Friday, 24 May 2013

Devil's Den

So I thought I'd post this and explain everything I like about it.
Ok so, reasons I love this video, she opens it with some extreme robotics, which is cool, and hits all those notes and patterns in the song, and the way she moves her hips also at about 30 seconds in is so cool and sexy, and the footwork in the opening is also epic.
then we got some other bits, fast movements and a little bit of tutting, the tutting makes it a cool piece for me personally because I'm a big fan of tutting, I would say this is one of my favs so far this year, I cant remember any of the other dance videos I've seen this year that made me go wow, I would love to see all of IaMmE doing this routine... It'd be cool to see 6 people do it at once... Though, each time I've seen IaMmE perform a piece the past year theres been no Chachi... So i guess the other 5 would do it.
anyway, thats my post for today, I'll try and keep posting more and stuff :P

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