Friday, 20 January 2012

Got To Dance: Auditions Uncut

another new episode of Auditions Uncut.
Dynamite Latin Fusion:
These girls mixed latin and street, but the only street part i saw was the beginning, i didnt really like the routine that much and they used that Electro song with the "wow" sample in it, i love electro but dislike that song so much >_>

(i didnt catch her name because i was busy >_>) anyway, this was pretty fun to watch, i like the genre of music (electro swing) and the she kept that hula hoop up, it didnt drop once :D i cant see much being done with a hula hoop though, so her next routine if she's in the semi finals will probably not be as good, or too samey.

Regga Noise:
Ok, so i;m pissed off because Sky 1's picture and audio went offsync before these ladies started dancing, The routine had a few good moments but seemed a little silly, with some parts like "who let the dogs out" and music switching between run the world (girls) and about 5 other songs. but yea, i would like to see the routine in sync with the audio and maybe write something again.

no other crews to blog about so thats todays stuff written about V:

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