Friday, 25 May 2012

ABDC Week 7: Rihanna Challenge

So, another Rihanna week, i wish they'd do another Gaga week, its a shame no one danced to Who's That Chick, i had a feeling last year that if ReQuest had made it to the Riri challenge, they'd have danced to that, i'll start of with how pissed i am about Fanny Pak going home this week, they deserved to win, coming back is brave plus, i'm not really a fan of Supercrew, the other year when they did champions for charity and last year when they had all champions at the final, Supercrew's performances was the ones i found myself skipping through, It'd have been better if Fanny had won season 2, the fun thing is, i havent watched seasons 1 - 3 but have seen compilations on youtube etc. ANYWAY on with the performances

Group Number: We Found Love~
hmmm, so the group performances arent ever as good as the main performances, but they always get people hyped up, they look kinda fun, a little boring in some parts, everyone seems to be wearing their main performance outfits, apart from 8 flavahz D:

8 Flavahz: Birthday Cake~
So the opening starts with the twins doing a flip off of the cake and other stuff going on, some choreo seem to be a bit boring for my liking, the tutting was ok, it wasnt really an exciting peice of tutting, i did like the routine but it wasnt the best, i dont think they'll get better than their vogue performance but hey... its a kid group, thats probably the reason Fanny Pak didnt get enough votes, the same reason why alot of crews last year that deserved to be in the final last year was not in the final, i think they should do 2 ABDC's a year again, have the first of the year with adult crews and the 2nd in fall with kid crews, lol what if HHI did their competition all as one instead of splitting between varsity, adult, children etc =3= NO D:<
near the end i thought when the 4 on the cake had the candles it didnt really do much for me, that part seemed a bit boring, they moved their head but ... they could have done something different so that they could move more or whatever, I found the part at the end an extreme amount of cute
"Stop dwop and woollllllll" :3

Mos Wanted: Cockiness~
This had alot of cockiness and alot of sexyness, i liked when the 2 guys were pulled sideways on the coats, the part where the one guy was in the middle doing his own thing, it was sexy, the trick the black dude did was sexy too, the part where Brian did that thing in the middle and the guys around him followed his moves at different times was good, reminded me a bit of the madonna challenge though when he went through them all, the trick with the arms going down the side with the guy behind the other didnt seem to do much, he should have done something else with his arms to make it look more weird instead of just going down, his arms didnt go down at a good angle, so i thought the other guy could have just had his arms out himself and do that =3= which was kind of pointless (maybe if his arms went lower) the whole routine was sexy though :3

Elektrolytes: Where Have You Been~
I hadnt heard this song until last night because i downloaded American Idol's final just to watch ReQuest dance with J-lo, and i thought "Oooooo, extremely dirty Electro, Aaron like alot"
This routine looked fun, had some funny parts, one of their best routines so far, I loved the part where the first guy (the one that was in ABDC Season 1) went through the middle with the mic coming closer to the front with the other guys dancing, that looked cool and fun, then the dubstep part where they did the wavy parts with their hand, then thumped the mic on the ground and did like a wavy cool effect, then the spin in the air was cool, the flip was cool too but i dont like when MTV slows the video down =3=  then the boyband part was funny. It was cool, they did good this week :3

RNG: You Da One~
Loved it, I think last week they impressed me alot so i dont judge these as being a good group just coz they're kids, the story telling was good, i like what lil mama said about opening a window to a duet, i liked the slow part, then something that looked like a brain bang, which is cool coz they said last week they werent much of an illusion crew, but i guess after doing the thousand or hundred hand challenge, they thought they'd try it again, which was a good idea, then they did a cool thing where they're leant back and do some neck iso's, It was a cool performance :3

Fanny Pak: Talk That Talk~
I feel i have to go into how results work, If this weeks show was recorded on saturday 19th, then the voting for pitbull week were still open at the time because voting closes monday right? so they take from the previous show? J-lo week, so if this is results for J-lo week, if you voted for Fanny Pak for pitbull challenge... then your vote doesnt count, because next weeks show would be pitbull results? but Fanny Pak have already left... so... voting is pointless i guess?
anyway, onto thieir routine, i liked the pink guns and peace stuff going on, Sohey is cute o3o
So the throwing the guns looks hard, and they caught them all which was good, i love the choreo they bring out every week, it looks fun and smart, they always deliver for me, the part where the 2 girls did that part on their own with the guys behind them was sexy, It sucks that i'm unable to concentrate because the phone keeps ringing >_> the routine was awesome, i love them, i wish they didnt go.

