Sunday, 29 January 2012

Got To Dance: Semi Final 1.

Chucks routine, i'll be honest, i didnt like it much that, it was mainly jumping and doing flips, it didnt impress me as there wasnt much dancing, it had very little dance and the stuff he did do between the flips and tricks werent even that good, he could be much better if he had more dance, something that bugged me

Project G:
I wasnt bothered about missing this, my brother was here and wanted a movie on his HDD~ so i wasnt paying attention, from what i saw though, they were out of sync, some parts where they were all doing different stuff and it looked sloppy.

This kid is 13, The routine that he did was ok, it didnt wow me alot, but he's 13, it was an ok'ish performance, he didnt a little bit of tutting which was better than ive seen from some of the others on the show, Ashley Banjo gave him a red star D:< that gets on my nerves when he puts crews through that aint even that great, and good groups like Addict, Veni Vici (something) and the other group that were like poreotics.

I like these, they have a street thing going on :D It was cool, its like tap but... modern and cool :D I dont really know what else i can say, it was good :3 they had some other moves apart from tap too :D

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