Crew:
Bboys arent really something i'm a fan of, but they tut too, which i'm a big fan of, Hok is british also :D which i find cool, seing as most british dancers recently... bug me =3=
I guess we'll be seing some Brainbangin' performances from Quest seing as Hok has worked with Pacman & Moon, and Quest did it on ABDC5 Champions For Charity
they all seem to be athletic, they have been in music videos, a movie, and i enjoy watching them also.
Fav Performance: Champions For Charity Performance, where i saw the first brain bang :3

5th: Jabbawockeez:
as i started on ABDC 4, i hadnt really known much about Jabbawockeez apart from the fact they wear masks, but they were the first to win and they have a show in Vegas :D
I guess if they arent in my top 5 then i should be shot or something, anyway... I saw some performances and they didnt really stand out, but when i first noticed how talented they are (on Champions For Charity) i really liked them, and continued looking for videos etc.
They were in Step Up 2, which is cool, and their routine on the final for ABDC 7 was amazing.
Fav Performance: ABDC 7's final, Devastating Stereo, i decided to continue talking about this as my favourite performance, The opening was a bit slow, just alot of marching, moving left to right with the other dancers then Tight Eyes started krumping, at this point, i'll be honest and say i didnt like it much.
When the mess dissapeared, and it was just Jabbawockeez, things got alot better, it was slow in a good way, and then very fast and exciting that gave me goosebumps :D
that performance was Epic.

Other crews i like:
Miniotics <3
Sweet And Sour
Status (UK not Status Quo from abdc)
Instant Noodles
World Order
Dziah 2.0

Next post will be about Got To Dance.

A bit about me and what this blog is about.

So first, an introduction, my name is Aaron Roberts, i'm male and come from the UK, i live in Esse.
I have decided to make a blog because i always have something to say about the following, and i like to review things, I will be typing up about the following stuff~
Dance Routines (Dance crews and alot of stuff like that)
Music Rhythm Games (DDR, Stepmania, Beatmania, Pop 'N' Music and alot of other stuff)
and Game reviews (Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox etc)
but yea, mostly Dance.

Ive removed the stuff that was currently here to my profile.
and decided to put this here.
I first started to like Dance when Diversity auditioned for Britains Got Talent, I remember sitting and my sister saying "My friend from work is auditioning with a group on here" and from their first performance, i fell in love with them, but after seing the crews (and alot others) in the above post...
I take a disliking to Diversity, i still watch them when they're on TV and stuff, but they dont quite match up to the other crews ive seen, its not that they arernt talented, ive just seen better.
but thank you for getting me interested in Dance :3