Tuesday, 27 March 2012

America's Best Dance Crew Season 7.

Ok, so its right around the corner, and i must say, its a little weird that Britains Got Talent has started before ABDC this year, which i'll also share my opinions on crews on that too, anyway, the 10 crews for this season have been picked and none of the ones i wanted are in that list.
so, i'm going to go through and share my opinion on the crews that ive seen videos of.

8 Flavahz:
girl group, some from Hawaii, some from the US, said that they practice via webcam etc~
i did watch a video where there were more than 8, the dance wasnt that great and no, i'm not gonna just go "OH WOW KIDS, DAYUM THEY IS KOOL COZ THEY IS KIDS" no... i didnt like iconic boys... abdc kind of fails in the way that... a crew like Iconic boys got 2nd place and ReQuest went home in week 4, so no, i will not like kid crews unless they're really good, but that was just one performance i saw of 8 Flavahz, a problem ive thought about is, the name 8 Flavaz seems to be all "theres 8 of us, we represent a different color each" and then its like... "so are you going to wear the same outfits each week?" I'm not saying i'm going to hate on them, i havent seen enough to go "wow, they're good, i'll vote for them"

i looked at Collizion Crew just now, seemed a little boring, so i'm not going to youtube all the others =3=

Oh, one of the Crews i wanted to see did get picked~ So yaar, Elektrolytes came first in the US HHI adult division in 2011, they seem cool, their facebook pic is sexy, their dancing is sexy, they seem fun.

Fanny Pak:
Its cool that they allowed Fanny Pak to come back, but it would have been cool to see another ghost of ABDC past in the 10 selected, they've won mtv awards, they were good before and will be better now
(its pretty bad but... ive not watched ABDC season 1 - 3, only 4, 5 and 6) :x

I've heard the name alot so, they must be good, i cant really remember watching any of their videos though, if i have done then ive probably forgot.

I think this is that crew with one of the chicks from ABDC 5's Bluprint Crew, i think a video i liked that was posted on BloggingBestDanceCrew was of Irratik where they were dressed in kind of purple jackets and they did a nice tutting peice to a faster version of Bass Down Low by Dev
(or as i like to say, i like my beats fast but my song is slowwwww sa sa song is sloooooow)
but yea, their routine was pretty cool (if it was deffo that video)

Mix'd Elements:
Mix'd Elements is another one like Funkdation where ive seen the name pop up alot but cant remember if ive seen good stuff~ both crews must be good as they've been picked and ive seen the name alot.

Mos Wanted Crew:
same with the other 2 crews, though, ive seen a few videos and was impressed, so this crew will be cool to see.

Rated Next Generation (RNG):
I remember liking RNG alot of America's Got Talent, they didnt wow me to a point where i wanted to run up and down the streets screaming about them, but they were pretty good, and since then they've got a few new members and have a guy in the crew, and their Jabbawokkeez tribute video on youtube where they're dancing to Fire Power (wolfgang garter, dirty electro track, go check it out NAO D:<) was pretty awesome so i'm looking forward to see how well they do on the show.

I havent really found any videos, just an old 2008 one which i didnt watch, or maybe i didnt look hard enough, they do comedy stuff which is always fun, one guy from the group was calling Chachi "Cheeto" at the ABDC7 auditions, they seemed like a fun crew, and Dtrix use to be a part of this crew, which will probably be sad, like when Quest danced on the ABDC6 final.

I'm hoping that in the first few episodes, they say about how many crews from other countries they got audition this year, and show some auditions, it'd be cool to see, some the superstars music being used this year should be interesting too, some Britney, Madonna, Rihanna (again) i'm not really bothered about "mr. badonkadonk" (pitbull) or flo rida :3

Yeey post done =3= am tired

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