Sunday, 12 February 2012

Got To Dance: Semi Final 3.

Yaaay 3rd week (last 3 posts have been semi finals, i should post more :x)
I'm still pissed that the members of Plague arent on any of the semi finals, i hope they do well on abdc if they get on D:
Oh, Diversity are performing tonight, so it'll be interesting to see what they do~ anyway, on with the show.

Lil Hustlers:
Their first audition is the same routine that they did for HHI 2011~ which was pretty good, and they're cute with their little accents and stuff :V and they do oldschool, i dont want to see much oldschool, i prefer some dubstep and electro myself~ This routine was good, they stuck with the oldschool and the little feirce kid was funny~ Its good, and looks fun :3 i like them.

Super Malcom:
So i dont really like Solo dancers unless they're really good, this guy's routine was ok, it didnt make me go "WOW THATS AMAZEBAWLS" it was more like "oh, he's doing this... that... but its not really going anywhere for me" so yaar~ it was ok, not great, ive seen better etc etc
Yay, Kimberly Wyatt gave him a red star V:

I liked these guy's audition the first time round, this time round was pretty good, they had to change it all because one of the guys broke his jaw in 3 places~ it seemed sloppy, but i'll let them off because of their -1 member~ the routine would have been better with the other guy, there was some tutting peices that were nice, i saw something that looked like a little krumping, a few tricks too :3 it was good.
they're pretty sexy too ;0

so thats all the street acts~ and Diversity will perform after the break~
i cant be bothered to blog about them. so, byesies V:

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