Saturday, 28 April 2012

ABDC Episode 3: Madonna Week

Ok, so i was looking forward to this episode, and thank god that guy uploads to youtube, i has to keepvid them before they dissapear~ so its going to be a pretty quick post because, my pc broke and i cant really be bothered to type alot on this craptop :3

Fanny Pak~ Girl Gone Wild:
I cant remember the song names, but this performance was good, i keep thinking "i cant remember much of it" but thats because ive watched the episode through twice, and i forget that all of them are wearing heels, which is really cool, and the 2 girls did rolls or something D:

Elektrolytes~ Hung Up:
This routine was pretty good, first time i watched it through, I couldnt see much of the krumping that was in the routine, some parts looked fun, some other parts seemed a little slow for me, I liked the hat trick.

Mos Wanted Crew~ 4 Minuets:
I remember this routine, it was smooth, like they were in the 2nd episode, I liked the 2 clock parts, thought it was creative, the first being where in pairs of 2, one arms goes to the next and moves~ the 2nd being the part where they were all together, I was impressed again.

8 Flavahz~ Vogue:
I remember in season 4 when We Are Heroes danced to this, and the techno part that district 78 added, rthey did that whole tutting thing that looked like a brain bang, but, I like 8 Flavahz routine alot better, i'm a big tutting fan, and they did no tutting atall which i was impressed by, the part where the girl had her leg up and the others were around her at some point made me think "hmmm, a kid crew could win this year" I thought this was alot better than the first week, it was hard hitting too, They impressed.

RNG~ Human Nature:
BBDC's interviews with RNG make me giggle, Bailey seems somewhat shy and doesnt know what to say, I think if i ever start a crew up, i'll be in his situation being the only guy in the crew~
Anyway, the routine, like 8 Flavah's was better than the previous week, both the kid crews are doing well, the routine was strong and they were precise, i liked the glide Bailey did (i hope i'm spelling names correctly)
and i liked the girl kicking Bailey around like "NO, WE DANCE D:<" It was a really good routine.

Stepboys~ Ray Of Light:
I liked the idea of this, the video is fast, so the hyperactive kids after having some sugar idea was funny / cute / good, I thought some of the choreo was a bit boring, and some was slow, they did that leg movement that i think they did on week 1 (or were they on 2? i forget) I thought the tutting part where they picked their noses was kind of funny too, and the fish out of water thing was funny aswell, I would have like to seen that one guy dressed as a girl again (and keep him that way through the rest of the season O.o)
the routine made me giggle, but i do want to see more choreo, and i want that choreo to be good =3=

~battle time V: ~

Collision~ Don’t Tell Me:
The routine was ok, nothing special, i'll be honest, it didnt entertain me enough, I dont really remember much about it apart from the bull at the end, they should have been voted off with Irratik.

Funkdation~ Gimme All Your Lovin:
These deffinatly should have stayed, I feel that their performance was alot better than Irratik & Collision's
I liked the flip the one chick did over the other, the "strobe" effect they did (i think its called strobing) It was alot stronger.

Irratik~ Express Yourself:
This routine was also kind of boring, i liked the routine they did on the first week alot better, the only thing i remember in the performance was the pushup.

So next week is Drake week, I dont really know ... any ... drake songs, i know he's in Moment For Life with Nicki Minaj, but yea...I think in an interview i saw someone said that theres a Skrillex week... so everyone will be dancing to dubstep? O.o Oh and i'll add to this post...

Britains Got Talent: Karizma Crew:
Ok so this crew who was on Britains Got Talent last week are from Canvey in Essex, which is like, a mile or 2 away, the crews routine was... meh, I didnt like it, they were dressed in a way that makes me think "I dont like the way you are dressed D:<" and the music was horrible, and the one guy was like... 30+ with kids, it was weird, I hate when crews use those classica.. / dramatic songs, like that crew the other week used the song when Judges on X-factor / BGT appear...

K, so BGT is on later aswell, and if theres any Dance Crews, i'll post again, or post again in a few days or something. K love you baiiiii :V <3

Friday, 20 April 2012

ABDC Episode 2: Flo Rida Week.

Oooh, this was a good episode, and ive decided to watch videos while i blog this time hurhur V:
and i'm thankfull that someone on youtube uploaded the full episode, i used keepvid to download, then usb -> ps3, anyway :3

Elektrolytes~ Club Can't Handle Me:
Their routine was pretty much the HHI 2011 performance that they did, the opening for me was a little odd, they could have saved the tower / flip for something else, it didnt really fit for that opening, there was an over / under thing with one guy bent over, the other leaps while another jumps over the top, which looked pretty cool because as the guy leaped, the one at the top looked like he was running across his back, then some choreo that looked fun, followed by a little bit of tutting, i liked when the guy slid on his head, and then a guy did the butterfly, then they did like, a chain reaction thing where one does something and the others follow, that looked cool, yaar, it was a pretty good routine, but when people use stuff they've used before I think "well thats a routine ive seen already, whats coming next week?"

