Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Britains Got Talent.

So, watching through Britains Got Talent again, catching up as I was busy last week... I watched like... 2 episodes, so i'll type this as I watch, just finished watching episode 12 and Cartel were on it, which... are by far... my most favourite UK dance crew, they had good music (unlike the usual crews) yeah there was a bit of a hiccup with the flip over the one guy (which I guess was stolen from Quest) but they need to push to get to the finals I suppose, but it was good, they had a little bit of tutting, which I liked, some nice waving patterns, they had Drake... which is good :D this is another dance crew I think could audition for ABDC if it still existed and get pretty far.
I think they're MUCH MUCH BETTER than Diversity, the older guy... he can keep up... so what if he's a bit older? theres other dancers out there that are as old as him and... he's kinda cute too o3o
but yeah... I'ma add them to my list of favourites <3

Ok so another dance group, Yanis Marshell, Arnaud & Mehdi, being gay myself, this makes me so incredibly happy, they're a bit cheesey but DAMN they can dance, Yanis is good at listening to audio and picking out all the correct sounds to dance to, I would love to see him do hip hop, would ABSOLUTELY love to see all 3 of them do something with Parris Goebel, and the tall one out of the 3 is really hot o3o, me likes that beard, So... yea, I'm kind of hoping they win, but I guess i'll see within the next few hours of catching up haha.
Love them :)

Kings & Queens:
this was odd for me, because it was like they were trying to be cool and be like a dance crew instead of latin dance, was odd... I liked their choice in music though... electro house <3 o3o and big room house... the Mysterious Girl part was... just like a dance crew would use for a comedy effect.

Kieran Lai:
Ok, so he's the kid who's appeared on Got To Dance a few times, and think he works in the dance studio nearby that I've been... curious to go to for the past few years since it opened, and he has potential, he's not the best but I think i could learn alot from him, I like tutting, he does tutting, I like krump, he does krump, popping too... I facebook stalked and we have 2 friends in common haha so perhaps he went school with the 2 people I know, I do like him, he's good and stuff just, I think he has the potential to be better, his does wavey patterns to certain parts (and i noticed this in his first audition) when he could be dancing to the 8th notes in a song, dubstep... if theres a section with 8ths, go ahead and dance to those 8ths instead of doing some wavey patterns to them, it'd work alot better, and with the krump stuff... pick hip hop :P
Yea he's a better dance than me, well... I can't dance for shit haha, I can do some tutting, like... the smallest amount of whacking, I think I'm good at waving, I just need to work on doing things with my legs haha, anyway yea... he's good but, I prefer Mindtrick, Pacman, Moon~~

Paddy & Nico:
Ok, first time I saw these... I really couldn't stop laughing, I was laughing for half hour straight, It was so unexpected, she just said how she has had some rib problems but... damn, that was still amazing... its so unbelievable... really amazing.
Its odd but... just... damn, all those tricks were incredible haha, I think there was a bit of a hiccup in there and she didn't do a few things, there was one part where Nico was about to bend her over his leg but then they didn't, so carried on through it, was just ... incredible, absolutely amazing :D
awww bless her, she seems really sad because she couldn't do alot of the tricks, but she should be so proud of herself.

Oh ok, so ... I thought the final was the Saturday just gone but its this Saturday, so I guess i'll be back then, then anything else I see, like SYTYCD or Got To Dance, i'll be back to type those up 8D baiiii

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