Saturday, 28 April 2012

ABDC Episode 3: Madonna Week

Ok, so i was looking forward to this episode, and thank god that guy uploads to youtube, i has to keepvid them before they dissapear~ so its going to be a pretty quick post because, my pc broke and i cant really be bothered to type alot on this craptop :3

Fanny Pak~ Girl Gone Wild:
I cant remember the song names, but this performance was good, i keep thinking "i cant remember much of it" but thats because ive watched the episode through twice, and i forget that all of them are wearing heels, which is really cool, and the 2 girls did rolls or something D:

Elektrolytes~ Hung Up:
This routine was pretty good, first time i watched it through, I couldnt see much of the krumping that was in the routine, some parts looked fun, some other parts seemed a little slow for me, I liked the hat trick.

Mos Wanted Crew~ 4 Minuets:
I remember this routine, it was smooth, like they were in the 2nd episode, I liked the 2 clock parts, thought it was creative, the first being where in pairs of 2, one arms goes to the next and moves~ the 2nd being the part where they were all together, I was impressed again.

8 Flavahz~ Vogue:
I remember in season 4 when We Are Heroes danced to this, and the techno part that district 78 added, rthey did that whole tutting thing that looked like a brain bang, but, I like 8 Flavahz routine alot better, i'm a big tutting fan, and they did no tutting atall which i was impressed by, the part where the girl had her leg up and the others were around her at some point made me think "hmmm, a kid crew could win this year" I thought this was alot better than the first week, it was hard hitting too, They impressed.

RNG~ Human Nature:
BBDC's interviews with RNG make me giggle, Bailey seems somewhat shy and doesnt know what to say, I think if i ever start a crew up, i'll be in his situation being the only guy in the crew~
Anyway, the routine, like 8 Flavah's was better than the previous week, both the kid crews are doing well, the routine was strong and they were precise, i liked the glide Bailey did (i hope i'm spelling names correctly)
and i liked the girl kicking Bailey around like "NO, WE DANCE D:<" It was a really good routine.

Stepboys~ Ray Of Light:
I liked the idea of this, the video is fast, so the hyperactive kids after having some sugar idea was funny / cute / good, I thought some of the choreo was a bit boring, and some was slow, they did that leg movement that i think they did on week 1 (or were they on 2? i forget) I thought the tutting part where they picked their noses was kind of funny too, and the fish out of water thing was funny aswell, I would have like to seen that one guy dressed as a girl again (and keep him that way through the rest of the season O.o)
the routine made me giggle, but i do want to see more choreo, and i want that choreo to be good =3=

~battle time V: ~

Collision~ Don’t Tell Me:
The routine was ok, nothing special, i'll be honest, it didnt entertain me enough, I dont really remember much about it apart from the bull at the end, they should have been voted off with Irratik.

Funkdation~ Gimme All Your Lovin:
These deffinatly should have stayed, I feel that their performance was alot better than Irratik & Collision's
I liked the flip the one chick did over the other, the "strobe" effect they did (i think its called strobing) It was alot stronger.

Irratik~ Express Yourself:
This routine was also kind of boring, i liked the routine they did on the first week alot better, the only thing i remember in the performance was the pushup.

So next week is Drake week, I dont really know ... any ... drake songs, i know he's in Moment For Life with Nicki Minaj, but yea...I think in an interview i saw someone said that theres a Skrillex week... so everyone will be dancing to dubstep? O.o Oh and i'll add to this post...

Britains Got Talent: Karizma Crew:
Ok so this crew who was on Britains Got Talent last week are from Canvey in Essex, which is like, a mile or 2 away, the crews routine was... meh, I didnt like it, they were dressed in a way that makes me think "I dont like the way you are dressed D:<" and the music was horrible, and the one guy was like... 30+ with kids, it was weird, I hate when crews use those classica.. / dramatic songs, like that crew the other week used the song when Judges on X-factor / BGT appear...

K, so BGT is on later aswell, and if theres any Dance Crews, i'll post again, or post again in a few days or something. K love you baiiiii :V <3

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