Sunday, 19 February 2012

Got To Dance: Semi Final 4.

A team:
These were good, the group has members from Animaniax that were in Move Like Michael Jackson a few years back and won the show, the routine had alot of bboy moves, which were great, there was a small bit of tutting with guys behind the others, and looked a bit like something IaMmE would do, it was a good routine, i liked it :3

The Future:
I'm not going to just say that they're good for the fact that they're kids, the routine was ok, ive seen better, the opening tutting thing was... ok~

Rikochet (ionno how to spell it):
the judges didnt like it, it was an ok routine, some good popping / waving and iso's

Method Movement:
The judges liked this, i still dont get it, coz the popper from last year is in with a group of bboys, its like... him doing his own stuff and the others bboying, and it just looks weird.

:V i didnt blog earlier while it was on as i had friends over~ :3 (plus i had the pc connected to the TV)
anyway, thats all V: byesies o3o!

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