Thursday, 19 December 2013

HHI and Other Stuff.

So, I'm not going to link to videos for this, but will just discuss, It's been a long while since I last posted because theres not been much to look at, sure theres been some cool videos but I usually like reviewing routines and stuff on TV shows, thought I'd post about HHI, seeing as I done it last year but didn't do it this year, kinda just been busy with other stuff.
So, lets get started.
Bubblegums semi finals performance was great, I remember I was on skype with a friend and I watched it, and was smiling and impressed with the routine alot, the whacking in the beginning was cool, then the krumping was amazing, was really impressed by the krump V: then there was that footwork to the house song that was cool, and then there was like a sexy part, and I was like "wow, they're young but thats really brave" there was a few things I would have liked kept in the final peice where the one at the front does the leg thing, then the 2 behind do it and so on, but I also liked the final peice in place of this where they were all leaning on each other and moved up and down, it was amazing, I do feel somehow the choreo for the Single Ladies part in the final peice was lacking because it just seemed to be clapping.
the whacking to the electro house part in the final peice was done nicely, although one of the girls seemed to be a little far to the left, but I loved it, was amazing.

So, Sorrority's semi final peice also wow'd me, I had seen their routine for SDNZ and was impressed anyway, then it was removed, then... seeing the semi final peice was amazing for me, I like seeing all the little differences and was sad to see my favourite piece from the semi final go in the final.
the part I'm talking about is just after the lyrics "some of dem say they gazza RAH" and they tilt their head, move it slowly and then they did a hand piece which worked marvelously and the "TSH" sound in the song, they moved their hand up to it and it was SOOOO effective, seeing the semi final routine and hearing the crowd go wild for that part was amazing, it was replaced with them leaning forward and coming up slowly in the final piece, which I didn't like so much, the rest of the choreo for the final was amazing, the whacking TRF do is always amazing and they're so in sync with each other its ridiculous, the 2nd song was cool, the choreo was FRICKING AMAZING and SEXY AS HELL, the chest moving in that part was sooooo siiiiiiick, loved it, I was a little dissapointed with the following part where they pulled the masks up, well not that actual part itself, that was amazing because the girl (Kyra i think?) she has Crazy eyes... not in a bad way, she seems funny too (sdnz performance gone with the wind fabulous part)
It was just how they all moved to the right as one, it didn't feed me with amazment, I think they probably should have done some choreo to the vocals rather than just... sliding right.
not much a fan of the J-lo song but hey, still entertaining <3 Kiel is amazing... if I could dance like anybody it'd be him, I like the way he can switch it up between feminine and manly :P

The Royal Family:
SHUT THE FRONT DOOR this was amazing... opening with a song that... made me laugh because I had watched the "how to sing like" video by Nigahiga and he was singing the drake song... that opening... it was sick, its like "we're here, we're gonna getcha" and somewhat scary, then BOOM that choreo was amazing, I loved the way Parris then looks at the crowd and nods her head like "yea, we're here doing our thing, WHUT D:<" and then they all swing their arms, and its soooooo in sync and amazing :D then they create a thrown for that guy... which was sexy, then all go out crawling and this was also very sexy, Ori's awesome, I'm so glad she was a part of this because she wasn't at HHI last year, and she's my 2nd fav dancer next to Parris, those ropes... damn... some more whacking / vogue'ing, maybe... tutting, seems similar was all amazing, then they create the crown... which was awesome, then we get that awesome housing by TRF to Big Bad Wolf, I always love it when they do the house stuff, wish I could move my feet like that D:
then some reggae, and cool choreo, and Parris doing some sexy stuff with girl from sorority and Bianca (ionno the girls name) and then they pause, and the opening to PLAY starts and they all move SOOOO slow, tbh... I think Parris could go to HHI and get away with doing their Candy routine for their HHI routine, anyway... one thing the HHI youtube captures in this segment that The Palace's video does not is the guy walking in from the right really slow, which is amazing...
next was the krump peice, which Ori seems to be incharge of and DAAAAMN, ever since these guys started doing krump, i've loved it, they do it better than Street Kingdom (sorry SK) and then Kiel comes in and BAM, theres that Manliness I was talking about, and then BAM again, he goes back to feminine for lead up to the ending, I think the beginning of the beyonce part is a little confusing, the way they all walk forward is sexy as heck but then... kiel goes, the next 2 follow, and onwards, I can see the pattern going backwards like a wave, but I think it can be somewhat confusing if you don't know where to look, but damn, the following choreo is good, then we have that small movement with the hips swaying, which is very effective :P then more awesome choreo <3 and then... the ending...
the boss thing, and the sound that ends it, and the pose to finish it... its just wow... fucking ace.

