Sunday, 26 May 2013

BGT Tonight :D

So I'm hoping that Britains Got Talent has something to offer tonight, It kind of sucks because... This time of year, ABDC would be on, I'm hoping someone can take it over and maybe we get a late one in fall.
anyway, I thought i'd post some cool videos on here to keep up a bit with the posting o3o I cant be bothered to use the "insert a video" thing with blogspot as It usually always comes up in the middle and doesnt look right, so i'ma just paste the links that I've liked over the past few months o3o.
So heres another Jaja video, this time with Tight Eyes, the reason I like it alot is because Tight Eyes doesnt seem the type to do this stuff, and by this stuff I mean connecting, which I was REALLY impressed with, It's cool, kind of romantic, sad, beautiful.
Pacman & Moon in "Going Down" 1 & 2... showing off their tutting skills, and pacmans waving skills...
Damn he can wave really well, I always love seing Pacman doing tutting because its always mixed with his waving, and feels like a new sort of tutting style, and both of them can do finger tutting, I've tried it with fingers but the one's next to my pinky always shake and go weird x: but yea... awesome videos.
Gfam... I didnt like the whole of this routine but it did deserve first place, I love their dubstep choreo, It's cool, tight, fast, I'd love to learn something like it, theres another part in there where they're all dancing very fast, which I like alot...
Koutei Sennin, another cool one... though its really cool, I would say you dont see much dancing as a whole.
cool body popping and stuff, some creepy atmosphere... the ending is cool but not as good as I thought it'd be because It was pretty much a repeat of the first part... It'd be interesting to see them do more Choreo, all standing up rather than the ones on the floor >.> 2nd place... Is deserving.
This ones kinda a cute j-pop song, Its cheesey but... the choreography .. I really like it, the voice is a little anoyying but hey thats J-pop for you, but yea, some good choreo, I really like it :D
and heres one more, and the last, by boy group "Super Junior M" which includes cool hairstyles, and some cool choreography :) so enjoy :D

OOOH and forgot this one
Another with Pacman & Jaja, another thats romantic, but they have alot of connecting and its really cool.
The way Pacman see's things is really cool, he's awesome, I'm looking forward to a new IaMmE video o3o

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