Tuesday, 27 March 2012

America's Best Dance Crew Season 7.

Ok, so its right around the corner, and i must say, its a little weird that Britains Got Talent has started before ABDC this year, which i'll also share my opinions on crews on that too, anyway, the 10 crews for this season have been picked and none of the ones i wanted are in that list.
so, i'm going to go through and share my opinion on the crews that ive seen videos of.

8 Flavahz:
girl group, some from Hawaii, some from the US, said that they practice via webcam etc~
i did watch a video where there were more than 8, the dance wasnt that great and no, i'm not gonna just go "OH WOW KIDS, DAYUM THEY IS KOOL COZ THEY IS KIDS" no... i didnt like iconic boys... abdc kind of fails in the way that... a crew like Iconic boys got 2nd place and ReQuest went home in week 4, so no, i will not like kid crews unless they're really good, but that was just one performance i saw of 8 Flavahz, a problem ive thought about is, the name 8 Flavaz seems to be all "theres 8 of us, we represent a different color each" and then its like... "so are you going to wear the same outfits each week?" I'm not saying i'm going to hate on them, i havent seen enough to go "wow, they're good, i'll vote for them"

i looked at Collizion Crew just now, seemed a little boring, so i'm not going to youtube all the others =3=

Oh, one of the Crews i wanted to see did get picked~ So yaar, Elektrolytes came first in the US HHI adult division in 2011, they seem cool, their facebook pic is sexy, their dancing is sexy, they seem fun.

Fanny Pak:
Its cool that they allowed Fanny Pak to come back, but it would have been cool to see another ghost of ABDC past in the 10 selected, they've won mtv awards, they were good before and will be better now
(its pretty bad but... ive not watched ABDC season 1 - 3, only 4, 5 and 6) :x

I've heard the name alot so, they must be good, i cant really remember watching any of their videos though, if i have done then ive probably forgot.

I think this is that crew with one of the chicks from ABDC 5's Bluprint Crew, i think a video i liked that was posted on BloggingBestDanceCrew was of Irratik where they were dressed in kind of purple jackets and they did a nice tutting peice to a faster version of Bass Down Low by Dev
(or as i like to say, i like my beats fast but my song is slowwwww sa sa song is sloooooow)
but yea, their routine was pretty cool (if it was deffo that video)

Mix'd Elements:
Mix'd Elements is another one like Funkdation where ive seen the name pop up alot but cant remember if ive seen good stuff~ both crews must be good as they've been picked and ive seen the name alot.

Mos Wanted Crew:
same with the other 2 crews, though, ive seen a few videos and was impressed, so this crew will be cool to see.

Rated Next Generation (RNG):
I remember liking RNG alot of America's Got Talent, they didnt wow me to a point where i wanted to run up and down the streets screaming about them, but they were pretty good, and since then they've got a few new members and have a guy in the crew, and their Jabbawokkeez tribute video on youtube where they're dancing to Fire Power (wolfgang garter, dirty electro track, go check it out NAO D:<) was pretty awesome so i'm looking forward to see how well they do on the show.

I havent really found any videos, just an old 2008 one which i didnt watch, or maybe i didnt look hard enough, they do comedy stuff which is always fun, one guy from the group was calling Chachi "Cheeto" at the ABDC7 auditions, they seemed like a fun crew, and Dtrix use to be a part of this crew, which will probably be sad, like when Quest danced on the ABDC6 final.

I'm hoping that in the first few episodes, they say about how many crews from other countries they got audition this year, and show some auditions, it'd be cool to see, some the superstars music being used this year should be interesting too, some Britney, Madonna, Rihanna (again) i'm not really bothered about "mr. badonkadonk" (pitbull) or flo rida :3

Yeey post done =3= am tired

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Some videos to check out.

Ok, so recently, ive been using keepvid.com to download videos from youtube of my favourite performances from dance crews and wanted to share the ones that I saved, and write a little bit about each, So first...

