Sunday, 7 February 2016


For those who don't know what biting is, its basically when people steal other crews choreography and use it themselves and I decided to put this post together as I was sitting earlier watching "Planet's Got Talent" a show on ITV that shows clips from the Simon's Cowells popular talent series from around the planet, e.i. BGT, AGT, Asia's Got Talent, Aus Has Talent etc etc.
Towards the end of the show, there was a clip and I thought "hold on a moment, those young girls look like they're doing Bubblegums choreography from their 2014 HHI set" and decided to post a photo on The Palace Dance Studio's facebook, and then was looking for a long while putting everything infront of the words "Got Talent Dance Crews" until I got to India and found an image on google that looked like the girls in the photo that I took, to find "Ele Angels Crew" and after finding a youtube video... well, its basically a rip off of Bubblegums set.

 Ele Angels
Original: Bubblegum HHI 2014.

The video is sloppy, they're pretty much out of sync, and they decided to ruin beyonces music by putting some other song over the top to try and mash it up, to a point where the audio is distorted and sounds incredibly low quality.

Cia Impacto
Original: IaMmE S&M ABDC11

This video is straight up biting, Bloggingbestdancecrew posted about this a few years ago, and it still bugs me to this day, I really don't get what people get out of this sort of thing, surely they know they'll get found out eventually right?

Monster MG
Original: Poreotics 2010

This time we have the original on the left side with the koreans stealing the choreography on the right, I think I remember Monster MG's lead choreographer apologizing for taking the choreography and were taken out of the competition.

Purplay "Remember Love"
Original/s: IaMmE Right Above It / Ill-emental

This one sucks, because the song is pretty catchy but the girls (maybe not their fault) straight up take the Rubix cube tutting piece from IaMmE's first ABDC routine for Right Above It, and their final piece which is also kind of a rubix cube in a way, from their Ill-emental final routine.

Team B / YG
Original: IaMmE Right Above It / Meet Me Halfway

I feel bad for IaMmE, I actually came across this one while searching for that brazillian group a few videos above, The parts taken are the robot piece from their Meet Me Half Way routine on ABDC6, and the ending gun part from Right Above It, when coming across this video, I saw something that I think was posts by Brandon (IaMmE) saying he doesn't get why these asian companies don't just hire them, which is true, alot of these companies are geniuses with their groups and have more than enough money to pay out for choreography, not only that but some of the other choreography in the video looks familiar, YG have Parris on board at the moment so... I guess if she see's any funny business, she'll point it out.

Thats all the ones I know of at the moment, I could add to this I guess, I remember someone saying that Diversity stole their transformers thing from Phillipine Allstars before, not sure if thats true or not though ;0