In all honesty, i think this week, 8 Flavahz should have gone home, then next week Elektrolytes, followed by Mos Wanted, leaving RNG & Fanny Pak to battle it out :3

Monday, 21 May 2012

ABDC Episode 6: Pitbull Challenge.

I'd like to start by saying, ABDC's been awesome this season, but i dont like gimmicky stuff  "do a russian dance"... "have an innapropriate dance of pants off"
so anyway, i cant remember which order they performed, but i'll just type up things i remembered from this weeks challenge (though i'm posting a bit late)

They have a big fanbase because of that awesome HHI performance, this week we see another little part from HHI, where they do the weird robot looking thing where a guy stands behind the other and both their hands move, there was alot of karate... way too much and not enough choreo, it didnt really catch my eye, i liked the J-lo performance better, but this week it felt like they were lacking.

8 Flavahs:
This routine was nice, and athletic, these girls are really good i think, they could probably win, maybe for the wrong reasons, I thought it was odd hear "Oh baby baby, nanananananana Laaaaa la la la la laaa why'd they add the can can this song is now chee ee ee ee ee ee eesey" which it was, it just sounded weird, people can do the can can without having the can can music... i guess... I liked when the twins both did flips are the front, facing different directions and it seemed really fast <:

Mos Wanted:
you expect more from dance teachers when they're doing stuff but fail, it would have been a great performance, again they have that whole smooth flow thing when they dance, then the guy didnt catch the hat, and the other failed to jump over the other guy, i expect more, they havent lived up to their name the pass few weeks. Ians cute :3

Fanny Pak:
This didnt stand out much, its got the fanny pak stamp on it, it was energetic in some places, but i felt like it was a little slow, i liked the part where they were in a line with Glenda at the front, and they did a the thing with their feet, i felt the camera was a bit low when they did the thing trying to make it look like their feet was the person aboves feet, i liked when Glenda spun through the scarfs, that was cool.

This was the best performance of the night / day, I liked their choreo, it was fun looking, the thousand hand thing (thousand or 100, i forgets) but it was different to what ive seen, its been done an extreme amount before, i know Elektrolytes did it a few weeks ago when the guy was back to perform, but RNG did good, i liked when they did it, then their arms moved to different places with the sounds in the music, then they came back towards the  end with the fans with bailey in the front and parts looked like they did a little tutting, MTV needs to focus on cameras, this wasnt shown from the front at first, I remember being pissed last year when iamme was doing their lil wayne performance and when they went into the "rubix cube" part, the camera was at the side at first D:< I think crews should be incharge of camera angles, so if we see tuttings / brainbanging / thousand hands or any other illusions, we can see them from the front, how they're suppose to be viewed.

I think RNG's performance was the best of the night, and Fanny Pak was the 2nd, followed by 8 Flavahs, Mos Wanted, and then Elektrolytes. Rihanna week next. :V

Friday, 11 May 2012

ABDC Episode 5: J-lo Challenge.

Oooo J-lo week, so i'm rewatching with my sister coz she didnt watch it qwith me last night~
Beau (casper) is in the video for Where Dem Girls At, I think him and Madd Chadd are dancing on the nicki minaj part :3

8 Flavahz~ Get Loud:
They did well with this routine, salsa parts were good, I loved the part where Tamara did the routine on her hands and turned, then the other twin did the part where she bent sideways with the trumpet, most of the choreo looked fun, I liked the ending with Tamara doing the flips :3 it was good.

Mos Wanted Crew~ On The Floor:
opening was cool, i liked that\ they danced to the vocals, and cleaning the floor was kind of a good idea, I loved when they used the camera and they ran about on the walls :3
choreo looked fun aswell, I want to see them dance to all the beats one week instead of the vocals and other sounds just to see what its like :D

LOL D-trix and Lil Mama sexy dancing:3

Elektrolytes~ Get Right:
I was really impressed with this, their past routines seemed to be lacking something for me, this was creative and had storytelling, the undercover guy getting mugged then beating up the guys, the fighting was pretty cool, i prefered Chachi's though, then there part they did in their HHI routine where they were in a line and then all go out doing that cool looking footwork, which i wanna learn D: the routine looked fun, i think it was their best routine so far :3 (even though that one guy dropped the walking stick) their subway train was pretty good aswell :3

Collizzion Crew~ Jenny From The Block:
I havent liked these much the pass few weeks, so i'm glad that they left the competition, the opening was a bt boring, they seem to always have people out of sync, the part where guys made a ring and the other guy went under was uncreative i guess, I did like the moon walk on the knees but yaar, i thought they were ok the first week, but the 2nd time when they did madonna i wanted funkdation to go through, then last week when they did drake and they did the tutting section, one was out of sync and looked like they were doing a different routine. so, happy they've gone.

