Monday, 24 December 2012

So a little update, and other bits.

So it's been like, 5 months since HHI, and I havent posted in a while, so heres a post :3
I just updated the logo, its nearly Christmas so Merry Christmas to all that read :)
ABDC isnt coming back, I hope it gets enough petitions for it to keep it going or atleast get taken over by other people, It'd actually be interesting to have the winners of previous seasons running it.
It does suck though that it wont be coming back, If i ever sort out my crew, i'd atleast love to audition, I feel sorry for crews that get callbacks and then its all "try again next year" which wont be possible without a new show, people wont have abdc to look forward to each year, and I wont get to see Skool Rascals or Miniotics T___T
i'll type some more, theres been alot of cool videos this year, some of my favourites being Pacman & Moons elevator videos "going up" or down... i forget, those were some good tutting videos o3o
ReQuest's video for that Missy Elliot song that dissapeared from youtube, that was cool.
loved the Royal Family one too for Missy's 9th Inning, though i do feel myself thinking there was a bit too much walking around, but i loved the face paint, laser tag place feel of it, it was cool.
HHI videos i posted, the IaMmE video's for skoodie was cute, the one they did for vlado footwear was cool too, I'm looking forward to 2013. anyway, Have a good Christmas and New Year people :D <3