Sunday, 15 January 2012

Got To Dance Week 3.

Ok, so its the third week that this has been on, and i decided i'ma type this out while i watch it, its more helpful this way because i can remember crews names.
19 minuets in and nothing good, well, a good tap guy who does "hoofing" which was pretty interesting, but its not a dance crew :(

The Future:
Kid crew, Yay >_> i hate kid groups, because they seem to get through for being kids, I would personally say no, they were ok, nothing special, they opened with a bit of tutting which for me was a bit easy looking, It was like "tut tut tut, now look left coz we dont know where to go with our tutting part" nothing special, they went on to do "move to the left and step, then move to the right and step" which yea, for me wasnt really entertaining, Iconic boys were better, and i dont like Iconic Boys =3=

Unit 3:
These 3 auditioned last year which i never saw, again, i dont like people who come back, atleast wait a few years before doing so, the guy was all shakey at the beginning which was anoyying to watch, then some legs came out to make an illusion, it was odd, then they made a shape with their arms and looked like they were about to start tutting but didnt, then did some dancing that for me was a bit slow, it didnt really show me anything good.

Oh now a video montage of people who havent gotten through including people who auditioned last year (i hatechoo) and now a contemporary dancer who also auditioned last year. >_> its all nice dancing and all but doesnt interest me :3
~the rest of tonights first episode didnt have anything else worth blogging and now for episode 2.

Dazl Boys:
This was odd, these guys were cheerleaders but... bullies in school, it felt off, they used Happy Hardcore as a genre, which i'm happy about because it hasnt been used on a show for any type of crew. If i end up putting a crew together i want to use Happy Hardcore, but some more melodic stuff with vocals.
anyway, they didnt get through but i like the whole idea of guys being cheerleaders.

Another member from Plague auditioning as a solo dancer, I like her audition more than the other 3, her peice reminded me of IaMmE's Jaja, mainly the ticking, but some other parts too. i liked this peice, it didnt wow me too much, but i liked it alot more than most of the stuff ive seen on the show this year.

another montage but this time of alot of girl groups, some of these look pretty good

Ruff Diamond:
more groups who were at HHI 2011, i havent seen these guys performance at HHI but seing as they were there, they must be somewhat good. the way they're dressed reminds me of Sweet & Sour, now ive watched the routine, it was pretty good, the opening was nice, but towards the end it seemed to get a bit slow.
i liked them but they werent "wow"

he is a contemporary dancer, but does Bboying too, it was kind of nice to watch and Ashley asked him if he could see some of his Bboy stuff, some James brown comes from no where, and now he has 3 gold stars, it was much better than his contemporary routine, hopefully he'll come back with a new routine to some hip hop, he's good but he's no D-trix :3

so thats all for this weeks episodes, next weeks episodes then i'll judge the finals.
Yey :V

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