RNG~ Do It Well
Best routine so far, ionno any of the 90's moves but they looked fun, I liked the part where they did that couples thing and then Bailey went through under the 2 girls feet, i liked the part in the opening where they did the thing where the one girl was in the middle and they kind of rolled to the 3 sounds, good routine :D

Fanny Pak~ Waiting For Tonight:
Best routine of the night, I liked the thought of it, it was like an alien discovering clothes and then others discovers clothes, I liked the robot looking part in the beginning, then matt discovers clothes, and is all happy and clapping, then i thought the next part was clever, Tossing & Turning, Cara is tossed in the air and reveals her clothes, then the other 2 spin at the front and have jackets showing, they kind of came alive, then towards the end there was another part where they like, moved their hands to the floor which was like, it'd go with 16th beats, but there wasnt 16th beats in the music, but it worked reallty well, i loved the routine alot :3

so next week is Pitbull badonkadonkadokadonk D: but should be good, some electro :3 & Iconic Boys meh =3=

Saturday, 5 May 2012

ABDC Week 4: Drake Challenge.

So, I havent heard any of the songs on tonights episode before, i guess Drake isnt as popular in the UK as he is in the US, again, this week will be a short post, because my pc is still messed up and i'm using a small laptop.

This routine was pretty cool, as always they're in sync with each other, the choreo was pretty cool, when they mentioned the rewind thing in their VT, the first thing i thought was Poreotics usher week, it was good, but i thought what would have been cool is, you know that youtube video RNG did with the Jabbawokkeez masks, they could have danced to those lyrics like Jabbawokkeez, and quickly pull out masks, i thought that would have been kinda cool, but the routine was still nice.

MOS Wanted~ The Moto:
as always, their routine was smooooth, but it was also lacking something, the passing like a relay part where they all went out one by one holding out their hats seemed to be a little dissapointing as i saw something in their VT that looked more interesting but they didnt do it, the rest of the choreo was smooth, looked fun, and when they dropped the hats at the end, the hats were all in sync and all landed flat :3 which was good.

8 Flavahz~ Find Your Love:
This made me cry, it was so sad, and sweet, and moving, the choreo was nice, I liked that it was nice and slow but also had its hard moments in there, i liked the moments, Ionno what else i can say about it, it was beautiful and omgah, as i'm watching it now i'm getting all teary eyed again, next next next.

Collizion Crew~ Over:
Ive noticed the pass few weeks, they havent been much in sync with each other, theres always a few that do something a little faster / slower than the others, the tutting part was the part where i noticed they seemed to be a bit out of sync, the car thing was a bit weird, they can be a car and groove aswell, ionno what the part on the back of the car was suppose to be, i dont know what the helicopter is to do with anything, I liked Funkdation more =3= they should have gone last week or this week.

Elektrolytes~ Headlines:
So i thought this was their best routine so far, I liked the way they went out after the guy is like "I'm back" but the part where all of their hands came out didnt interest me, its been done loads before, The dubstep part seemed to have a little from the end of their HHI routine where they all shoot each other, the guy from abdc 1 did a little finger tutting, the floating part was kinda cool with the guy rocking back and forth, i didnt really like the part where the guys head floated up between the jackets, the predator head thing was kinda cool also... YaAr :3


Fanny Pak~ Make Me Proud:
I liked this routine alot, They bring alot of theater each time they perform which is cool because i like stories in dance, their opening was fun, the choreo after was hard hitting and looked a little different to what they usually do, then the treadmill part was cool, i loved the routine alot, Matt Cady is sexy o3o & Nicki Minaj <3 i hope they do another Nicki week this season =3= The routine looks like it'd be alot of fun to dance to, I didnt like it as much as Britney week but maybe... just a little less :3

Stepboys~ Best Ive Ever Had:
I liked this alot, i think this routine and Fanny Pak's were the best in this episode (apart from 8 Flavahz)
I thought it was funny that the one guy who was Britney the other week was now a cute teddy bear, the whole routine was cute, fun, their best routine they've done so far, and looool, i just noticed the bear had a moustache, i think the mascot thing is a good idea, finding that word and playing on it, the spin was cool, throwing him up like that was awesome, then he comes and does a stand on his hand V: and then the part where the 2 guys threw him over and he hugged the other was adorable XD then the dougie :3 Its a shame they were booted :(

so next week i'm hoping collizion go home, next week is Jennifer Lopez, should be good dance music, electro, added dubstep ____O: