Saturday, 14 April 2012

Britains Got Talent Episode 4: United We Stand

These were the only crew on tonights episode, and anyone thats seen any of my past posts, i dont like many UK Crews, being from the UK myself, its kind of dissapointing that the standard isnt of that in the US (i hope that makes sense) BUT after seing United We Stand's performance, i can say that i can add to the list of UK Crews that i do like (Plague, Unity, A-team, Addict) short list huh? :3

What makes me happy is, they arent just listening to the 4 count and dancing to that, which most (apart from some) on Got To Dance did do~ the choreo is fast in parts which is nice, and they're all lovely in sync with each other, the elctro part is pretty tight, the choreo for the move like jagger looks fun, and then theres the Unity ... sign? i guess, the tutting in the "classical music" section i felt could have been a bit better but it still works nicely, i like the edited part of the music where it goes silent and they move to that part, and the tricks were nicely thought out too, I think they're better than Diversity, I think if they were to enter something like HHI or ABDC they'd do well.
(i hate when Britains Got Talent says Troupe =3= just say crew damnit D:<)

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