Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Top Five Dance Crews.

So these are my five top crews.

1: IaMmE:
With Moon and Pacman doing videos all the time in the past, i could tell this crew was going to be good, taking tutting to the next level was one of the best things i had seen in Dance.
the 6 of them individually are all talented and work very well as a team, they deserved to win ABDC 6, brainbangin' is unique and hasnt been done before.
one thing i would have loved to seen on ABDC 6 would have been when the judges put the final three crews with other crews for a big performance, with 6 people brainbangin' is awesome, with 15 - 20 would have been amazing to see.
fav routine: S&M

2: Poreotics:
I remember i had seen videos of Poreotics before they got on ABDC, the first video i watched was the routine they did at Fusion X, from then on i loved them, the first abdc i watched was season 4, which i had downloaded, which was round time season 5 had started on TV, so when me and my sister finished watching abdc 4, and started watching 5, i was excited that Poreotics were on it. I love the comedy they bring, the tutting, and the fact they make ancing look really fun, i'd say Poreotics made me wants to dance, i freestyle when no ones looking, and i learned their awesome tutting routine for Hide & Seek (Afrojack Remix) even when they arent dancing, they're fun to watch, they're cool and thats why they get 2nd in my favs. they were at thorpe park doing a workshop on my birthday D: which blew because we went thorpe park a few days later Dx
Fav Routine: Love Story / Taylor Swift & the tutting section in their newer routine for Warp1.9 / The Bloody Beetroots and Steve Aoki. the illusion they create using the remix after the original is trippy and epic.

3: ReQuest:
I love the way these girls always hit hard, they should have won HHI 2011, I'm from the UK but dont think that Plague should have won, Parris' choreo was much better, the Krumping was perfect and i dont really like Krump, however i enjoyed that, the Sexiness of the beyonce section was awesome, and dubstep part was awesome too, they didnt deserver to go out of ABDC 6 when they did, they should have stayed longer, i think personally it was because they werent from the US.
Fav Routine: HHI 2011

4th: Quest Crew:
Bboys arent really something i'm a fan of, but they tut too, which i'm a big fan of, Hok is british also :D which i find cool, seing as most british dancers recently... bug me =3=
I guess we'll be seing some Brainbangin' performances from Quest seing as Hok has worked with Pacman & Moon, and Quest did it on ABDC5 Champions For Charity
they all seem to be athletic, they have been in music videos, a movie, and i enjoy watching them also.
Fav Performance: Champions For Charity Performance, where i saw the first brain bang :3

5th: Jabbawockeez:
as i started on ABDC 4, i hadnt really known much about Jabbawockeez apart from the fact they wear masks, but they were the first to win and they have a show in Vegas :D
I guess if they arent in my top 5 then i should be shot or something, anyway... I saw some performances and they didnt really stand out, but when i first noticed how talented they are (on Champions For Charity) i really liked them, and continued looking for videos etc.
They were in Step Up 2, which is cool, and their routine on the final for ABDC 7 was amazing.
Fav Performance: ABDC 7's final, Devastating Stereo, i decided to continue talking about this as my favourite performance, The opening was a bit slow, just alot of marching, moving left to right with the other dancers then Tight Eyes started krumping, at this point, i'll be honest and say i didnt like it much.
When the mess dissapeared, and it was just Jabbawockeez, things got alot better, it was slow in a good way, and then very fast and exciting that gave me goosebumps :D
that performance was Epic.

Other crews i like:
Miniotics <3
Sweet And Sour
Status (UK not Status Quo from abdc)
Instant Noodles
World Order
Dziah 2.0

Next post will be about Got To Dance.

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