Monday, 21 May 2012

ABDC Episode 6: Pitbull Challenge.

I'd like to start by saying, ABDC's been awesome this season, but i dont like gimmicky stuff  "do a russian dance"... "have an innapropriate dance of pants off"
so anyway, i cant remember which order they performed, but i'll just type up things i remembered from this weeks challenge (though i'm posting a bit late)

They have a big fanbase because of that awesome HHI performance, this week we see another little part from HHI, where they do the weird robot looking thing where a guy stands behind the other and both their hands move, there was alot of karate... way too much and not enough choreo, it didnt really catch my eye, i liked the J-lo performance better, but this week it felt like they were lacking.

8 Flavahs:
This routine was nice, and athletic, these girls are really good i think, they could probably win, maybe for the wrong reasons, I thought it was odd hear "Oh baby baby, nanananananana Laaaaa la la la la laaa why'd they add the can can this song is now chee ee ee ee ee ee eesey" which it was, it just sounded weird, people can do the can can without having the can can music... i guess... I liked when the twins both did flips are the front, facing different directions and it seemed really fast <:

Mos Wanted:
you expect more from dance teachers when they're doing stuff but fail, it would have been a great performance, again they have that whole smooth flow thing when they dance, then the guy didnt catch the hat, and the other failed to jump over the other guy, i expect more, they havent lived up to their name the pass few weeks. Ians cute :3

Fanny Pak:
This didnt stand out much, its got the fanny pak stamp on it, it was energetic in some places, but i felt like it was a little slow, i liked the part where they were in a line with Glenda at the front, and they did a the thing with their feet, i felt the camera was a bit low when they did the thing trying to make it look like their feet was the person aboves feet, i liked when Glenda spun through the scarfs, that was cool.

This was the best performance of the night / day, I liked their choreo, it was fun looking, the thousand hand thing (thousand or 100, i forgets) but it was different to what ive seen, its been done an extreme amount before, i know Elektrolytes did it a few weeks ago when the guy was back to perform, but RNG did good, i liked when they did it, then their arms moved to different places with the sounds in the music, then they came back towards the  end with the fans with bailey in the front and parts looked like they did a little tutting, MTV needs to focus on cameras, this wasnt shown from the front at first, I remember being pissed last year when iamme was doing their lil wayne performance and when they went into the "rubix cube" part, the camera was at the side at first D:< I think crews should be incharge of camera angles, so if we see tuttings / brainbanging / thousand hands or any other illusions, we can see them from the front, how they're suppose to be viewed.

I think RNG's performance was the best of the night, and Fanny Pak was the 2nd, followed by 8 Flavahs, Mos Wanted, and then Elektrolytes. Rihanna week next. :V

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