Tuesday, 12 June 2012

ABDC Week 9: David Guetta Challenge

Wow, David Guetta's gone far over the past few years, i remember when i first heard that "Love Don't Let Me Go" on the car ad, where the car turns into a robot and starts dancing and stuff, he's a good artist although some tracks have sounded a bit samey (Sexy Chick / Where Dem Girls At)
Its a shame this weeks episode didnt have last chance challenges, well... last wednesdays, Ive been a bit late this week doing my review :3, I always like to see original music for a peice of art ;0
anyway, on with the routines this week.

MOS Wanted Mastermix:
So the opening is a little slow, but slow in a good way, i liked the part where they all moved individually to the uplifting sound in the mix :3 then their gliding was lovely and smooth, and the next glide was good, the lit up gloves for eyes looked cool with some high, some low, then the dancing to the rap part was really cool, following the lyrics, then comes the "AYE AYE AYE AYE AYE" where they all do like a doll pose individually, the same with "un u u un unnn" which was good, then they follow the background parts which impressed me because usually people just follow the beats or lyrics, and it was like robotic movements which i loved, then some more cool choreo, I didnt think much of the gloving part, it was a bit slow, but i did like the guy doing the grafiti type thing to spell MOS with the gloves. It was a good routine and in my opinion, the best of the night.

8 Flavahz Mastermix:
So they started with the gloving, with an 8 which looked pretty, then some "boom boom boom" looking thing where the gloves go out with one in the middle which was kinda cool, then some stuff that looked a bit weird for me, they side stepped while moving arms in and out while behind each other, then a little tutting that looked like it was taken from their Rihanna challenge, i liked the part when one of the twins came through the middle and all the hands went off to the side to the "booooowwwwwwwwwwwww" sound :3 that looked cool, then the next gloving part looked fun, the part where the usher song started and the twins and the other one leaped and turned to their front and put their legs out, i loved this part coz it went to the "bu booom" part in the song, then the others come in from the side and do that thing (ionno what its called, i should research for next season lol) that looked good, their gliding part was really good, i like that they changed it up and had the 2 at the front doing a glide on the floor, which was different, then the other one spins like... 100000 times, then on the Nicki Minaj song, the opening part to that i really liked some of the movements, i thought the part where they all stood still and moved just their hands looked fun, and some stuff that looked like whacking, I didnt really like the slow walky part even though lil mama loved it, then the rest was ok, and the end where they all posed and moved like dolls (well, dolls dont move like that but i get it) it was a fun routine :3 I wish they had used that heart they made in the video before with the gloves.

Elektrolytes Master Mix:
the same with 8 Flavahz, they had a part in their video that they were thinking about but didnt use it, where they could move different parts of the doll but instead they used a puppet type thing, their choreo looks kinda fun, then theres some flips that i didnt care for, the opening for the glove part to the kid kudi song looked like what MOS Wanted did where some are in the middle and they all put their hands out, i thought the next part they did with the gloves where they did like, a connecting peice was a little slow and when the guy did his gloving part it felt a bit slow too, the part where all of them stood in a line and did the gloves over the shoulder looked kind of cool but i didnt think it went with the song too well, then one of the brothers did like... nunchucks with the gloves? D: and the others did some slow stuff, dont get me wrong, if your an Elektrolytes fan, I LOVE them but just felt it was slow and didnt work for me, i liked the dubstep part, though they should have showed it from the front, and then there were 2 pacmans eating the dots which looked really cool, The usher opening was cool, and then a little krumping, then the guy did the flip off the others chest, it was cool we get it, MTV doesnt have to slow the camera down so that we miss 5 beats of the next part of routine, then some cool gliding by the guy who was in season 1 :D the flip at the end was cool too.

Last Three Group Routine:
I liked the way MOS opened and the sounds they picked to dance to, they so smart V: and then others come out of the smoke, it looks fun to be them, then Elektrolytes walk forward with 8 Flavahz on their back, which was cool but... arent they heavy with those chair things too? then 2 come in from the side, MOS holding them like Angel was held in that performance, and some choreo by the other Flavahz that i couldnt see because i saw the 2 being held, I thought it was funny watching MOS & Elektrolytes in the background, MOS doing some choreo and Elektrolytes taking off those jackets and just moving in a square, then Flavahz do a cool flip thing, which was cool, dubstep part was ok, I liked the part before the drop where they all danced together, then when the drop kicked in there was some more fun looking choreo with all of them, and Tamara then did that cool sidewards / back kartwheel thing.

so 8 Flavahz are now voted into the top 2, I'm happy for them but at the same time pissed, Fanny Pak should be in the top 2, the same as ReQuest should have been in the top 2 last year. anyway...