IaMmE: The Brain Bang
This routine was awesome when i first saw it last year before IaMmE were on ABDC6~ its nearly everything i like about Dance, the connecting (Brainbanging) thing is really cool, its creative and we've seen it done differently before by Quest, but the way IaMmE style works pulls it off perfectly, i cant wait to see what else they do in the future (even though its been nearly a year since they won) i still get excited when they tease videos on youtube (I think this was their audition routine for ABDC6)
They deffinatly deserved to win ABDC6.

IaMmE: Pacman & Moon - Trigger Fingers
I havent saved this to my Ps3 yet, but its something else i think people should see, IaMmE's Pacman & Moon take tutting / finger tutting / connecting / brainbanging to the next level, its like watching a puzzle, or parts of transformers all moving together to make something new and cool shapes / parts, its always fun to watch, and then to rewatch it and see something new :3

ReQuest: This Is Street 2011
 I think that Parris' Choreography is perfectly executed to a level higher than Jabbawockeez, like, the way Jabbawockeez moves with the music is really precise, each move they dance to goes perfectly with the music, and makes you think WOW~ Parris' Choreo also does this, but i think its better, the routine in the video above is what i think was done for their ABDC6 Audition, i remember seing Blogging Best Dance Crew & Pacific Rim interviews and when asked for a preview they showed parts of their dance for Monster, The routine is cool, it goes nicely with the music, each dance move goes with each sound, its not all 1,2,3,4, The opening song was sexy and they danced sexy to it, the part with SWAGGA was perfectly done (though i do prefer the way Poreotics dance to it x3) they hit hard, they should have gone alot further on ABDC6, i only think they were voted off because they werent American.

ReQuest: Redefined Pollyswagg
Another amazing video done by ReQuest, The video hasnt been edited, the way that they can move is Amazing, moving that slow but also putting the fast parts in then going back to slow, and it works perfectly with the song playing.

ReQuest: Hip Hop International 2011
They came 2nd but deserved 1st, Plague won first place for the UK, i'm from the UK but think ReQuest done better, the opening with the Krumping (I know they're quiet close to Tighteyes) was amazing, so on point and in sync with each other, I didnt likeKrump, but this was awesome, however, i do feel the opening song in which they did the Krumping too went on a little long.
Going into Baby Boy by Beyonce was awesome, sexy and then that part where the track slowed down and they went to the floor was amazing, then into SWAGGA, which they changed from what we've seen previously, it was a little shorter too, but still good, i liked the Crown peice part they did.
then lastly S&M, the way that this was done was also sexy (i'm saying sexy instead of feirce because i dont like that word) the Illusion they did with Reimy at the front and the others going down, like they were sinking was cool too.

Sororrity: Hip Hop International 2011
Another routine by Parris, this was really cool, i love Nicki Minaj so the opening to Romans Revenge was amazing, and then they did the part that looked like ReQuests dance to monster where they kind of crouch and the others jump over the legs, then they moved differently and it worked amazingly, I love the fact that the 2 guys in the group also dance feminine, it was on point, timing and syncing was perfectly done.

Bubblegum: Hip Hop International.
I remember looking through a video of HHI with all different crews, and remember how Bubblegum looked like a mini ReQuest and wanting to watch it, i'm really glad HHI uploaded to youtube.
This routine was also really awesome, Parris' Choreo again and its all perfectly done, theres some tutting in there aswell which i loved, the way they moved was unique. They're cute, they're BETTER THAN ICONIC BOYS (i thought i'd throw that in there, I'm sure Iconic Boys are nice guys, i just disliked watching them :3)

 ReQuest / Misfits / Bubblegum / Sororrity: The Royal Family - PollySwagg Lesson 2.
So, all the other videos i had watched on youtube before i saved to ps3, this however, i saved it straight to my ps3 and watched it on there, i was impressed, Parris made another masterpeice, I love the fact theres more this time, and its made me think... "Am i more excited about ABDC7 or HHI 2012?" and i think i'm more excited about HHI.
I loved the part with ReQuest at 1:41 where they're doing slow movements with their arms, and it works perfectly, then they change it up a bit with the speed of the movements, then its like "SLAP" It was my favourite part, then we see Bubblegum, which i'm glad Parris decided to include bubblegum this year, they look somewhat scary, the way they're keeping up with the adults, I like when they're all dancing together at the end, and the way everyone moves in this video is amazing.
Ok, i think i'm deffo more excited about HHI this year than ABDC7.

