Friday, 20 April 2012

ABDC Episode 2: Flo Rida Week.

Oooh, this was a good episode, and ive decided to watch videos while i blog this time hurhur V:
and i'm thankfull that someone on youtube uploaded the full episode, i used keepvid to download, then usb -> ps3, anyway :3

Elektrolytes~ Club Can't Handle Me:
Their routine was pretty much the HHI 2011 performance that they did, the opening for me was a little odd, they could have saved the tower / flip for something else, it didnt really fit for that opening, there was an over / under thing with one guy bent over, the other leaps while another jumps over the top, which looked pretty cool because as the guy leaped, the one at the top looked like he was running across his back, then some choreo that looked fun, followed by a little bit of tutting, i liked when the guy slid on his head, and then a guy did the butterfly, then they did like, a chain reaction thing where one does something and the others follow, that looked cool, yaar, it was a pretty good routine, but when people use stuff they've used before I think "well thats a routine ive seen already, whats coming next week?"

RNG~ Right Round:
This routine was good, they seemed a little out of sync with the opening slow part, but after that they were all pretty much on sync, some parts i wish MTV had showed them from the front instead of at the side, where i'm like "was that magic? D:" i liked when they went down, it was smart with the lyrics~ Oh god i'm running out of things to say, I like them alot, and i like them alot better than Iconic Boys, i think they'll do good through the weeks, maybe better than 8 Flavahz.

Collizion Crew~ Low:
Well, when i researched these guys a few weeks ago, i didnt think much of them, but now i'm like "Oooo i like the dirty south" the movements in the beginning made a nice picture, then the choreo looked kind of fun, then they lifted their shirts, and i was all "Ooooo ___O:" but not an extreme amount of impressed, i think Dtrix has better abs hurhur :P then they stood behind each other and created another picture with their arms going out which looked good, then undies D: I liked the next part with the guy on the shoulders and a little bit of dubstep added to the song again making a nice picture, then lil mama's face on a shirt, bringing a little comedy is always good :3
I know the ... thing where people stand in a line and make it look like their hand stretches has been seen alot, they usually punch, but i like the way these guys changed it up and did a spank instead, then the ending was also cool, limbo, then a chop :D i liked the routine alot.

Funkdation~ Good Feeling:
Oh i want that cake thats in their VT, thats like... loads of cupcakes and the icing ontop is all one peice of icing o3o!
The opening was nice, piano stuff :3 it was simple but worked nicely, their energy is high which is always good, then they did something with their feet that looked like fun, then they did something with 4 of them in a middle, that was like a poor take on a brain bang, I like these guys but didnt like that part, then that chick does the flip, i like her, the fact she can do that impresses me alot :3
then some dancing in couples which also looked fun. good routine o3o

Mos Wanted Crew~ In the Ayer:The opening was cool, i like the slow parts, dancing to different sounds instead of the obvious ones in the music, then the spin the asian dude did to that sound which was cool, The choreo they did after wasnt hard hitting, but it was extremely smooth and nice, then i liked the next part with the balloon pump sounds and they each went out one after another in a really good way, then the choreo after that which was fast, then the music went slow, it was exciting, The part after where one stood behind the other and did that hand going over, and then coming back and was all "POP POP POP" was smooth then all BLAM, then they all stood behind each other, and went out nicely (the nicest ive ever seen that done if i'm honest) then some more smoooooth stuff, then it finished with a flip, a nicely thought out one :3 I dont know if i want these to win, or Fanny Pak now D:!!!

Battle Time V:
So i agree with the judges that Funkdation should be here, their performance was good but not as good as RNG, out of rng and funkdation i would have picked for the bottom 2 in this episode, Mix'd Elements didnt really do anything that impressed me, the guy spun around on his head, but we've seen that alot, Funkdation's parts in these were more interesting to watch,  the guy from Mix'd Elements tutting in round 2... wasnt at a high enough level for me to like it, it was like he did 3 / 4 movements with his tutting combo and didnt know where to go from there, yea, i think Funkdation deserved to stay. so thats the end of my post for this episode, Madonna Week next week, it'll be interesting to see how the guys dance to Madonna, i wanna see them doing a little bit of feminine dancing :3

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