Battle Time
MOS Wanted VS. Elektrolytes.
Somebody That I Use To Know (Tiesto Remix) / Feel So Close:

Round 1 MOS:
This was a little weird for me, they didnt seem tight enough when they got those first few parts in, and i didnt get some of the movements they were going for, some individual parts and others moving slowly, i wish they did it all as one, there was a bit of krumping which was good, but most of the dubstep sounding part was odd, I dont like watching MOS dance to dubstep, its weird for me, the LMFAO challenge with the dubstep part in Sexy & I Know It was weird for me too.
(when the guy did the bonebreaking thing, camera went to him as he walked forward to elektrolytes and i couldnt see what the others were doing) thanks alot MTV.

Round 1 Elektrolytes:
the tick part was cool coz, i liked that last season Street Kingdom did it, then Chachi did it in the opening to S&M, now this season its like alot of people have been using the opening tick to dance to before the music starts, which is good :3
So theres some attacks individually, then 3 of them flip, then they all come and are like "We shoot you now dudududududu" then the part where they made a ring was cool and the guy in the middle was all dududududu aswell :3, i liked when they all slid out on their butts, then some dubstep, they all get their hearts or spines ripped out and smashed on the ground by their own crew member, which was weird. The forward flip was cool.

Round 2 MOS:
the sounds they first dance to is good, i liked the Elektrolytes pose and the "noooo NOOOO" thing, the choreo looked kind of fun that they were doing, then a flip, hat throws, then an under and over flip which Elektrolytes have done (which reminds me, i'ma quickly go into this, in season 5 when Hype 5-0 did that, JC was like "its been done loads of times before" it was their magic performance, why hasnt he said it on this season?) I liked the, we're gonna flip, no we're not, fooled ya thing, I think its an insult saying that Elektrolytes performances are bassed on flips and tricks rather than good choreo, then a cool trick by the hot black guy :3

Round 2 Elektrolytes:
the first part was kinda fun looking, i havent seen that before, then theres a handstand to the "bewwp" sound which is cool, the part where the guys legs are wrapped around the other guys waist and he bounces off the floor with his hands didnt do much for me, its not really much, just... bouncing... the next part where the skinny tall guy does the bit on his own looked fun, then more dubstep, this part of the routine i liked alot, the roll over was cool looking, though it looked a little weird, with the guy on the far left being tall and... Sal being short doing it aswell, it looked as if the others were bending but the tall one didnt, then nunchucks, it was kinda fun, like... we'll beat you literally with nunchucks D:<

Final Round:
Ok, i'ma be honest, i didnt like this atall, i'll mention one part but wont bother watching the rest, I liked in the distance where Elektrolytes arms went out to the wavey sounds in the music, and they did the iso's with their necks, and the few parts MOS did before the kick, but its kind of pointless to watch because theres way too much going on, and Cameras switching between crews and stuff.

So yea, MOS are going home, which is bad because this season, i feel as if good crews have gone home again because of kid crews, next weeks final should be good, I was looking forward to seeing all crews return but i read that crews will be dancing with IaMmE, Poreotics & We Are Heroes (thats what ive seen in images) no JabbaWokkeez, SuperCrew or Quest, well, i dont think, but will see next week.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

ABDC Week 8: LMFAO Challenge

I liked this weeks episode, also, i was wrong, voting doesnt close mondays so forget what i said last week hurhur V: it kind of sucked because the guy who uploads to youtube didnt have 720p, so i had to watch 420 and it was kind of blurry, so ive downloaded the CDPLAYABDC2012 videos using keep vid so i can watch 720 incase i didnt catch things when watching blurry routines.

