Friday, 14 August 2015

ABDC Season 8 Episode 3

I want to start off by saying, we've seen alot of plagiarism in the past, with Monster MG copying Poreotics, that one Brazillian crew copying IaMmE's routine to Riri, I think there was something before about Diversity copying Phillipine Allstars too, So the fact I've just witnessed it, even though it wasn't taken from a dance crew, but a video floating around on facebook kind of dissapoints me to a point where I no longer have as much respect for a crew as I did.
So the video I'm talking about is one that was floating around where a group of 5 / 6 people hold hands and moves to their side, pretty much what Super Crew did, yea they didn't copy a whole routine but heres why i'm pissed at the fact they did it... They're a well known crew, and to bring any form of plagiarism to the ABDC stage is not ok, you don't expect that from ANY American dance crews as its usually the American crews that get copied, So, lets start with Super Crew.

I usually dislike Bboy crews because the breaking seems to be a bit "1,2,3,4" I mean... sure its cool what they can do, spinning on their heads, insanes tricks, the head into the hat was pretty cool,
and they kind of prooved me wrong with what I thought about them over the past few weeks, but what they did has kind of taken away alot of respect I had for them, they're "champions" so you don't expect it... Apart from the hat trick, and the 6 guys on the vinyls, and then it looked like they were about to fall, but the camera changed angle and they were fine, reminded me of Week 1 when We Are Heroes performed, looking at the routines on youtube, you see it repeats the failed part, I don't know if they had to redo the routine on stage, or it was a quick recovery from falling... it was a little odd.

Anyway, this routine didn't have much going for it, the choreo inbetween the stolen move, and the vinyls didn't really stand out, the only things I'll remember this routine for is being pissed off, and then them being shirtless, which isn't enough I'm afraid.


Is it me, or do they come out and just KILL IT every week, the opening was a bit odd with the floorwork but not bad, the shadow part with the tutting was cool, I had a feeling those shadows were from behind the screen ;0 the shadows was pretty fun, I liked it, the following flip with Bebo was kind insane coz he went around and was flung by his feet without touching the floor, was a bit crazy!
the footwork was a little out of sync but not terrible, then that swag, that was pretty sexy, this weeks Brainbang was pretty cool, some cool waving in and out of parts, the following floor work was pretty cool, reminded me of being in photoshop and trying to make patterns haha, the fall at the end was also a nice effect.
I did love the routine, but I do feel a little bit like "Ok, you 3 go over there and do stuff, and us 4 will do things over here, then we'll regroup" which is a little odd, Kinjas also did that this week but more on that in a bit.

This opening was pretty cool but as I said previously, the whole "you go over there" what are the others doing? anyway, this routine is very funky, the locking is really good, the following gliding using the walkers was cool, another part where the camera is focusing on 3 guys, but this is probably their best routine, it was funky fun.

Theres the fun sensei voice again, the opening for me was a little weird, and a bit of an odd song choice for them I guess, they zipped up on the 4ths which was a little odd, then the last guys zipping up on its own was cool but, I didn't like this opening much, it just went up, then they stood there for a few seconds, was a little odd, the handkerchief part was really cool though, looked like a little flame.
The choreo is cool, but again, people running off to do their thing, though... the part with the red carpet (I'm reminded of the 9 tails in Naruto, and I know Mike watches Naruto and other animes so maybe related? ;0) Its cool, the butt part too :P then back to the other 3, the following flips were really cool with the 2 guys, again, I do like Kinjas but I'm expecting more from a crew thats made up of Kaba, Jabba, Poreotics~

Quest Crew:
Wow... just... wow, I don't even care if they weren't in sync for some of this, what frankie said was right, if someone were to do something like this in the past on ABDC, they'd probably not get away with it, the fashion... they all look so pretty... I loved the VT when Dtrix tried to break something and hurt himself (not really hurt) he's a comedian, I miss him as a judge and it was cool when Ru was dressed up too at the end haha, Fengs beard... It was just hilarious, his krumping was cool, the opening to reveal the gurls was funny,
The tricks were cool, and Dtrix doing a nice spin on his one leg, the following part to Nicki Minajs vocals was some cool choreo, a little offsync but was really good, the following with Steve (I really need to stop saying the following) was cool, jumping through the curtain, then the mini skirt, into a flip where he kicks his legs, the part with Hoks hair was hilarious and cool, a little brainbanging :D
Ryan did one of his flips landing on his head which is always cool, I do wonder if he suffers a mad headache after doing these! the scissors part was funny and cool, taking off their trousers (pants for you americans!) the pop sound made it sound like... something bad happened, either something went in, or something exploded x: maybe I shouldn't say that haha, the next part of choreo with the pink pants was cool, then the death drop (I think thats what they're called) that Hok did at the end... was just superb, this routine was my favourite of the night, it was fabulous, sexy! and Damnit, fengs beard haha.

So, maybe I'm a little angry this week, I'm in an odd mood and my head hurts, I'm liking the judges alot now... Frankies funny, and they seem to be giving a bit more critisism, not being SOOO nice like they were the first week, frankie falling to the floor when T-pain mentioned people taking their clothes off was funny, T-pain saying "thats what she said" Its fun, maybe they are better than Lil Mama and JC, and Teyana swore! It was a good thing I guess, it shows that she's passionate.
T-pain did a little waving after one crew performed and that was kind of fun, and at the end of the show he was on the stage dancing, and it was impressive!
It was a little sad to see Emellio crying too when Elektrolytes were voted off <3
I did think they'd be voted off next... efore ABDC aired, I thought that Elektrolytes would be the first to leave, but week 2, I thought We Are Heroes, Elektrolytes, Super Crew, Quest Crew, Kinjas and then IaMmE would be the winners...
But after their performance for week 3, I think that Super Crew deserved to go home, taking the whole facebook video out of the equasion, their routine in all felt pretty poor.
I do wonder what happens after this season finishes, Is there going to be a brand new season with new crews? If so when? or is it just champions and then we've got to wait a few years for a new season again?

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