RNG~ Right Round:
This routine was good, they seemed a little out of sync with the opening slow part, but after that they were all pretty much on sync, some parts i wish MTV had showed them from the front instead of at the side, where i'm like "was that magic? D:" i liked when they went down, it was smart with the lyrics~ Oh god i'm running out of things to say, I like them alot, and i like them alot better than Iconic Boys, i think they'll do good through the weeks, maybe better than 8 Flavahz.

Collizion Crew~ Low:
Well, when i researched these guys a few weeks ago, i didnt think much of them, but now i'm like "Oooo i like the dirty south" the movements in the beginning made a nice picture, then the choreo looked kind of fun, then they lifted their shirts, and i was all "Ooooo ___O:" but not an extreme amount of impressed, i think Dtrix has better abs hurhur :P then they stood behind each other and created another picture with their arms going out which looked good, then undies D: I liked the next part with the guy on the shoulders and a little bit of dubstep added to the song again making a nice picture, then lil mama's face on a shirt, bringing a little comedy is always good :3
I know the ... thing where people stand in a line and make it look like their hand stretches has been seen alot, they usually punch, but i like the way these guys changed it up and did a spank instead, then the ending was also cool, limbo, then a chop :D i liked the routine alot.

Funkdation~ Good Feeling:
Oh i want that cake thats in their VT, thats like... loads of cupcakes and the icing ontop is all one peice of icing o3o!
The opening was nice, piano stuff :3 it was simple but worked nicely, their energy is high which is always good, then they did something with their feet that looked like fun, then they did something with 4 of them in a middle, that was like a poor take on a brain bang, I like these guys but didnt like that part, then that chick does the flip, i like her, the fact she can do that impresses me alot :3
then some dancing in couples which also looked fun. good routine o3o

Mos Wanted Crew~ In the Ayer:The opening was cool, i like the slow parts, dancing to different sounds instead of the obvious ones in the music, then the spin the asian dude did to that sound which was cool, The choreo they did after wasnt hard hitting, but it was extremely smooth and nice, then i liked the next part with the balloon pump sounds and they each went out one after another in a really good way, then the choreo after that which was fast, then the music went slow, it was exciting, The part after where one stood behind the other and did that hand going over, and then coming back and was all "POP POP POP" was smooth then all BLAM, then they all stood behind each other, and went out nicely (the nicest ive ever seen that done if i'm honest) then some more smoooooth stuff, then it finished with a flip, a nicely thought out one :3 I dont know if i want these to win, or Fanny Pak now D:!!!

Battle Time V:
So i agree with the judges that Funkdation should be here, their performance was good but not as good as RNG, out of rng and funkdation i would have picked for the bottom 2 in this episode, Mix'd Elements didnt really do anything that impressed me, the guy spun around on his head, but we've seen that alot, Funkdation's parts in these were more interesting to watch,  the guy from Mix'd Elements tutting in round 2... wasnt at a high enough level for me to like it, it was like he did 3 / 4 movements with his tutting combo and didnt know where to go from there, yea, i think Funkdation deserved to stay. so thats the end of my post for this episode, Madonna Week next week, it'll be interesting to see how the guys dance to Madonna, i wanna see them doing a little bit of feminine dancing :3

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Britains Got Talent Episode 4: United We Stand

These were the only crew on tonights episode, and anyone thats seen any of my past posts, i dont like many UK Crews, being from the UK myself, its kind of dissapointing that the standard isnt of that in the US (i hope that makes sense) BUT after seing United We Stand's performance, i can say that i can add to the list of UK Crews that i do like (Plague, Unity, A-team, Addict) short list huh? :3

What makes me happy is, they arent just listening to the 4 count and dancing to that, which most (apart from some) on Got To Dance did do~ the choreo is fast in parts which is nice, and they're all lovely in sync with each other, the elctro part is pretty tight, the choreo for the move like jagger looks fun, and then theres the Unity ... sign? i guess, the tutting in the "classical music" section i felt could have been a bit better but it still works nicely, i like the edited part of the music where it goes silent and they move to that part, and the tricks were nicely thought out too, I think they're better than Diversity, I think if they were to enter something like HHI or ABDC they'd do well.
(i hate when Britains Got Talent says Troupe =3= just say crew damnit D:<)

Friday, 13 April 2012

ABDC Episode 1: Britney Week

Warning: I'm not that good with words so D:<
Ok, so it started, and after a whole day of looking for the episode and not being able to find it, then finding an episode to stream that i downloaded with real player, but then it was all pixelated, then the net kept dropping, and i installed hotspotshield to watch it on MTV's site, but the Ads... OH GOD those LOUD ads between each performance were anoyying, it was like "after the break we are joined by irratik~ BUYSOMEMOTHERFUCKINGSTARBUCKSBAAAAAH"
but yea, slowly able to watch it.
ANYWAY on with my reviews.