Opening Number: Live My Life.
Its kind of interesting because this song was on TV right before my sister and i watched it, again, nothing really stood out, apart from the shufflebot heads that Elektrolytes were wearing, it was kind of cool when they tried to do an illusion type thing with the 3 bot heads, one moving up, then the other and the other. but yaar, thats all that really stood out, OH and one of the twins doing some stuff on the steps which was cool.

Mos Wanted: Sexy & I Know It.
I thought District 78 would have been lazy and just shortened the version that they made for callbacks, but it sounded different, which is good, anyway, The opening was a little slow for me, then they took the first lot of shorts off, then some other bits, then dubstep part, i thought it was a bit boring, these are all teachers and well known, i think they could have done ALOT better on that dubstep part, or done an illusion or something, but no, guys lean to the right and one dances, then they lean to the left and another dances, I liked the part with Ian was working out, it was creative, then the funny part came with the guy being all crosseyed, then a very sexy manly catwalk peice, which was funny :3
I'm glad these are in the top 3, out of the 3 crews that are left, i like these the most, not my favourite performance of the episode, but still good, and fun.

Elektrolytes: Champagne Showers.
I loved their HHI routine, and we've seen parts of that routine here and there throughout this season, each week though i feel as if they've been lacking something, ionno what,  I liked this routine alot though, the opening was ok, they seem to do alot of "hands go out, other hands go out stuff" then theres the twist / flip thing / throw which was good and robotic, and the robot section was cool, building the robot for the jump over the top wasnt that interesting,  i loved the hat part because it was like a screw being spun, then a bit of shuffling, which was cool, it wasnt continuous shuffling, it was like, tic tic tic, like... in a good way if you understand what i mean :3 and the robot at the end was ok, nothing special, ive seen better robots being made :3

RNG: Sorry For Party Rockin'.
I love RNG and was a fan of theirs when they were on AGT, i remember their routine to imma be that reminded me of poreotics, they were dressed in red and had glasses on, their pitbull routine was awesome too, thuis was a little dissapointing this week, some bits didnt seem as strong as the past few weeks, the opening was ok, the part while parents are gone is a good idea, the first tutting part wasnt that good, the dolphin dive was ok, the recreating that part from the video wasnt that great, the jump throughs were ok, and the other tutting part wasnt really strong enough to make me go "wow" there was also a bit with a weird walking part right before they lifted their legs and played like a guitar, but i felt it was a little weird.

8 Flavahz: Party Rock Anthem.
This was a good routine for them this week, the opening choreo is ok, and the twin did that fun spin thing, i liked the spongebob part but they didnt make it look as good as shufflebot, the next few parts they do some cool tricks, theres some other parts, It made me cry a little the first time i watched it when the one girl was pushed / flipped over, D-trix said over 3, but technically, 0 because they were standing behind and werent in line, the dubstep part was ok, some parts looked fun.
I want to learn the spongebob, now that i know the name of that move xD

and this is something i feel like i need to say. Woo V:
i think its unfair when people work hard to come up with something unique and be outshined by a kid crew because of their cuteness, and their "oooh, so young makes them good" screw that crap saying "Oh, your not good for a kid crew, your good period" because if you think that, then you're an idiot, I like both kid crews this season, but Fanny Pak isnt there because of both of them, i dont think its good that abdc has kid crews now, last year, the fact a kid crew like iconic boys went further than ReQuest is disgusting, Yes, i'm sure they're all very nice guys, but the fact is, if Iconic Boys werent there last year, and someone else was doing the same choreography, no one would pay attention to it and they'd be voted off first. its a fact.
America's Got Talent / Britains Got Talent have both prooven my point, cuteness gets you far i guess.

I think next week, 8 Flavahz should be the next out, leaving Elektrolytes and MOS Wanted, i wouldnt mind if Elektrolytes won, but I want MOS Wanted to win. I'm wondering how it'll work, will they do it the same as last year, so that the next episode is one voted off, the last 2 extended versions of judeges fav performances and last chance challenge, then following week all 6 season winners come back for special performances and then a winner is announced.
I'd love it for all 6 season winners to dance together, because i'd love to see them all dance like Jabbawokkeez and then do some Poreotics wavey stuff, then a big IaMmE brain bang, i think a Brainbang between (i go and counts) 30? people would be awesome to see. Anyway, thats all for this week V: baiii see you next week