Thursday, 20 August 2015

ABDC Season 8 Episode 4

Damn, this episode was emotional, and had alot of cool routines!
I'm gonna start off with the stuff I usually leave until last, so get the negative stuff out the way firt.
Firstly, the whole thing that happened last week with Super Crew, people on FB have been saying "people take from art all the time" and some idiot is saying "they also changed clothes while doing it" at the end of the day, they still COPIED something, whether its from art, a dance crew, or whatever, I don't care, you shouldn't expect that on the ABDC stage, and to follow that up, I've seen my favourite crew go home, and the last 3 should be the best 3 crews in the competition, so the fact that Super Crew are still there really angers me.
onto other stuff, MOOOON, his gf, that was so emotional for me, I started crying, but it was beautiful moment because he had everyone he loved around him, the crew, quest crew, dancers in the audience, It really was nice! and he got emotional, and... uuuuuuh, It was a gorgeous moment :D

Super Kinjas:
The whole temple opening with the pillars falling was really cool, and they were nicely synced, the guys on the other dudes backs coming in slowly for an attack (I guess for an attack) was pretty cool, the new dude from SC wasn't in the middle, the next part with the 2 guys infront was cool, to the vocals, sensei has returned so thats pretty cool.
The whole forming an alliance thing was cool, the following choreo was cool and nice and smooth, suprised Super Crew could pick up this sort of choreo, the stairs section was really cool, the next part on the other contraption (forget what its called) was cool, but some of the guys were offsync, and a few of the guys sat up too quickly, the thing across the stage from right to left (new guy again) that was pretty cool, the 3 in the middle in front of the trophy was cool, I like that the trophy was included as this... like, Gem or... something, and I've just now noticed that theres 2 young girls that look about 10 or so in the audience and the judges have been swearing and all sorts, also notice a few other dancers ;0 I think that one guy who was in Walking Dead, I liked the use of the audience, and I do honestly feel like, if the audience wasn't included, that the judges would have picked the other 2, the other 2 felt much stronger for me, and it seemed that way to the judges too listening to their comments but... oh well~

The opening was cool, liked the spins and walking up the wall illusion, the next part with the brainbang was soooooo good, I'd really love to see how phillip comes up with some of this stuff, because its not all squared shaped tutting now, and it can be hard to watch it and get it with rounder shapes, but he does so well doing it, and Moon (not sure which one of them comes up with it, maybe both?) the next part of choreo was cool, and it was, looked like Feng was way too early with it though, was a little odd watching it back, seeing Tam do one of those flips with the little kicks with Steve was niiiiiice, Bebo coming out forward was cool, the following choreo was nice, but I think Feng was off a little bit again, D-trix doing the bboy stuff was noiiiice, I think that Brandon's footwork is a little bit too fast, it was offsync again, I liked the footwork, but I seems as if some are forgetting what beat they've gotta hit and just doing it all as one (which is what Feng seemed to do in that first part of choreo after the brainbang) the floorwork into the 4 towers looked cool, and then the tutting was nice, pretty on sync but maybe a little fast? the whacking was cool too, something I want to learn, Bebo's then thrown like a cannonball ;0 the swag was sweet, and then this part looked fun, the 3 who are best at tutting pop up behind the judges, Frankie smiles, he makes me laugh, fav judge ;0 the next bboy section was cool, and the choreo they did with the girl infront was good, though not sure if I was meant to see a bit more of that? the camera wasn't focusing on that part so, not sure when exactly it started~ the part on the right steps? that was pretty sweet, with Lisa? I think, rolling down, it was such a good routine.

I've seen videos of Mike dancing with this guy before, and they're cool together, but I do honestly feel, even though its a cool performance, you can dance pretty much however, and then make sounds up for it, anyway... the popping was good, the small section of house was good, then the voice thing was kinda cute, the Mortal Kombat thing was cool, Goro? I think is the name of the character with 4 arms, the select your character part reminded me of their performance earlier in the year, the following housing / footwork was cool, and now we get some sick wubs, but I do feel somewhat odd with this routine, I loved it, but would have prefered seeing them dance to music.

Super Crew:
I don't know what to say about this, the freeze on the stairs was cool, most of the choreo was very one, two, three, four, with tricks in between, the 2 in the back spinning slowly with their hands on the floor (crouching) was a bit weird, the 3 guys on the things closer to the audience wasn't that great, I wish they'd had stepped on an audience members hand to be sent home or something, going through these watching, I've paused every one to rewatch but... I didn't with these... I cbb.

We can see the boards, but the 2 girls on the left and right, that looked good, it was a nice illusion, they looked like they were floating, the judges kept saying how hard it is to use one of these boards so I'm really curious how hard, the popping and locking on them looked sweet, Bebo running over the other guys, I didn't catch it the first time because I was watching Phil with the girl doing some sort of Bicycle thing with her legs, Bebo's freeze was a nice touch with the others floating around him, went nice with the break in the music, I'm not quite sure what Moon was doing, the other 4 were doing something and Moon did something different, the spinning boards round Tam while she whacks followed by Emellio jumping off the board, how did that not slip and make him fall? was awesome, the following brainbang with new girl and phillip, but also bone breaking and brainbanging? that was pretty insane, the choreo after this was nice, and the footwork was nice and clean, the popping too, the ending was pretty creepy, ahhh I forget what the new girl is called, Lisa is the one from Funk'dation right? hmmm I'll have to check fb~

Quest Crew:
This was sad, them all sitting at the beginning as friends and then them (btw, who are the 2 girls in baseball jerseys behind Jayson?) all of them going away, it was pretty sad, the choreo was nice, and when the bassed dropped, the thing they did with their knees was cool, they're SUCH A BETTER CREW than the other Bboy crew, all their expressions <3 its so sad T___T Steves flip was cool,  the brainbang section, D-trix's face, he looks so sad at this point, the following chairography is sooooooo cool, then them coming back at the end sitting, It was an emotional performance, Teyana said "blah blah, no props" but... hey that big yellow chair is there, she blind?
T-pain getting upset, was soooo sad, gah this show, if ABDC comes back with season 9, I hope it doesn't get all emotional, what he said about believing in his music... its true, and this was a beautiful / emotional / amazing routine.

I'ma miss IaMmE :(

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