some other bits~
ElecoldXhot's performance looks REALLY fun, its really fun to watch.
Flip's choreo seemed somewhat messy, just seemed to be the tricks that were the wow moments, how this beat bubblegum I have no idea.
Sorority's performance was better than Sol-T Shine, Sol-T's performance seemed like a follow up to last years routine, and some bits felt like some of the choreo was the same, how they beat sorority confuses the front door out of me, and same with last year, sorority's footwork for where have you been ... that alone was better than sol-t's performance.
Brotherhood's performance was amazing, I don't know if sorority should be first or brotherhood, I'd say sorority but i think i'd pick them because I'm a sorority fan lol, one thing i will mention also about sorority's performance, the pussycat dolls part, seemed kinda boring, only interesting part there was kyra's leg going up.

So, Step Up 5 next year, apparently Parris is a choreographer and damn... it will have alot of good people in it, when So You Think You Can Dance was on, they were saying about how Emilio will be in it (sorry if I've not typed that properly) and I also saw a pic of Adam Sevani with with Jaja, so Jaja will be in it too, Chadd... also Phillip will be in it, hoping Moon too, and hopefully Chachi coz haven't seen her in ages, and Brandon also, I also want to see other members of the Royal Family, like Kiel, Oriana, Kyra, Bianca... just to see TRF in it would be amazing, all my favourite dancers in one movie... what I'm expecting is Phillip and Moon to make some crazy 30 person brain bang, some krump... I want amazing krump by Parris, that hard hitting RF choreo...
Robotix, Popping... damn, I'm excited.
I watched Step Up 4 again recently and... yea it is dissapointing, 3 was a much better movie and had much better choreo, I'm hoping they don't fuck up with this one... if theres tutting, or a brain bang, show it from the front, TUTTING is not good to look at from a side view, unless people are back to back doing tutting... to make something where it should be recorded from the side, ABDC always fucks up, Dance Showdown when watching a Mike Song peice they fucked up coz I couldn't see that awesome mike song tutting... LXD fucked up ... I think the IaMmE episode had some weird camera angles... I don't want weird camera angles for favourite style of dance D:<
Jon M Chu better not mess it up, or i'll be mad :3
I'm hoping that... if theres a part where Chadd does robot stuff again with more people, its better than what we saw in Step Up 4... he's a treasure and he deserves more than a 20 second scene where he's a cop, he's awesome... so treat him awesomely!!!
uuuuugh, I really can't wait D8 Parris, Chadd, IaMmE, Poreotics... Javbbawockkeez better be there too, and Quest, I saw a pic with one of the guys from Elektrolytes too so maybe they're in it, I wouldn't be suprised if all the ABDC winners are in the movie, so a reunion would be awesome.
and when they release it to DVD... I'd really love to see like... extra stuff, routines that crews have done and all that, I think crews should do that on their youtubes... like... IaMmE, Poreotics, other winners should record in their studios their ABDC routines, so we can see the routines from the front, I also think this should be done with HHI routines, like... I'd really like to see ReQuest's routines from HHI, and all that :P
anyway, thats my post for now.