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ABDC Season 8 Episode 2.

Ok, so its week 2 and I've just finished watching, though I had a few spoilers following crews on facebook and a guy uploading to youtube, Its really a shame that MTV doesn't just upload the full episodes on their facebook, alot of these crews have huge fanbases worldwide, so surely it'd be better for MTV to get the views on youtube than people watch performances from others on youtube, and then not bother tuning in a year later on MTVs channel~
Anyway, lets start.

The Opening:
This was sick, I didn't think that I could be impressed by anyone else than The Royal Family dancing to "Started From The Bottom" but, the opening, introducing all the crews for a 2nd time, and it being smooth was kind of epic, I liked the whole... looking at the opponent type thing they had going on, and the piece just blew me away, I liked the music changing to different genres for each crew, the parts that stuck out the most for me though were IaMmE's brainbang (mainly because it was something we had seen before but they took it to a better level) and weirdly enough, We Are Heroes, I'm soooo dissapointed that We Are Heroes choregraphy, yet again... is better in the opening routine with the others than the routine thats meant to keep them there.

IaMmE / Birthday:
I hadn't actually heard this song before, or maybe I have and had forgotten, the opening was nice, I the trampoline bed was a nice touch, some little brainbanging with the balloons was cool, and Bebo spinning on his head, while wrapping the sheet around his head was cool, some nice whacking from Scarlette too :D it amazes me how Moon and Phil come up with these brain bangs, the next part with the connecting, its stuff that I've seen before, but this is in a different way and unique, and it was nice and smooth, which was a little different.
Emilio doing some stuff on the trampoline while it was rolling was pretty cool, I worried that he may hit his head on the side though as he was a little towards the back, the next part of Choreo was really nice and then... the next brainbang... was somewhat trippy, I think it worked well for them having the left and right sleves on their jackets different colours because it looked like it was 1 set of arms, but moving in an odd way, it was cool, then the next part, I thought they were going to go into that head roll thing they did for the Kanye West routine they did on ABDC back in 2011.
Scarlettes double backflip was cool but it didn't look like she landed too well, the same with Emellio, I thought that she was a bit close to the front or back end of the bed, the following choreo was cool, and then some sort of brainbanging backflips over one another, this was cool, it reminded me a little of IaMmE's routine for Black Eyed Pea's week on ABDC6, when they leant backwards into each others hands, it was all about timing so that one didn't fall on the floor, one wrong move and these flips could have gone horribly wrong! The ending was really nice, It felt like it represented someone growing through time, which Birthdays are all about :) was a nice routine.

Kinjas / Oh My Gosh:
This opening, yet again, cheesey but... I love it, It reminds me so much of Naruto (anime) I too, like Teyana want to kno whose voice it is, its funny, but good, anyway, the peace up, A town part was fun, the stepping down off the steps (I'd also like to mention, I like the use of crews using the stage steps and stuff this season, makes things somewhat bigger) the stepping down too, what I guess are hard kicks was cool, I wish I could have seen what the others were doing when the guy was doing stuff on one hand, the next part of choreo was pretty cool, then the next part was a little robotic and sexy... which was really nice, I loved the use of Usher's moves, the part where the guys are on their heads doing stuff with their feet was really cool, most of the sounds they picked out to dance to aswell, helps you hear sounds you usually wouldn't hear, in a way, they're a blend of Jabbawockeez, and Kaba Modern, but they also remind me a little bit of Mos Wanted too.

Super Crew / Uptown Funk:
The opening footwork was nice, the jumps left and right were a little cheesey, the following athletic stuff was pretty good, but the roll overs and unders, I've seen this done so much, so I didn't like it much,  the sliding across the stage, I'm really curious how the hell he did that, the next section with the locking was done really well, and then the section with the guys on the chairs looked pretty cool, but the following part where the guy jumps up on the judgeing panel was funny, Its funny, rewatching on youtube, to pause and see the judges aren't paying attention to the guy coming from the right, and they're just looking forward as he jumps up, and Teyana looks so confused, then she looks shocked when he jumps off infront, it was fun, the following bboy stuff was really cool, and nice little touches with the 3 guys on the chairs doing some little bits while the others were bboying, I wasn't too much of a fan at the ending of the guy saying stuff loudly~
But I enjoyed it.

