Sunday, 26 February 2012

Got To Dance: Semi Final 5.

This is the last semi final, then its the finale~ V: I wish abdc7 would start soon, none of the dancers on GTD are as good >_> OH HEY Dharmz is on a semi final, i didnt think any of the Plague members got through :D so i'm happy about that.

the routine was a bit meh, I didnt find it very interesting, i'm not gonna sit and say "I LOVED IT" coz they're kids, they did a tutting section, it looked pretty weak, their energy was good.

this seemed a bit odd, i dont really like dancers on their own, i think it woulda looked better if there were another 4 / 5 people around her, she did some sort of tutting peice but it... didnt really go anywhere, some parts were all "1,2,3,4" yea, i didnt like it much~

Unity UK:
I think this group is really good, they hit hard, they're all in sync with each other, their tricks are cool~
the only problem i have is the music, i dont like it, "grime" ... yaar, i wish i could see them dance to something else, so yea, i like them, but have issues with them, its kind of nice to see a different genre of music, i hope they try something different in the final though.

i found him entertaining :3 i dont like tap but, mixed with the street it was nice to watch :3 he did some good tricks :3 which was yea... a good routine ^^

anyway, Kimberly and Adam are about to dance so yea, not worth blogging =3=

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