Sunday, 22 January 2012

Got To Dance 22nd january

Ok, so this is the last episode before they decide who goes through, and if they narrow it down and some people dont go through because "theres not enough genres in the semi finals" then thats stupid, they should put people through if they're good, not let someone go because not enough whatevers =3=

Unity UK:
Unity Youth auditioned the first year and i think a few of that group are in with the bigger / adult group, this group was also on Move Like Michael Jackson. anyway, i think i saw this routine on youtube some months ago, for the World Of Dance UK event~ It was pretty sharp and they were all onsync, i like them better than diversity, but i didnt like the music they danced too, i prefer my crews using dubstep and something... with a hard beat~
but i do like them, i'm looking forward to see what they do next :D

Urban Jokers:
These 2 guys auditioned last year, and this years routine was ok, some random diving i didnt enjoy, and it seemed a little sloppy, there was some tutting part with one behind the other which looked like some moon / pacman routine gone wrong, i liked some of those moves they pulled though, I wouldnt say that they're better than last years winners, but i didnt enjoy it enough, there were no "wow" moments for me.
jokey stuff isnt really fun for me to watch anyway, unless the routine wows me, ive already seen stuff like this, Chris and Wez, Twist and Pulse etc.

Method Of Movement:
a group with last years Crazy Popper :3 I liked this guy last year solo, and was expecting to see somthing awesome when they put him with the other guy, but i didnt like them together =3=
anyway, the routine, these have potential but the routine was very weird, it was like, Crazy Popper standing in the middle doing stuff and the others moving around him, then him doing something across the stage and the others following him, then that "louder" dubstep song, they all seemed to huddle together and let the girl jump on them, which didnt really do anything for me, i want dance, not pointless running off someones chest =3=
but towards the end they all did windmills with crazy popper just standing, it was like, he can just pop while the others do stuff, i dont want to sit through alot of routines watching him stand around popping while the others do alot of other dancing. i hope their next routine is better.

I would love to see IaMmE / Poreotics as a special guest on the semi finals :3
my favourite auditions this year were plague members as soloists, sa few girl groups and antics, and Antics are the first group told that they're going through to the semi finals :3
and thats all i'm blogging for now, theres another got to dance after the home visits, ionno if thats the first semi final, but if it is, i'll be back :V

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