Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A bit about me and what this blog is about.

So first, an introduction, my name is Aaron Roberts, i'm male and come from the UK, i live in Esse.
I have decided to make a blog because i always have something to say about the following, and i like to review things, I will be typing up about the following stuff~
Dance Routines (Dance crews and alot of stuff like that)
Music Rhythm Games (DDR, Stepmania, Beatmania, Pop 'N' Music and alot of other stuff)
and Game reviews (Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox etc)
but yea, mostly Dance.

Ive removed the stuff that was currently here to my profile.
and decided to put this here.
I first started to like Dance when Diversity auditioned for Britains Got Talent, I remember sitting and my sister saying "My friend from work is auditioning with a group on here" and from their first performance, i fell in love with them, but after seing the crews (and alot others) in the above post...
I take a disliking to Diversity, i still watch them when they're on TV and stuff, but they dont quite match up to the other crews ive seen, its not that they arernt talented, ive just seen better.
but thank you for getting me interested in Dance :3

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