Sunday, 26 February 2012

Got To Dance: Semi Final 5.

This is the last semi final, then its the finale~ V: I wish abdc7 would start soon, none of the dancers on GTD are as good >_> OH HEY Dharmz is on a semi final, i didnt think any of the Plague members got through :D so i'm happy about that.

the routine was a bit meh, I didnt find it very interesting, i'm not gonna sit and say "I LOVED IT" coz they're kids, they did a tutting section, it looked pretty weak, their energy was good.

this seemed a bit odd, i dont really like dancers on their own, i think it woulda looked better if there were another 4 / 5 people around her, she did some sort of tutting peice but it... didnt really go anywhere, some parts were all "1,2,3,4" yea, i didnt like it much~

Unity UK:
I think this group is really good, they hit hard, they're all in sync with each other, their tricks are cool~
the only problem i have is the music, i dont like it, "grime" ... yaar, i wish i could see them dance to something else, so yea, i like them, but have issues with them, its kind of nice to see a different genre of music, i hope they try something different in the final though.

i found him entertaining :3 i dont like tap but, mixed with the street it was nice to watch :3 he did some good tricks :3 which was yea... a good routine ^^

anyway, Kimberly and Adam are about to dance so yea, not worth blogging =3=

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Got To Dance: Semi Final 4.

A team:
These were good, the group has members from Animaniax that were in Move Like Michael Jackson a few years back and won the show, the routine had alot of bboy moves, which were great, there was a small bit of tutting with guys behind the others, and looked a bit like something IaMmE would do, it was a good routine, i liked it :3

The Future:
I'm not going to just say that they're good for the fact that they're kids, the routine was ok, ive seen better, the opening tutting thing was... ok~

Rikochet (ionno how to spell it):
the judges didnt like it, it was an ok routine, some good popping / waving and iso's

Method Movement:
The judges liked this, i still dont get it, coz the popper from last year is in with a group of bboys, its like... him doing his own stuff and the others bboying, and it just looks weird.

:V i didnt blog earlier while it was on as i had friends over~ :3 (plus i had the pc connected to the TV)
anyway, thats all V: byesies o3o!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


I'm really looking forward to this years ABDC,and with it being just around the corner makes me even more excited, theres alot of info on who's auditioned and some video interviews over on one of my favourite blogs
I think last year, with ReQuest auditioning has inspired more people from outside the US to audition, people from the UK, Japan, Australia, and i'ma type out some of the crews i hope that get on the show.

1. So firstly, Plague:
 hey won Hip Hop International for the UK last year, which is awesome, i didnt get their style at first but like them alot, its maybe because in some way UK crews are alot different to crews in the US, they didnt use dubstep / electro or something i'm usually use to watching with IaMmE / Quest / Jabbwokees / Poreotics.
4 of them also auditioned for Got To Dance this year, which i was pissed they didnt make it to the semi finals, but then i was thinking maybe they've got ABDC 7 news and had a contract (i saw a video the other day about Quest were going to audition for abdc1 but Hok & someone else was still on contract with SYTYCD) so maybe they got a contract with abdc7 and couldnt do GTD (ionno if they'd do that, seperate countries and all that but, maybe?)

2. Baby Maation:
I youtubed these last night and was pretty impressed, they're from Japan and they're cute too, i was impressed with one of the videos that they did using a mask from SAW, an opening trailer for SAW too, their style mainly consists of tutting and dubstep stuff, which i like, btw, these arent in any particular order so... yea, its not in order of favourites.

3. Minotics:
We've had a younger generation of Iconic from ABDC1 in ABDC6, so why not a mini Poreotics, and they have girls, I love Poreotics so much, they make me laugh, make me want to Dance, and i loved watching ABDC 5, i loved it when they the thing with their hands on the "results music" so maybe Miniotics will have something to do there aswell, their performance at HHI US coming 2nd, was really cool, Dumbo has taught them well, I'd love to see what they do on the show aswell, District 78 put alot of dubstep in IaMmE's routine music's last year, so i hope they do the same with whoever loves Dubstep this year.

4. Puzzle Peace:
These guys said they do Electro as a style, I've not really seen Electro before and they do it to Electro music, so District 78 making Electro remixes will be interesting, but the Electro wont be through the whole routine, so it'll be interesting to see what they can do, and it'd be cool to see an Electro crew on the show. its different and i havent seen it yet.

5. Skool Rascals:
This groups interview with BBDC was funny, they're all hyper and the youngest one is cute and does the bonebreaking thing, they're from Hawaii, so another crew from hawaii would be cool, I saw a video on youtube which i think was their audition for ABDC7 and it looked really cool, i was impressed, it looked fun, had some funny parts, bonebreaking, tricks, i'd love for them to get on the show.

6. Instant Bun:
These guys are cool, sexy, and have australian accents ____O:
they said they strip, and they were on Australia's Got Talent, they seem fun and are all good dancers, another group thats not in the US, maybe they should change the name of the show :3
or i wish it'd go global or something :( but yea, i'd love for these guys to get on the show aswell.

