Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Skulls & Crowns.

So last night I had the most amazing night ever, I got to see my favourite dance crew, my fav dancer and DAMN it was full of hilarious stuff and was such an awesome night, I'm so glad I got to spend it with my best friend and my sister.

So there were some opening acts to the night, and usually I'm not impressed with any dance crews that are british, IMD in particular, I didn't like when I looked at their performance at HHI, and I didn't like their audition on BGT a few weeks ago, but more about that in a bit.
The first act was a group of girls krumping, and it was impressive, I forget their names (sorry) but I enjoyed it, I don't like when people dance to vocals with no music, but when they got into it, I got into it, and for the first time ever I was impressed.
Then when the host said IMD was coming out, I thought "oh no, I don't really like these"
but DAMN, theres something about seeing it live thats so impressive, infact, they did the same routine that they done on BGT and it felt better, maybe its something to do with frames per second, just seeing it live was pretty amazing, and I have to hand it to them, they really did a good job, I'm just not a fan of grime (I've said previously) but now, I'm really looking forward to their next piece on Britains Got Talent, I'd like to see them dancing to something else because they have the moves, they listen to the music, and I take back what I may have said about them previously, I was wrong.

Now for the main show, damn, just... wow, Parris and the gang were having some technical difficulties so we had a few fun things go on while we waited for laptops and audio to be perfect.
Her dad apologized for being late and the technical difficulties, and told us it felt so good talking to people that spoke English as it was difficult explaining in the previous countries in the european tour.
He decided to get 5 of the girls out and pick 5 people from the audience, my sister was saying "Aaron, go on!!!" and then it was for a small dance battle to win a Royal Family jersey.
My sister said after "Its a good thing you didn't, I didn't know it'd be for dancing"
In the end, 2 guys battled it out and it was really fun to watch.
Another guy that was also from New Zealand did some beatboxing because the audio still hadn't been sorted, and after that, Parris came out and apologized, told us the audio may be lower quality but they'll give it their all and it was so lovely.
They opened with their performance for Twerk It and... damn, If you've seen that on youtube, the opening where they're all moving slow... remember I previously said something about frames on TV~ this... seeing it in person, its so incredibly smooth and slow, it was incredible.

I don't want to give much away, I mainly want to talk about some of the funny stuff that happened.
So the host, he was funny, he was saying how RF do the slow "ting" and was doing it while getting us ready for the show, at some point, Parris was behind the left curtain, and he was off to the side where it leads down a hallway, and she popped around was dancing sexily and he was watching and I guess getting a little embarassed, and she took his hat from him, and his bottle of water and walked center stage with the water and hat, and was dancing, she's so good at improvising, grabbing that hat and water and changing her routine a little to use them both was so gooooooooood.
Then throwing the hat back at him after, he caught it, It was so amazing and funny.
The 2nd laugh of the night is when they did a special dance for 5 lucky audience members, one guy, he was.... very into it, biting his lip, playing along, and as soon as he was in view again, he pulled out his phone, Parris walked up behind him and put his arms around him, It was so funny, he looked so nervous but knew he had to do it.
I was watching on my sisters facebook a few minutes ago (its private) and it made me cry, the whole show was a top highlight of my life, I don't think I'll get to see Parris and TRF again, all I know is that if the chance comes to get tickets for a show next year, I'm buying as soon as I get any sort of info.

I'ma go ahead and add IMD to my favourite dance crews, they deserve a place there, also "Boyband" from BGT, they were fun, another thing I wanted to mention~
The whole community seems lovely, there was one girl I noticed when we arrived that was queing, and it took me a while but I realised she was on the first season of Got To Dance, some other faces looked familiar and they all seemed to know each other, they were all cheering on the opening acts, all seemed to know each others names and it just felt like such a wonderful community, and I hope by the end of the year, I'm part of it.

Crowns up! :D