Group Number~ I Wanna Go:
The group number was ok, it felt a little slow~ but i guess thats what happens on ABDC, they're more focused on their performances than the group number, i like the part where Matt from Fanny Pak did a ballet type thing spinning the girl from 8 Flavaz, it was cute :3

8 Flavaz~ 3:
This routine was good, their style is interesting, I think that they're much better than Iconic Boys and will probably go far because they're kids on a talent show (ya know, like kids on every single talent show ever) I liked when the redhead was able to balance on her hands (ionno what its called)
and then the other one did the backflips, which suprised me x3

Mix'd Elements~ Till The World Ends:
the Choreo was a little bit boring, it didnt seem to wow me that much, there was one part where they were in the middle and all jumped out in time with the music which was kinda cool~ the suspenders for me are a little weird, if they use it in each routine its going to become a little odd, although the end picture they created looked pretty good.

Irratik~ Hold It Against Me:
They arent ReQuest but they're pretty cool~ their Choreo was all in ma face and feirce, hard and stuff and it was cool, i feel they did that thing with their hands a little too much though where they'd keep raising them really fast~ I liked the dubstep part where they turned and were like "now we're pointing and going slow but also fast" it looked cool, i should probably watch the routines while i blog, then i could pickup on more stuff =3=

Stepboys~ If You Seem Amy:
The flip onto the stage was cool, it looked high aswell, it was cool that he was able to land it and then pose when the lights when red, and he landed on beat which was cool, It wasnt the greatest performance but it was fun, and they said they wanted stuff to be fun, I liked the flip the britney guy did though the middle over the other 2, and when he stood on the backs of those others and slowly turned as the evil laugh in the music came on, I do think that when (insertjudgenameherecoziforgot) said about doing like, a few mores laughs and more choreo, their routines would probably be more awesome, but its only the first episode, I wouldnt mind watching more stuff like that coz it was fun.
(also, i watched a video of theirs on youtube the other day, they did an easter egg hunt for 8 Flavaz, and that made me think they're really sweet x3 so i like them more)

Fanny Pak~ Womanizer:
My favourite performance of the night, It was cool, it was sexy o3o I thought when Matt did the "you say i'm crazy" part with the headshaver was kind of good, it was maybe a little brave, the dubstep part suprised me because i didnt think i'd see Fanny Pak dancing to dubstep, and that part was all in time with the music, in the music there was a fast part where all the legs came up to those sounds, and i was all "Waaaaaah that looked cool" and then the part where the beat dropped and they did that "geisha" type thing wowed me aswell, it was an awesome routine, they're creative :3

So yea :3 thats the first episode done, i'll post some more next week :3 (hopefully if i can find the episode)

Monday, 9 April 2012

Academy Of Villains.

Ok so if you havent seen, just watch.
So this is soooo good, i loved the dubstep part, the tricks are in perfect places, the whole routine is amazing (If someone knows the name of that dubstep track, let me know) the tricks / illusions are really cool, i loved all of it, and then today i saw the WOD LA performance they did.

WHICH IS EVEN MORE GOOD and more dubstep <3 I think these are amazing and wanted to blog about them (the layout looks crappy at the moment >_> stupid blogspot)
If these enter HHI 2012 then i guess it looks like The Royal Family has some competition.
I find Academy Of Villains sexy =3= which is odd.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Britains Got Talent: Twist & Pulse Dance Company

So i think to myself "OOh... i forgot to blog about Twist & Pulse Dance Company, so i'll do that now"
and then the net just goes extremely slow THANKS VIRGIN MEDIA D:<

I didnt like Twist & Pulse that much, sure they were kinda fun to watch, but since then its like "Ive seen better, why did i like them? was i brainwashed"
The problem i have with this routine is its pretty much the same as we've already seen, You're at a rave, Twist & Pulse come over, spike your drink and BLAM, everythings too fast, theres a comment on youtube that says "they remind me of cheerleaders, not dancers" which i agree, the music is mixed way too much to the point where i think "This doesnt feel like Dance, its more like sounds because theres way too much music in those 1 & a half minuets" apart from that, they're also out of sync, I also just watched a performance of theirs at Hackey Empire( this ), which in my honest opinion, was sloppy, they're out of sync, and there was WAAAAAY too much walking / running around when the music changed, you need to GROOVE your way to your next position, not walk / run.
another thing I saw alot of in the video is punching the air, just because its fast doesnt mean its cool.
The fastest doesnt make you teh bestest V:
another thing i noticed in the Hackey Empire video is there were alot of V formations, which i'm getting tired of seing with UK crews doing, I dont mind it if its less people, when small groups of them did parts in the routine they were all in V formations, crews like T&PDC / Diversity / Peridot / Myztical (insert more anoyying UK crews here) If they were to go to the US, go for Hip Hop International, go on ABDC, or go to New Zealand, they'd all get eaten alive.

On a positive note, I dont like the music mixed overtop to the point where theres more than 100 songs in less than 2 minuets, but the way its mixed is good, i'm sure the guy from Twist & Pulse would be a good DJ.