Friday, 11 May 2012

ABDC Episode 5: J-lo Challenge.

Oooo J-lo week, so i'm rewatching with my sister coz she didnt watch it qwith me last night~
Beau (casper) is in the video for Where Dem Girls At, I think him and Madd Chadd are dancing on the nicki minaj part :3

8 Flavahz~ Get Loud:
They did well with this routine, salsa parts were good, I loved the part where Tamara did the routine on her hands and turned, then the other twin did the part where she bent sideways with the trumpet, most of the choreo looked fun, I liked the ending with Tamara doing the flips :3 it was good.

Mos Wanted Crew~ On The Floor:
opening was cool, i liked that\ they danced to the vocals, and cleaning the floor was kind of a good idea, I loved when they used the camera and they ran about on the walls :3
choreo looked fun aswell, I want to see them dance to all the beats one week instead of the vocals and other sounds just to see what its like :D

LOL D-trix and Lil Mama sexy dancing:3

Elektrolytes~ Get Right:
I was really impressed with this, their past routines seemed to be lacking something for me, this was creative and had storytelling, the undercover guy getting mugged then beating up the guys, the fighting was pretty cool, i prefered Chachi's though, then there part they did in their HHI routine where they were in a line and then all go out doing that cool looking footwork, which i wanna learn D: the routine looked fun, i think it was their best routine so far :3 (even though that one guy dropped the walking stick) their subway train was pretty good aswell :3

Collizzion Crew~ Jenny From The Block:
I havent liked these much the pass few weeks, so i'm glad that they left the competition, the opening was a bt boring, they seem to always have people out of sync, the part where guys made a ring and the other guy went under was uncreative i guess, I did like the moon walk on the knees but yaar, i thought they were ok the first week, but the 2nd time when they did madonna i wanted funkdation to go through, then last week when they did drake and they did the tutting section, one was out of sync and looked like they were doing a different routine. so, happy they've gone.

RNG~ Do It Well
Best routine so far, ionno any of the 90's moves but they looked fun, I liked the part where they did that couples thing and then Bailey went through under the 2 girls feet, i liked the part in the opening where they did the thing where the one girl was in the middle and they kind of rolled to the 3 sounds, good routine :D

Fanny Pak~ Waiting For Tonight:
Best routine of the night, I liked the thought of it, it was like an alien discovering clothes and then others discovers clothes, I liked the robot looking part in the beginning, then matt discovers clothes, and is all happy and clapping, then i thought the next part was clever, Tossing & Turning, Cara is tossed in the air and reveals her clothes, then the other 2 spin at the front and have jackets showing, they kind of came alive, then towards the end there was another part where they like, moved their hands to the floor which was like, it'd go with 16th beats, but there wasnt 16th beats in the music, but it worked reallty well, i loved the routine alot :3

so next week is Pitbull badonkadonkadokadonk D: but should be good, some electro :3 & Iconic Boys meh =3=

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