Friday, 31 August 2012

Hip Hop International & Step Up 4 Review.

Ok so i'ma start with Hip Hop International seing as i havent written some stuff in a while, I'm just going to type out my favourite performances and why.

Bubblegum (New Zealand):

Ok so, i love Nicki Minaj, and i love how this music all fits together, the routine is hard, looks extremely fun and the kids look awesome, i love the sort of ... i think its tutting, well its not but looks kind of similar, when the 2nd song starts, i think Parris does really well with this crew, i think its better than last years, some members have dissapeared and the crew has new members, i guess its somewhat difficult with kids being different age and all that, i noticed one of the girls from last year was moved into sorrority, I love the illusion they do to Muny (matrial girl), where one stands at the front and they all slowly come out behind her lifting their legs high, its sort of a cloning effect, then the choreo for stupid hoe was cool, the song itself reminds me of speedcore, so the way they dance to it and all the hand movements (whacking? vogueing? tutting, ionno)
it looks really cool and is fast, I didnt see much difference in the routine from the first version they did apart from the girls creating a thrown at the end for the queen, it was better than the first one.

Sol-T Shine (Japan):

so, a new crew, i liked the routine alot for this, dancing to Existence VIP as a first song was cool, the rolling of hands looked interesting, then when it sped up, the choreo to the drop looked amazing, it was like, puppets but looked really cool, then the 2nd song where they all bent backwards to each part in the music was amazing, I didnt think they'd get lower then lower and so on, then some cool fast choreo looked cool, they were all in sync with each other and there was that cool part with the smooth looking slide, then the part where they all moved across stage doing flips was a good build up to the electro song, some fun choreo here, then the part where the Chris Brown song came in looked really fun, it was like swiping arms and footwork, which looks really fun and i'd learn it if i knew the name of that move.

The Royal Family (New Zealand):

So this routine was awesome, no suprise there, the opening to I Am Your Leader was cool, marching for the queen i guess, i loved the concept of i guess people fighting for the crown, Parris starts off with the crown with some cool Nicki Minaj choreo which was cool, then it was that blonde guy thats kinda hot, i think he's gay, and i love it when gay guys dance the way he did, its feminine and cool, the choreo to the 2nd song with him taking the crown off Parris looks fun, some work on the floor that was cool, other fun bits, then Kiel takes the crown and is all "blap blap blap" with his hands and the others do some hand pattern and the people in the front look left, right left, that looked really cool, then onto some Polyswagg :D which i'ma call it, i think whacking is the correct word, ma hur looks feirce V: then a member of the remaining 5 ReQuest girls take the crown and do some insane Krumping, it was amazing, i wasnt a fan of Krump on abdc6, coz it seemed like people were following tight eyez around the stage while he was doing stuff, but after watching ReQuest do it in 2011 at HHI, i was really impressed, then that kid comes out and does some krumping, i dont mind it but wasnt a big fan of it, i prefer when they krump together instead of just one, then someone tries to steal the crown D:< but then someone else has it and we go onto Push It, alot of fun old school stuff here which looked alot of fun, the girl wriggled her bum and slowly went off to the left and i thought that was funny, then the guys in the middle do some cool stuff, then some others come out doing some fun looking choreo where they like, fist pump forward, then some Mr worldwide coz we needs to see that NZ footwork which is amazing, someone else now has the crown (makes me think of game of thrones) i think this gurl is a new member of ReQuest and use to be in sorrority, its a shame there was no ReQuest performance as i have bumped them up above IaMmE and IaMmE are now my 2nd favourite, ionno whats going on, i didnt see Oriana, Sam, that girl who performed with them at HHI last year instead of Kaili, so i feel a bit sad about it, I love the way in the next part as the "phatphatphatphat" lyrics are heard and they all back away one by one really fast from the middle, it looked really cool, onto the part where they danced in couples, it looked amazing and was sexy, and watching the others in the back's legs go to the "boom boom" part made me giggle a bit, it was very well thought out, then they come through the middle and do some cool choreo with the girl with the short black hair, then they drop to the floor and ... ionno what to call it, spread their legs? that sounds bad but they kind of opened and shut and opened and shut, it was funny but really amazing, then it ends with the Original Queen back with the yellow shirt on, and they all shoot.

Sorrority (New Zealand):

