Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Got To Dance Semi Final 3.

Didnt watch this sunday as i was tired and couldnt be bothered to go to my sisters, I instead went monday and watched it, I have to say, this show was a pretty good one.
so lets begin.

I said i liked these, but I've gone off them, after watching their first audition again and seing the girl do the one trick on her back while the other girls just stood there doing nothing to "where have you been" it was pretty dissapointing, they're all in heels... and they kept saying heels, and Davina said heels, and the choreographer said heels, and Ashley said heels, and Kimberly said heels, and Aston said heels, and we also heard the word heels about 10 times in the VT, and then after, when Davina showed what people were saying on twitter, we saw the word heels about another 5 times >_> geeeh, the choreo for the semi final was dissapointing, it didnt have nearly as much oomph as the first did, they're from the same county i'm in (essex, so i wont shut up D:< ((essexjoke?)) it just seemed... odd, and the syncing wasnt that great.

Hash Tap:
seing as the program was recorded, my sister thought it'd be a good idea to skip through these girls performance, sorry ladies D:

Now, I didnt think he was that great in his first audition, but this was Veeeeeeeeery impressive, his tricks were good, but too many tricks can be bad, because then the performance feels more like a stunt than dance, but he was good, had some good bboy stuff in there, he did a peice of tutting, the tutting was ok, it just seemed like one of those tutting peices where people havent done alot of tutting and dont know where to put their hands next, but i still liked it alot, probably the best routine in a semi final ever.

Wild G:
yeaaaa, i didnt like it, It was... odd, the waving he did in the beginning part felt weird for me, it wasnt really wavey, it was more like... I dont know, I cant remember much of his performance.

NOW THIS was ALSO very impressive, Wild G helped choregraph their peice, which was much better than his own peice, there were a few syncing issues, and some bits where I was like "those people are doing that, what the hell is that kid over thar doing?" but it was still good, the tricks were done nicely, there were probably too many for my liking but i still liked it.

again, another my sister skipped, sorry men :V theres nothing more a guy like me likes than guys leaping around shirtless ___O: but yea, she skipped.

Kimberly Wyatt:
Ok so i gotta judge the judge, her new song is catchy, and i thought her choreography was better than diversity's so yaar :) job well done Kimberly :)

I'll try and post sooner with the next, does anyone actually read these? ionno... but whatever, i'll continue anyway, some point in the future I want to have a dance crew, or join The Royal Family / ReQuest / Misfits, either 3 would be a dream come true, maybe one day.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Got To Dance Semi Final 2

again, short decription of what i thought of the routines and stuff.

Buckness Personified:
pretty odd name, I'm not really a fan of krump unless ReQuest are doing it, it would have been nice to see actual hip hop than a routine all with dubstep, maybe thats why i dont like many UK crews, they dont usually dance to hip hop =3=, anyway, some of Buckness Personified's visuals were good.

the routine wasnt that great, i didnt like his first audition or this, but this seemed somewhat sloppy, he didnt really move correctly to make the broom look as if it was pulling him about, It was more like he was just swinging it about to the track, could have been done better, wasnt really a good animation peice.

Mini Moves:
I thought these were amazing, i usually dont like kid groups / crews because the judges judge them by cuteness (even though they sit there and say they dont) the way their routine was done was really cool, i cant remember what song they danced to, but they hit sounds in the song that were what i'd expect from a dance crew / group, It felt somewhat like more of a crew rather ... ionno... whatever they are :)

I cant really remember what he did, but he's really talented, I'm not much of a contemperary fan.

(had to check the site because i forgot who else performed)

The Pulse Collective:
tap / street... yea... nothing says street more than the song they picked to dance to, goddamnit, someone dance to some hip hop D: <
again, another routine i cant remember much of.

again... another crew who uses the word street and doesnt dance to hip hop, instead... lets use a movie soundtrack (is that whut it is? ionno) and not be a street crew atall, believe it or not... you can mix theatre and street together, and dance to hip hop.

hmmm, Diversity's performance... ashley banjo in the middle mostly again, i guess they've got better... it seemed more clean or whatever but yea, ionno, it feels odd with how tall he is, i guess thats why he puts himself in the middle, the singing part was weird, and the silly moves with the microphones were incredibly cheesey, to any who like diversity... go watch street dance, then go watch step up 3.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Got To Dance Semi Final 1

So i forgot to post aboot this, so i'll just type up what i thought of each performance, and in short coz... i cant be bothered to type alot =3=

Lukas Mcfarlane:
He's pretty nice, his performance was good, strong, I'd like to see him doing more street type stuff rather than James Arthur's "impossible"... ugh i dislike that version of the song =3=

Dance For Joy:
watching them dance makes me feel happy, Its different and kind of cool, prooving that people with dissabilities can achieve alot :D

Molly & Vitally:
meh =3= I dont like this type of dancing, it could be done to a point that i liked it but... I cant remember anything of their routine.

they're trained by some chicks from last year, I think they're better than the people who taught them, or atleast... the choreographers gave them better choreo than themselfs last year, It was pretty cool, i liked.

Collective Ent:
boring, It was more commercial than street, but... ionno, Sorority's performances are like commercial but feel more street because their choreo is very tight and hard.
I cant remember much of Collective Ent's performance apart from alot of people standing in a  line across the stage.

I'm not suprised he got through, he's young... and with any show ever "OMG YOUNG KID, MUST GO THROUGH COZ IS YOUNG WOO"
for me, I didnt like the performances either of time, Its not that i dont think he's talented, its just... I wish he'd listen to sounds in the song and make up choreo to those sounds, rather than it feel like a freestyle to a song he's not heard before.

thats ma input V: opinions :V

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Got To Dance 7 (week 4)

So there was only one episode last sunday, and there wasnt really anything i could remember that was worth posting about, then remembered that was some tall, bald guy... fierce... very fierce, he was all "vogue vogue vogue" and awesome, other than that, nothing else :3 I'll probably post later because i think its the final episode and we get to see who's going through to semi finals :3