Quest Crew / Turn Up The Music:
This opening was pretty cool, somewhat robotic, it shows that they're not just a bboy crew, but we've seen that many times with Hok's tutting and cool choreo, their arms coming out to the "bop bop bop bop" was cool, and then some cool bboying stuff and Ryan does a weird flip that goes into a worm kind of, I'm curious what that is what they're dancing with, is it just a light? the next part with Hok on his head was cool, the way he moves is so interesting, I'm loving the robotics :D sliding over to the right, and the guy loses his balance, which was a little sad but he did a good job at entertaining, and the slide D-trix did on the 2 guys back was pretty insane, I love it when the guys do something that been done before but take it to a whole other level :D

We Are Heroes / Freak On:
This was alot better than last weeks, to be honest... and it pains me a little, I'm going to be honest, maybe it'll sound a bit brutal but... its expected that they're in the bottom 2, Season 4 of ABDC was a little weird, didn't we have dancing cowboys? the crew from Brazil that wasn't really street but somewhat street? I spent the past few days looking at some stuff of theirs and looking back to guest performances, the crew doesn't paint a good picture for some of what appears to be brainbanging / connecting, its not framed well, I looked at their collab with Flavahz on ABDC7 and there was a part where the 5 girls from WAH stood and all did different things, It looked and felt weird watching.
I liked the opening to this, I don't think they put enough energy into the floor work, the jumping down off the stairs was pretty sexy, this was kind of awful, the new girl, who was dressed in pink... she didn't even dance, she came in half way, took a pic, moved the camera in a circle, leant over so reveal herself as being pulled too hard, and then dissapeared off stage... the choreo with the others was pretty good, but it makes me wonder... can this girl even dance, was she just in last weeks performance for doing flips and tricks? the music playing backwards part was pretty cool but, it reminded me of what I said above, they're all doing things seperately.
The part after which was actually some quite cool choreo, somewhat popping, then a pose, then some cool part followed by what appears to be their arms going up and down like the Johnny Bravo opening, the following was actually... sexy and done well, then the part where Marie Poppins and Hiro were on their knees with their arms out popping with their chest... wait... didn't we see this last week? just... the girl in pink... what was she doing throughout the rest of that routine, it was so bizzare, I had great hopes for this crew when I saw that Marie Poppins was going to be a part...
I'ma leave it there, just dissapointed.

Elektrolytes / Want You To Want Me:
The connection to last week was pretty cool, I like that they're playful with it, feel sorry for whoever had to clean up that popcorn, the Choreo is nice, and pretty sexy and smooth, again making good use of the stage, some cool tricks and more smooth sexy dancing, the following with the books was pretty cool, though felt like IaMmE's opening last week, well... just reminded me of it anyway, I feel as if all crews are making good use of the stage this week (btw I want that poster) but I feel like props are going to become a bit of a problem this season, I'd prefer if they just all dance.
Love the next bit on the stage where they all kinda shift to the left, again, somewhat sexy, felt kinda like grease ;0
was good.

So, We Are Heroes were voted off, I'm not surprised, and its a little saddening, I know they say "the first female group to win" and stuff, but there are other females representing that are better.
I think the judges were better this week, more honest and not harsh but said what had to be said, I think Frankie is going to be the one thats really honest, the mean judge, well... not the "mean" judge but the hard to impress judge. I did say last week they're too nicey nice, but I do like them, Frankie seems fun and playful, like when Elektrolytes blew a kiss and he was saying "It was for me" to Teyana, the other 2 do seem pretty fun too, but I like Frankie the most.

Oh yea, I'd also like to add, I'm liking that MTV are letting crews use their own logo's this season :D

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