Thursday, 14 February 2013

Got To Dance Semi Final 1

So i forgot to post aboot this, so i'll just type up what i thought of each performance, and in short coz... i cant be bothered to type alot =3=

Lukas Mcfarlane:
He's pretty nice, his performance was good, strong, I'd like to see him doing more street type stuff rather than James Arthur's "impossible"... ugh i dislike that version of the song =3=

Dance For Joy:
watching them dance makes me feel happy, Its different and kind of cool, prooving that people with dissabilities can achieve alot :D

Molly & Vitally:
meh =3= I dont like this type of dancing, it could be done to a point that i liked it but... I cant remember anything of their routine.

they're trained by some chicks from last year, I think they're better than the people who taught them, or atleast... the choreographers gave them better choreo than themselfs last year, It was pretty cool, i liked.

Collective Ent:
boring, It was more commercial than street, but... ionno, Sorority's performances are like commercial but feel more street because their choreo is very tight and hard.
I cant remember much of Collective Ent's performance apart from alot of people standing in a  line across the stage.

I'm not suprised he got through, he's young... and with any show ever "OMG YOUNG KID, MUST GO THROUGH COZ IS YOUNG WOO"
for me, I didnt like the performances either of time, Its not that i dont think he's talented, its just... I wish he'd listen to sounds in the song and make up choreo to those sounds, rather than it feel like a freestyle to a song he's not heard before.

thats ma input V: opinions :V

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