Friday, 6 April 2012

Britains Got Talent: Twist & Pulse Dance Company

So i think to myself "OOh... i forgot to blog about Twist & Pulse Dance Company, so i'll do that now"
and then the net just goes extremely slow THANKS VIRGIN MEDIA D:<

I didnt like Twist & Pulse that much, sure they were kinda fun to watch, but since then its like "Ive seen better, why did i like them? was i brainwashed"
The problem i have with this routine is its pretty much the same as we've already seen, You're at a rave, Twist & Pulse come over, spike your drink and BLAM, everythings too fast, theres a comment on youtube that says "they remind me of cheerleaders, not dancers" which i agree, the music is mixed way too much to the point where i think "This doesnt feel like Dance, its more like sounds because theres way too much music in those 1 & a half minuets" apart from that, they're also out of sync, I also just watched a performance of theirs at Hackey Empire( this ), which in my honest opinion, was sloppy, they're out of sync, and there was WAAAAAY too much walking / running around when the music changed, you need to GROOVE your way to your next position, not walk / run.
another thing I saw alot of in the video is punching the air, just because its fast doesnt mean its cool.
The fastest doesnt make you teh bestest V:
another thing i noticed in the Hackey Empire video is there were alot of V formations, which i'm getting tired of seing with UK crews doing, I dont mind it if its less people, when small groups of them did parts in the routine they were all in V formations, crews like T&PDC / Diversity / Peridot / Myztical (insert more anoyying UK crews here) If they were to go to the US, go for Hip Hop International, go on ABDC, or go to New Zealand, they'd all get eaten alive.

On a positive note, I dont like the music mixed overtop to the point where theres more than 100 songs in less than 2 minuets, but the way its mixed is good, i'm sure the guy from Twist & Pulse would be a good DJ.

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