Ok so... this was my favourite performance, the Royal Family's was good but it seems a bit too much going on, i do prefer smaller crews (even though it was amazing)
ima start with the first version of the routine, which was them starting in a circle with Kiel in the middle, the music starts and he spins to certain sounds, and they did some choreo before the "Wheeeeeeere have you been" i think this part should have been kept in the 2nd version, the part that was changed where they dance to cockiness and do the coat part where one leans left and then the other 2 do it to parts, that was taken out too, i did like it and miss it somewhat.
ok so the full version which is in the video above, the opening is the same but with a bit taken out, the part where they fall was exciting and they shake their hands and look as if they've had their loved one taken away from them, i love the story of Kiel not being able to find his loved one and asking where have they been all his life, dancing in couples with them, the build up was amazing, the left side go, then the right side go, doing some whacking and it sharp, tidy, amazing, then i loved the part where they gathered and the girl was looking out towards the crowd for her guy and they were like, it was like pointing the direction, then they do some tutting peice to the slow part of the song which looks amazing and smooth, then when it drops its like "SNAP" and fast again, then the slow part of the song came again and "SNAP" it created amazing build up and was exciting for me to watch, then the drop, the drop is just amazing... that footwork looks so cool and is the most amazing footwork i think ive seen, then the girl who use to be in bubblegum does it so we can see it sideways across the stage as the other go back, then she hi 5's Kiel and they move over going down by one, then come up in pairs which created another great picture, then they all like, they look like their in pain as they all move right, they look like they've actually lost somewhere or angry coz they dont know where their loved one has been, it added to the whole performance, then slow motion part with a sexy pose, looked amazing, the music drops again and some really cool looking choreo, this is much better than last years performance, the whacking and fast movements are the coolest thing ive ever seen, and gave me goosebumps, made me excited, then another slow part, but in this part there was like an electric sound and they all shook and the girl in the middle's hands were speeding up, that created another great picture, the following choreo again was fast then they all dropped to the floor apart from Kiel, the following part where they crawl was cool, then Kiel lifted his leg and did some like, tap on his side, and Where Have You Been came back on, the song is used alot in this peice but the way its been mixed is far from boring, Kiel looks back and the girls are somewhere in the crowd, which again, perfect for the song, looked amazing, then BANG ... THIS IS WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN, the way she comes up in the middle is amazing, then some slow breathing sounds, this part was amazing and blew me away, i guess the jacket trick thing came from ABDC, MOS got a challenge to do a jacket / coat trick to Cockiness, and this was much better, the way she had all the girls with jackets looked like they were on leashes, then 2 at the front pull away, and the other 2 too, god knows how she let go of them 3 / 4 jackets and managed to still hold the others, i thought the framing of her chest popping was really cool, then she's like blindfolded, its almost as if Kiel shouldnt have been asking where she has been coz she's too much for him to handle, the 2nd time i watched it i noticed something different, while this is all happening, Kiel is slowly backing away in slow motion, as if someone actually changed the speed of the video, its really smart, then the ending was cool, from the previous version where they just danced with the jackets opened, this time the jackets made like a skirt on each girl and looked amazing, then Kiel is crowned, this was by far my favourite performance, i thought i'd love the royal family's performance better but for me, this took the cake :3 and the crown :o

Ok so, Step up 4:
I didnt think it was as good as Step Up 3, the choreo was cool in the movie, the first performance looked kind of cool, the dance style was different for the dubstep where i usually see waving and stuff, they did a different kind of dance, then there was some kind of... it looked like a Brain Bang, but not as good, however, i did like it. The 2nd routine where they were in the museam was kind of cool, but... was confusing, the chick was going to different rooms but the camera was still focusing on other parts, like, the girl went into one room to see the girls with the jelly fish, then all of a sudden, the  camera goes back to Jet Li, then shows Pacman, all while, shows some guy hacking the museams system, then they were standing there in the dark with wavelines all on them, it didnt look that great, i couldnt really see the dancing, just wavey lines.
The 3rd routine where they were all in suits, the escalator part looked cool, but when they were all dancing, they did some tutting where they used their left hand over the right, and faced their right, then at some point further in the routine, it wasnt exacly the same but seemed as if they did it again, and with great tutters like Mike Song, Pacman & Jet Li in the movie, they could have come up with a better routine, but... the camera kept cutting off so we could see the latin guy outside creating something.
i found the movie somewhat confusing, Phillip Chbeeb, Jet Li werent in the first routine, or atleast i didnt see them, then in the 2nd routine it seems as if they come out of no where, then the 3rd routine wasnt tht great, as it was cut off by security and stuff, the 4th routine, and final, it was ok, for me personally, i didnt find it that exciting, i was expecting to see moose a little more in this movie, and Chadd aswell, but you see Chadd for about a minuet doing a robot routine with Jet Li, Pacman, Mike Song and some other guy, the camera was waaaaay too close to him aswell, and kept showing other people, so we missed some and it was too close, i would have liked to see a better routine, i think the parts he had in step up 3 were better.
theres some running up and down a slope with bungee cords which wasnt that great, just seemed like they were going back and forth, though they did do some footwork which looked kinda cool.
the part with Moose wasnt that good either, he didnt dance for long and the others just stood around him with those police barricade things... so yea, i liked step up 3 more.

am sorry Jon M Chu, if you're gonna hire dancers for your movie, make sure they're there when needed like when that guy exposes the other guys secret and only 4 people turn up, where are all the others? the others dont talk much... but yaar, if you're gonna hire people, please let them atleast make up some choreo for your movie, i mean, you have Pacman, who good have made an amazing brain banging peice, mike song who could come up with better tutting than the stuff you provided in the movie, Jet Li & Chadd who could have made a much better robot routine.

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