7. Diversity:
on Blogging Best Dance Crew it says Diversity on the list of auditioners, i dont know if its Diversity from the UK but if it is, i'd like for them to get on the show, i saw their performance on Got To Dance on sunday, and they seem to have gotten better, though some parts they had used before were used again (the transformers that they used in the BGT final and the Royal Variety performance)
and the "breath" thing. I'd like them to get on the show, because i'd love to see them do something different each week and grow as a crew, and lose those horrible outfits they're always dressed in
(long jacket, gloves, black trousers etc) I'd also like to say, i'm enjoying the Ashley Banjo's secret street crew, its interesting to watch, fun, nice to see people that cant dance... dance :3

8. Electrolytes:
They came in first for HHI US, their style is interesting, the routine they did at HHI is cool, i like the dubstep part where they all move together as one and then they all put their arms forward, its funny coz it reminds me of an Armadillion from Final Fantasy XIII (its like a lizard with loads of protection shields on its back and they move) yea, they're a cool group, the wall flip thing they do is cool, they have swag (thats the first time ive used that word O.o) the thing where the guy shoots all of the others at the end, then they come back to life and shoot him back is cool aswell, i love that routine alot o3o
I'd really like to see them on the show too !!
those are the 8 i'd like to see, i dont really know much about other crews, theres Street Kingdom auditioning again and Jungle Boogie, Street Kingdom's Tight Eyes said that he's made it so its more readable, i didnt really get it the first time, the first 2 routines they did on the show was like... 1 person krumps and the rest go gather around that person while that person krumps, so if its more readable i'd probably... be interested, so it may be more interesting to see.
Jungle Boogies auditioned again so its like... I dont know if they're better or not, but we've seen them already, it'll be interesting to see what they do if they get on the show again.

Blank Canvas, Brittany from ABDC5's Hype-5-O is in this crew, and i watched their world of dance routine on youtube and it seemed pretty cool, so they'd be another crew i'd like to see apart from the main 8 above.
I do wish that the show was a little bit like X-factor / Got Talent / Idol... where we can see the bad crews, the judges saying stuff, and the crews not taking it so well etc and all of us lolling at them.

Anyway, thats the end of my post :3

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Got To Dance: Semi Final 3.

Yaaay 3rd week (last 3 posts have been semi finals, i should post more :x)
I'm still pissed that the members of Plague arent on any of the semi finals, i hope they do well on abdc if they get on D:
Oh, Diversity are performing tonight, so it'll be interesting to see what they do~ anyway, on with the show.

Lil Hustlers:
Their first audition is the same routine that they did for HHI 2011~ which was pretty good, and they're cute with their little accents and stuff :V and they do oldschool, i dont want to see much oldschool, i prefer some dubstep and electro myself~ This routine was good, they stuck with the oldschool and the little feirce kid was funny~ Its good, and looks fun :3 i like them.

Super Malcom:
So i dont really like Solo dancers unless they're really good, this guy's routine was ok, it didnt make me go "WOW THATS AMAZEBAWLS" it was more like "oh, he's doing this... that... but its not really going anywhere for me" so yaar~ it was ok, not great, ive seen better etc etc
Yay, Kimberly Wyatt gave him a red star V:

I liked these guy's audition the first time round, this time round was pretty good, they had to change it all because one of the guys broke his jaw in 3 places~ it seemed sloppy, but i'll let them off because of their -1 member~ the routine would have been better with the other guy, there was some tutting peices that were nice, i saw something that looked like a little krumping, a few tricks too :3 it was good.
they're pretty sexy too ;0

so thats all the street acts~ and Diversity will perform after the break~
i cant be bothered to blog about them. so, byesies V:

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Got To Dance: Semi Final 2.

So its that time again, and if some stuff is disagreeable with other people and they dont like what i say, its just my opinion :3 I'm sure all the semi finalists are lovely people, but if they're gonna be on TV, they're gonna get judged.

Urban Jokers:
This was ALOT better than their first audition, the tutting was pretty good, their opening was tight and really well thought out, some of the pictures they created were good, some parts reminded me of Pacman & Moon but not as clean, but i thought it was better than anything ive seen so far throughout the semi finals, there was a bit of silly stuff and i wish there were more dancing apart from the silly stuff / jokey stuff, but it was better than their first audition.
The judges gave them red, i thought they should have gotten golds.

was just checking the site for Got To Dance, i thought Natalie & Dharms (from Plague) were in the semi finals. Damn i wish i was a judge D:<
While i'm waiting for more crews to come on, Has anyone been watching BloggingABDC's videos lately with the interviews of Crews for abdc7? i read that Plague auditioned, and alot of other people, i hope Skool Rascals get through, they're cute and look fun, i also hope Electrolytes and Instant Bun get on the show (they're funny) its cool that alot of people from other countries are auditioning this year.

lol, they danced to Jai Ho, and Kymberly Wyatt looked a bit dissapointed it wasnt their version.
these are pretty interesting for a Bolly Wood group. but yaar, i dont really like bolly wood groups =3=
best Bolly Wood dancing ive seen is probably We Are Heroes dancing to Arab Money :3

The first audition they did that i saw on the Got To Dance site before they aired it on sky 1 was pretty good, it didnt WOW me but it was good enough for me to blog about it.This routine was ALOT better, instead of it being all "1,2,3,4" they listened to sounds in the music and danced to them, not as good as ReQuest (but no girlgroup is as good as them) but yea, it was pretty well thought out.

hmmm, now Kimberly Wyatt is going to perform, she'll probably do that leg thing she always does in the Pussy Cat Dolls video and each performance, so yea, i think i'll give that a miss >_>
i'll be honest, i dont think she should be a judge, yea she dances, but people dont pay to go see her dance, they pay to watch her sing (unlike the other 2 judges)