Sunday, 5 February 2012

Got To Dance: Semi Final 2.

So its that time again, and if some stuff is disagreeable with other people and they dont like what i say, its just my opinion :3 I'm sure all the semi finalists are lovely people, but if they're gonna be on TV, they're gonna get judged.

Urban Jokers:
This was ALOT better than their first audition, the tutting was pretty good, their opening was tight and really well thought out, some of the pictures they created were good, some parts reminded me of Pacman & Moon but not as clean, but i thought it was better than anything ive seen so far throughout the semi finals, there was a bit of silly stuff and i wish there were more dancing apart from the silly stuff / jokey stuff, but it was better than their first audition.
The judges gave them red, i thought they should have gotten golds.

was just checking the site for Got To Dance, i thought Natalie & Dharms (from Plague) were in the semi finals. Damn i wish i was a judge D:<
While i'm waiting for more crews to come on, Has anyone been watching BloggingABDC's videos lately with the interviews of Crews for abdc7? i read that Plague auditioned, and alot of other people, i hope Skool Rascals get through, they're cute and look fun, i also hope Electrolytes and Instant Bun get on the show (they're funny) its cool that alot of people from other countries are auditioning this year.

lol, they danced to Jai Ho, and Kymberly Wyatt looked a bit dissapointed it wasnt their version.
these are pretty interesting for a Bolly Wood group. but yaar, i dont really like bolly wood groups =3=
best Bolly Wood dancing ive seen is probably We Are Heroes dancing to Arab Money :3

The first audition they did that i saw on the Got To Dance site before they aired it on sky 1 was pretty good, it didnt WOW me but it was good enough for me to blog about it.This routine was ALOT better, instead of it being all "1,2,3,4" they listened to sounds in the music and danced to them, not as good as ReQuest (but no girlgroup is as good as them) but yea, it was pretty well thought out.

hmmm, now Kimberly Wyatt is going to perform, she'll probably do that leg thing she always does in the Pussy Cat Dolls video and each performance, so yea, i think i'll give that a miss >_>
i'll be honest, i dont think she should be a judge, yea she dances, but people dont pay to go see her dance, they pay to watch her sing (unlike the other 2 judges)

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