Sunday, 25 January 2015

ABDC Returning.

So ABDC is returning to MTV, and it kind of made my day when I heard the news, I finally have something to look forward to in the summer, and I also have someone finally thats interested in dance that I can put my own dance crew together, and with ABDC returning, its just going to inspire me to dance more.

So, apparently crews will be returning and also info popped up of winners returning too, someone mentioned winners competing again and I found it a bit silly, if all 7 crews returned to compete then jabbawockeez would probably win, even though I don't think they deserve to, not that I dislike them, I just find other crews more interesting or whatever.
I do think however its possible that winners will deffinetly return but as guests on each show, or a special performance, It did go through my mind that maybe they'd mentor the crews on the show, kind of like X-factor judges do, or more appropriate, LIVE TO DANCE did.

I have a friend who is interested in dance, we always chat about dance stuff, but he's in america and he always seems to have info on crews, he's taken classes by Brandon from IaMmE, and always tells me things about ReQuest and Parris, he told me that ReQuest were called back for the show, whether to believe him or not, I don't know, but I think Parris is successful enough that returning to compete is not something she needs as a title, however I'd love if Bubblegum, Duchesses or Sorority were to compete on the show, but if it is returning crews, its possible that would have to wait, I really love the idea of Parris being a judge aswell, she's done so well over the past few years and watching her is really inspirational, the recent video she did to beyonce's 711 is nothing but epicness, and I was looking at some HHI stuff from last year on her Instagram and it was amazing to see that in her show, she had parts from previous HHI performances, the thing that stood out was ReQuest, with Sam, who we haven't seen in a long while, doing part of their 2011 routine to Baby Boy, but it was more sexy... more amazing, I love that Parris isn't afraid to go with naughty :P
I find it weird that Sam and Ngavaine were both in that video, but when Parris introduced everyone that was part of The Royal Family for 2014, neither were in that...
anyway, back to ABDC as this is turning into a "how I love Parris so much" post.

ABDC, when it comes back, I'm hoping its in HD, It sucks for someone like myself who has to download the episodes and watch poor quality, maybe ABDC was recorded in 480p, I know it couldn't be streamed in HD on the ABDC site, and it didn't look HD on MTV UK's channel, so I'm really hoping that MTV up their game this time, and someone is kind enough to share the episodes, because being passionate about dance and then not being able to watch something really sucks.
I'm not even sure season 6 or 7 were aired here...
Another thing they need to improove on is camera angles, when Phillip Chbeeb and Moon are creating some brainbanging masterpeice, I want to see it from the front, not the side... an example is IaMmE's routine in the Nicki Minaj episode, they opened with something creative and the camera angle just kind of ruined it, if tutting is going on, brainging banging, some sort of illusion, don't ruin it by showing it from the side please MTV.

I'd love for D-trix to return as a judge, he was always fun and I feel as if he kind of needs to be there, he was a much better judge than Shane Sparks, and well... better than lil mama and JC, I think rather "big" celebrities, the judges should be well known dancers in the community, I think thats why D-trix worked so well, people knew who he was, people loved him for being funny, and people loved him for what he does.

Anyway, my small wishlist for the return:
HD recording equiptment, Miniotics, Bubblegum, Sorority, Duchesses, Parris, Phil, Moon, Cheeto, some more Dubstep :P

That reminds me actually, I remember when there was a show that makes fun of talent shows like x-factor, and the guy would sing dressed as a woman, and in the show he mentions "drum'n bass week" and it made me laugh, but... It makes me think, theres alot of genre's of music that we've not seen people dance to before, for example, when I'm in a dancey mood, I'll listen to hip hop, house or dubstep, but I'd like to see someone create something to the genre I find myself mostly listening to, Happy Hardcore...

I personally think it would make a very interesting episode, seeing what crews could come up with for music like this would be interesting, I guess my question is, what would you have crews dance to?

Anyway, thats my post done, was going to post some weeks back but it was 4am when I started typing up, bye bye 8D