Thursday, 12 January 2012

Got To Dance

So Got To Dance started on the 1st of January and i feel odd watching it, If you've read the previous posts you'll see that i havent really found any UK dance crews that i like, while watching, ive noticed that the brother and sister from Plague auditioned as a duo (Bgirl Roxy i think her name is, ionno the guys name) and one of the other Plagues members auditioned doing a tap routine mixed with a little street, but yea, they dont really stand out for me. So far through the past few weeks, 2 auditions have stood out the most.
A group from Essex, which i forget their name, but i think they were involved in Kayzar who auditioned last year (theres a Kayzar studio nearby somewhere) they reminded me of Poreotics, which i liked, they wasnt as good as Poreotics, but they had shades, an odd costume (if i remember rightly) and danced to dubstep.
though Kimberly Wyatt didnt like them, i did, I'd rather watch this group than Diversity.
I should be a judge, i judge hard =3= I'm not the type to put kids through just because they're kids
The other audition that stood out for me was Antics... they also reminded me a little of Poreotics also (though they didnt have shades, weird outfits) they had a nice tutting section, and a nice athletic flip in the air :V which was pretty high.
one other group i will mention is Boadicea, an all female group that hit it pretty hard... though, again, ive seen better~ ReQuest.
one thing that bugs me about the show is people that come back, i understand in America's Got Talent and X-factor people have come back twice, but then gave up... but they usually leave it a few years before auditioning again, not waiting a year and auditioning a 2nd and 3rd time.
Dance Dynamix auditioned the first year and i found them boring, they auditioned a 2nd time and made it to the final, they were boring both times and if they make an appearance in the weeks to come, i wont be happy =3=
then there was a guy who auditioned the first year, then last year came back with a big crew (Eruption) now... they split Eruption into a boys group and a girl group and that guy isnt in either of them, both groups were pretty good but, theres still nothing thats stood out enough for me to go "wow this is really good" I want someone to come out on the stage and show me something as amazing as brainbangin'

I think Sky could possibly be to to blame, maybe their editing of videos causes music to go offsync and look like some of the dances dont go with the music.
The show might get better, i hope it does~

There was another episode of the Auditions uncut yesterday (12th jan)
which is only on for 30 minuets, There was another duo of  guys in checkered shirts, the routine was ok but didnt really make me go wow~ there was another guy who was a solo dancer, who wasnt good, but the judges seem to think that he was amazing~ he did a bit of finger tutting, moved his thumb to his index finger and looked as if he didnt know where to go from there and started doing something else, i think it looked sloppy, i didnt like it.

I wanted to make a post about this but decided to put it at the end of this post, and its about the Design of the site, I made the logo myself using a nice effect ive previously used for a project I've been working on with some guys over on its a good site if you're a Dance Dance Revolution / Dancing stage fan. The background i made using different shades of grey hexagons, the grey helps stuff ontop stand out and I'm using hexagons in the Project, also added ABDC logo's for my top 5 Dance Crews.

~Aaron Roberts~ o3o

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