Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Hip Hop International & Step Up 5: All In.

So, I'm SOOOO tired at the moment, I haven't been blogging about Got To Dance as... well, I forgot it had started, I think my sister started recording the episodes on Sky so I'll have to go there at some point and catch up on the episodes (I think theres only 2 so far)
Anyway, I'm tired because me and a few friends spent the night in the Cinema watching Jumanji, Hook, Mrs Doubtfire and Alladin, then me and 1 friend sat around until 9:20am and I got to watch Step Up All In finally.
I decided that I wanted to type out what I thought of Hip Hop International this year, which was interesting.
I didn't realise that The Royal Family wasn't entering this year but had their own show, but it was nice to see Bubblegum, Sorority and Duchesses perform, So I'm going to type up what I thought of each routine and then write anything else I feel I wanna say about others... so.

The opening was lovely, good choreo and they look cute this year and the little guy was cute aswell, I enjoyed the music that was used and they were dancing to 2ne1 aswell, one of my fav tracks by 2ne1 ;0 I loved all of the choreo, just the ending was a little dissapointing, the Nicole Sherzinger part was the bit I probably liked the least, not because I didn't like the choreo for it, I just don't like her cover of I Will Surviva that much x: still cute, hard hitting, and I enjoyed it more than whoever came 1st in the junior division.

I always love watching Sorority, I usually like watching Kiel but he's left now so now we have Zacc who is from Ireland, opening was good and hard but I feel as if... throughout the whole routine the music changes so frequently to a point where I feel as if parts aren't lasting long enough, 2012 sorority had used 3 songs, 2013 I think 5 were used, and this routine uses 8 / 9 tracks... changing between styles so frequently throughout a song can become a bit of a mess.
However, again, still got more enjoyment out of this than whoever was in 1st again.
My favourite parts were probably Ruthy glitching out to No Diggity, and the girl pulling the thing out of the mouth leading to the beyonce section.
(Oh and the reggae part where the girl was blindfolded ((notlitterally) and they crawled across the floor)

Ok, less music which is good, only 2 tracks less but still, This routine had somewhat a bit of tutting / vogue, like a mixture between 2 and I love that but the opening I wish they had did what they had did at SDNZ where they walk slowly instead of the fast movements~
Loved when the guy was sitting on the "Thrown" and was sort of tutting / vogueing with all the girls around him, I didn't like their hair, preferred how it was at SDNZ too lol.
The fast to slow movements to the opening of the beyonce section were cool, then the part when they were on the floor was cool and used their hips and it looked sexy.
The end section with the Krump was sweet and I think the ending done it for me, the way they all slay each other and its like they're cutting each others neck with the sword sound... It worked really well. though the last girl looked as if she was thrown a bit too hard haha.

Right so... Step Up 5: All In.
I was expecting so much better than this, boring romance meh... The movie had its fun bits like the relationships between Violet and Chad, I think Parris playing violet was good, I loved her character, when he was standing behind her and she was like "ewww gross" it was hilarious.
The sudden outbursts into Dance was incredibly cheesey
"Yo homie, get out our club.... no... ok lets settle with a dance battle" was a bit odd =3= Its like breaking out into song in Glee.
Parris' character was probably my favourite, and the guy who liked her, then it was Vladd (or chadd)
and Jaja's character (forget what her characters name was) but damn... their little robot love story was cute haha, The movie had a few moments where I was thinking "I wish this was choreographed by Parris only"
I think the dubstep video... where they were all in lab coats was probably my favourite routine in the movie and the choreography looked like it was made by Parris.
I personally would have gotten rid of Ryan Guzman, this was suppose to be with all my favourite step up characters... he's not that great I think, I think he's only there as eye candy, and think the guy from Step Up 3 is hotter so... they could have had better eye candy.
Take out Briana Evigan too... also... wtf
The competition in the movie had Poreotics appear like... 3 times, I was hoping they'd appear more often, also the girls from Season 7 of ABDC but with Jaja, It was kind of fun pointing out all the dancers I knew of but still... I would have prefered a Step Up movie with:
IaMmE (all of IaMmE) and better brainbanging, this movie had Phillip Chbeebs abdc routines copied and pasted and some from his videos over the pass few years
more Poreotics... Jabbawockees, all of The Royal Family (or atleast more members)
could have had Parris as the main character because her acting came off better than Ryan Guzman and the chick from SU2.
Also, I would have had Les Twins rather than the twins that are in the movie... I was hoping Step Up 5 would go out with a bang with all these crews that we've come to love over the years, and thought there would be more choreography by Parris and Phillip Chbeeb... but there wasn't enough Brainbanging or Parris choreo =3=
Eh... the last routine stood out because of the bits of brainbanging and so did that 1 dubstep song that I think Parris choreographed, I wanted more dance... but not in the way that people randomly break into it in a club and they all come out of no where to battle.
Step Up 5 was aiiiiiight, still prefer Step Up 3, but this did have a few good parts.
and thats what I think ;0