Tuesday, 10 June 2014

BGT Final.

So I wasn't in over the weekend, out in london and hadn't watched BGT, so I'm currently catching up on the final now, and Addict Initiative are first, so lets see if they've stepped it up a bit to a point where I actually like it.
ok... that... I really didn't get it, and Simon is standing, its like... lets all dance to 8ths notes when theres no 8th notes in the audio :V yeaaaa.... grrrrreat.
I prefer old Addict... It was good, they did good footwork... now its all "lets stand still and just move our arms to dramatic music" instead of dancing to good music like they use to.
I WAS SO IMPRESSED WHEN THEY WERE ON GTD FOR THE FIRST TIME, I don't like the music, I don't like the look, and I REALLY do not like the stupid voice over the track like "NEVER" and "LET ME GO" and "OOO I'M HERE DRAMA" they can do better... I've seen it D:<
also... don't scream with happiness when Simon compares to diversity? how many times have Diversity gone HHI and won? eh? 0? oh... thats coz they aren't good and they only won because there was kids in the dance crew.

Ok, so Yanis and his crew were good, I liked it, there were a few bits where I thought "maybe shouldn't do that" like... being a gay guy, I should be ok with that... like crawling on the floor, but... it was good ... the choreo was really good in places, just the floor work was a bit odd for me to watch, and there was a bit of hip hop, which I wanted to see...
how can Simon like Addict Initiative but not these? its odd, this was sexy / hot... and the tall one is sexy, but... it was a bit girly, nothing wrong with that, but... ionno.
I'd love to see them take off the heels and krump and do hip hop, I would SOOOOO love to see that.
but I like them, they's good o3o

Ok so thats all the dance for now =3= guess will have to wait for Got To Dance, not sure when it starts~~ I look forward to it :)

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