Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Got To Dance: Auditions Uncut

Monday Nights auditions uncut i'm watching as a repeat, so... if any crews come up that i like the look of i'll blog about it. i have no followers yet :( but that doesnt mean no ones reading. if there is i'd love to see atleast one comment, that'd make my day. anyway, on with the show, then i'll edit this post later when tonights auditions uncut is on.

Veni vidi vici:
what a strange name, This girl group reminded me of ReQuest in a way, they hit it hard in some parts and one of the girls at the end was wearing a tiara, which reminded me of ReQuests crowns gesture :3
some nice iso's and a lovely choice in music, i liked these. They werent as good as ReQuest but they were good enough to get my attention.

LOL, so 2 people made a ring with their arms and a guy tried to jump through and fell, I like the idea of mixing Bollywood styles and Street, but i didnt like these, there was a little tutting, and i was like "ooo" but yea... more "noo" =3= they didnt seem to be very insync with eachother but they got 2 gold stars, i was hoping for 2 red stars. I also didnt like their music choices, if you're gonna mix the 2 genres of dance, i dont want to sit through most of the routine listening to bollywood music.

Anyway, i'll edit this later with the 2nd show.

Edit: So heres part , 6 o'clock on Sky 1

They claim to bring it harder and faster than guys, They did something similar to the group above (Veni vidi vici) where they did a part where the girls crawled and another girl had like chains, they said to Ashley Banjo "We're ready for you Ashley" which yea, i personally think they're better than Diversity.
I didnt like the whole routine due to 1,2,3,4 syndrome, but that was only a few parts, the rest was pretty good though, i liked Veni vidi vici better though. alot of girls seem to be dancing to Run The World this season.

Oh another bollywood / hip hop group, ok, i dont like it, its 1,2,3,4 again. and i didnt see any hip hop anywhere. thats about all i have to say about the group.

John James:
lol, so i'll be comparing most of the time through this season, mainly because if something doesnt impress me, people need a reason from me why i dont like them.
So, my reason... I liked this guy but he didnt impress me as much as i was hoping he would, the dancing before the bboy part was pretty interesting but thats all i can think to say about the routine, the Bboying part wasnt complicated enough to make me go wow.

and thats all for now =3=

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