Friday, 13 April 2012

ABDC Episode 1: Britney Week

Warning: I'm not that good with words so D:<
Ok, so it started, and after a whole day of looking for the episode and not being able to find it, then finding an episode to stream that i downloaded with real player, but then it was all pixelated, then the net kept dropping, and i installed hotspotshield to watch it on MTV's site, but the Ads... OH GOD those LOUD ads between each performance were anoyying, it was like "after the break we are joined by irratik~ BUYSOMEMOTHERFUCKINGSTARBUCKSBAAAAAH"
but yea, slowly able to watch it.
ANYWAY on with my reviews.

Group Number~ I Wanna Go:
The group number was ok, it felt a little slow~ but i guess thats what happens on ABDC, they're more focused on their performances than the group number, i like the part where Matt from Fanny Pak did a ballet type thing spinning the girl from 8 Flavaz, it was cute :3

8 Flavaz~ 3:
This routine was good, their style is interesting, I think that they're much better than Iconic Boys and will probably go far because they're kids on a talent show (ya know, like kids on every single talent show ever) I liked when the redhead was able to balance on her hands (ionno what its called)
and then the other one did the backflips, which suprised me x3

Mix'd Elements~ Till The World Ends:
the Choreo was a little bit boring, it didnt seem to wow me that much, there was one part where they were in the middle and all jumped out in time with the music which was kinda cool~ the suspenders for me are a little weird, if they use it in each routine its going to become a little odd, although the end picture they created looked pretty good.

Irratik~ Hold It Against Me:
They arent ReQuest but they're pretty cool~ their Choreo was all in ma face and feirce, hard and stuff and it was cool, i feel they did that thing with their hands a little too much though where they'd keep raising them really fast~ I liked the dubstep part where they turned and were like "now we're pointing and going slow but also fast" it looked cool, i should probably watch the routines while i blog, then i could pickup on more stuff =3=

Stepboys~ If You Seem Amy:
The flip onto the stage was cool, it looked high aswell, it was cool that he was able to land it and then pose when the lights when red, and he landed on beat which was cool, It wasnt the greatest performance but it was fun, and they said they wanted stuff to be fun, I liked the flip the britney guy did though the middle over the other 2, and when he stood on the backs of those others and slowly turned as the evil laugh in the music came on, I do think that when (insertjudgenameherecoziforgot) said about doing like, a few mores laughs and more choreo, their routines would probably be more awesome, but its only the first episode, I wouldnt mind watching more stuff like that coz it was fun.
(also, i watched a video of theirs on youtube the other day, they did an easter egg hunt for 8 Flavaz, and that made me think they're really sweet x3 so i like them more)

Fanny Pak~ Womanizer:
My favourite performance of the night, It was cool, it was sexy o3o I thought when Matt did the "you say i'm crazy" part with the headshaver was kind of good, it was maybe a little brave, the dubstep part suprised me because i didnt think i'd see Fanny Pak dancing to dubstep, and that part was all in time with the music, in the music there was a fast part where all the legs came up to those sounds, and i was all "Waaaaaah that looked cool" and then the part where the beat dropped and they did that "geisha" type thing wowed me aswell, it was an awesome routine, they're creative :3

So yea :3 thats the first episode done, i'll post some more next week :3 (hopefully if i can find the episode)

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