Friday, 13 January 2012

Sonic Generations.

What better way to start off a video game than a 20th birthday party for our hero.
until everything starts to go weird and all his buddies are sucked into a weird white world that seems somewhat familiar.
We start off by playing Green Hill Zone, i'll be honest, i love how this level turned out, SEGA did good for once (in a long time) and then you play the level as modern Sonic, which is also very nicely thought out.
then you return to white world, wait... wheres 3rd act with a boss... Ok, next level, another great level to make a return, the game continues and when you've finished the first 3 levels, or... lets be fair, 6, about 40 - 50 different side missions appear, these side missions help you get a key to continue, but you only need to do 1 sidemission from each zone to get the keys, once you've got the 3 keys from the 3 first zones, you get to do the first boss, after that, the same thing happens, 6 levels (in 3 zones) boss, then once more and you have the last boss...
this makes a total of 18 levels in the whole game, which blows seing as there are ALOT more sidemissions than main gameplay, when you get to the 5th or 6th zone, the game seems to get pretty repetetive, and modern Sonic is now sidescrolling too, which doesnt make sense, seing as we already have retro sonic for that, something else that bugs me, mainly with modern Sonic is the weird random walls put in for Sonic to trip over if he's running fast or ... "quick press circle so you can slide under this hole"
the levels in all arent even that great, Yea ok, Green Hill Zone and Chemicle Plant were really good, but when you get to the 3rd zone, which is Sky Sanctuary it feels good on retro sonic, but modern sonic seemed to lack good gaming, wait...
Sonic 1 - Green Hill Zone
Sonic 2 - Chemicle Plant
Sonic & knuckles - Sky Sanctuary... wheres the remade level from Sonic 3?
I personally think a remake of Hydrocity Zone or Carnival Night Zone would have made awesome levels, but anyway, they decided to skip Sonic 3 and continue with Speed Highway, City Escape, Seaside Hill, Crisis City for god knows why... Sonic 2006 was bad, Rooftop Run and then Planet Wisp.
I liked 5 levels out of the 18 which i thought was good, Green Hill as retro and modern Sonic, Chemicle Plant as retro and modern and City Escape as modern Sonic.
The game wasnt a very good celebration for 20 years of the blue hedgehog, they should have made a brand new game using retro Sonic with new levels, 3 stages for each zone... or what could also work is 4 levels for each zone, morning version of the zone,  daytime levels, and an evening / night one.
carefully thought out themes (hill / field / fire / water / cave / forest / haunted etc)
another odd thing is the characters, they dont do much, just stand outside a level, by the way, where is Big the cat or that robot, they could have had more levels using those 2~ also Amy can now fly with her hammer, how the hell does that work?

Sonic Generations is a big letdown for a 20th Anniversary, due to its lack of levels, and more sidemissions than main gameplay, and they arent even good sidemissions. Maybe sega will get better in the future, but i dont know, the fact that one of the Sonic games had him with a sword makes me think "Oh god, Sonic cant get any worse" but i havent played that game in the series, I'm looking forward to that Sonic 2 HD that someone has been working on alot, but i dont think SEGA will deliver with future Sonic games, i'll continue to play Mario, Mario has continued to be good, whereas this game didnt last long.
I think if i gave it a rating, it'd get a 5.5 out of 10, its good for retro sonic but the rest isnt good.

(Oh yaar, whats with the thing after side missions where you have to ring the bells and chase the note, thats nothing to do with anything and doesnt make sense)

~Aaron Roberts~ :V

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