All the above videos make me want to Dance, and give me so many ideas, but all i can do is upper body movements (not very well) i can do a little tutting, but as for ma legs... yea i need to youtube how to do stuff, i cant move well enough i guess hurhur V:
(Its odd, i woke up from a dream today about somewhere i was going with my friend in a car, and ReQuest were performing, and i drove pass them, they were starting as i was getting there, but i missed it D: sad dream is sad :( 

~Aaron Roberts~

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Got To Dance: Final.

Yay, so what i'm expecting tonight... no weird stuff like "popping guy with bboys around him" D:<
better performances. just my opinions etc etc~ i'll probably compare to the better V:

This routine was pretty cool, the tutting sections were nice, they looked like they did a connecting peice, wasnt as good as ive seen IaMmE's do, there was a bit of krumping which was kinda good, seems like krump has become more popular (thanks tighteyes) :3 The illusion type thing they did at the beginning was interesting, a few parts they werent in sync with each other, if they stepped it up a little, they'd be amazing, some parts i didnt agree with but i'm not gonna bitch about it too much :3
Kimberly Wyatt didnt like it D: but... she's just a twat who lifts her leg so yea...
I liked it, she needs a slap :3


Their last performance was alot better, this seemed somewhat sloppy, they did that thing where they jump over the others back that they did in their audition, Ashley Banjo thinks they're the best girl group he's seen on the show (no... that group with the name that began with V ... vici something was better) it looked sloppy, not in sync with each other, they arent ReQuest, their outfits are awful.
a positive, there were some flips / tricks that i thought were ok~

I actually liked this, some parts were a little repetetive but they were in sync, and it was pretty good for a kid group, ive seen better kid groups but they did well, Ashley and Kimberly gave them a red... which is confusing but at first its all amazing... then its not... i thought it was pretty good.
(kimberly gave antics a red... then gave boadeicea a gold... wtf's that about) D:<

Methods Of Movement:
Ok, i'm going to be honest, i didnt like it, "Crazy Popper" sticks out like a sore thumb, the others are bboys, just weird, some parts were sloppy, i want something structured, its... just weird... its like... syncronised swimming with a footballer in the middle "controlling them"
I dont even think Crazy Popper is even that good, even if i thought of him dancing on his own without the others, when he does waving, his arms dont wave smoothly, its more pointy and odd.
LOL and the guy who spun on his head used a helmet, good bboys usually wear a beanie XD

Ok, i like what these do, they opened with Pon De Floor, and it worked nicely :3
their feet are quick and good, ionno what else i can write about it, but i did like it :3 mix of street and tap, i think they're the best at it.

This was really nice, dancing to Hero by Mariah Carrey, it was slow but worked really nicely, the tricks / flips were all in sync, i remember animaneax danced to "Bleeding Love" when they were on move like michael jackson. I would have liked to see more upbeat music, but it was nice.
judges gave them 3 reds, how does contemporary get such applaus but this doesnt? WTF JUDGES D:< not everything has to be fast.

Unity UK:
Damn they're really good, but i hate their music XD, its odd... it was good, but i feel as if there were too many tricks, they're all good and in sync with each other, and the flip at the end was cool, over the 2 people and then ending up right near the judges.
so yaar, ionno what else to add, too many tricks made it look a bit messy, but the rest was good.

Ok, so now Diversity is gonna be performing, then ima eat V:
ABDC7 will be starting next month (i think) and i'll blog about that :3

no dance crews are in the final 3... wtf D:<

their performance the other week was better than this one, but the other weeks one wasnt that great =3= so yaa

World Of Dance UK - A-Team / Animaneax

Ok so i was looking at some videos of world of dance UK~ not all of them, just some of the crew names ive heard of or have been on talent shows, one that i did find and that i really wanted to post was Animaneax / A Team (who're on got to dance at the moment) I dont know who the others are, but the opening is really good, and the peice at 6:00 caught my eye, the 4 dancing gave me goosebumps because, i'm from the UK but dont like many UK crews, and this was the first time its happened.
so heres the video to check it out~