Sunday, 4 March 2012

Got To Dance: Final.

Yay, so what i'm expecting tonight... no weird stuff like "popping guy with bboys around him" D:<
better performances. just my opinions etc etc~ i'll probably compare to the better V:

This routine was pretty cool, the tutting sections were nice, they looked like they did a connecting peice, wasnt as good as ive seen IaMmE's do, there was a bit of krumping which was kinda good, seems like krump has become more popular (thanks tighteyes) :3 The illusion type thing they did at the beginning was interesting, a few parts they werent in sync with each other, if they stepped it up a little, they'd be amazing, some parts i didnt agree with but i'm not gonna bitch about it too much :3
Kimberly Wyatt didnt like it D: but... she's just a twat who lifts her leg so yea...
I liked it, she needs a slap :3


Their last performance was alot better, this seemed somewhat sloppy, they did that thing where they jump over the others back that they did in their audition, Ashley Banjo thinks they're the best girl group he's seen on the show (no... that group with the name that began with V ... vici something was better) it looked sloppy, not in sync with each other, they arent ReQuest, their outfits are awful.
a positive, there were some flips / tricks that i thought were ok~

I actually liked this, some parts were a little repetetive but they were in sync, and it was pretty good for a kid group, ive seen better kid groups but they did well, Ashley and Kimberly gave them a red... which is confusing but at first its all amazing... then its not... i thought it was pretty good.
(kimberly gave antics a red... then gave boadeicea a gold... wtf's that about) D:<

Methods Of Movement:
Ok, i'm going to be honest, i didnt like it, "Crazy Popper" sticks out like a sore thumb, the others are bboys, just weird, some parts were sloppy, i want something structured, its... just weird... its like... syncronised swimming with a footballer in the middle "controlling them"
I dont even think Crazy Popper is even that good, even if i thought of him dancing on his own without the others, when he does waving, his arms dont wave smoothly, its more pointy and odd.
LOL and the guy who spun on his head used a helmet, good bboys usually wear a beanie XD

Ok, i like what these do, they opened with Pon De Floor, and it worked nicely :3
their feet are quick and good, ionno what else i can write about it, but i did like it :3 mix of street and tap, i think they're the best at it.

This was really nice, dancing to Hero by Mariah Carrey, it was slow but worked really nicely, the tricks / flips were all in sync, i remember animaneax danced to "Bleeding Love" when they were on move like michael jackson. I would have liked to see more upbeat music, but it was nice.
judges gave them 3 reds, how does contemporary get such applaus but this doesnt? WTF JUDGES D:< not everything has to be fast.

Unity UK:
Damn they're really good, but i hate their music XD, its odd... it was good, but i feel as if there were too many tricks, they're all good and in sync with each other, and the flip at the end was cool, over the 2 people and then ending up right near the judges.
so yaar, ionno what else to add, too many tricks made it look a bit messy, but the rest was good.

Ok, so now Diversity is gonna be performing, then ima eat V:
ABDC7 will be starting next month (i think) and i'll blog about that :3

no dance crews are in the final 3... wtf D:<

their performance the other week was better than this one, but the other weeks one wasnt that great =3= so yaa

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