Monday, 11 March 2013

Got To Dance Semi Finals Week 5.

Ok, this week was very interesting, it was a good show, alot of good talent, but... dissapointing in some parts i guess, so heres my input / thoughts etc

He was really good, i guess his first performance was better, this kind of felt the same but he added some other bits in there, his tutting looks the same as the tutting he did in the first audition, I love this kid but it was a bad move, make do more tutting where you stretch your arms a bit rather than the close to the chest type tutting, then he did it again on some slow part of the song, but hey, for me, the slow part worked better than the faster part.

Best kid crew this show has ever had, I was impressed with it so much, I didnt like much of what they were wearing, but they hit hard, it was dumb of Ashley Banjo to say about their syncing seing as... he's part of diversity, but yea, I was impressed, they danced to hip hop, like a crew should.

I dont... even remember much about it, but yea...

Leon & Dotty:
they were... really good, i dont usually like this sort of stuff, but it flowed well, and their performance was really strong, I really liked it.

Really good, I dont usually like watching Bboy stuff, SuperCrew is my least fav crew out of the abdc winners, but this was really good, he's really creative :3

Ruff Diamon:
Ok, when i watched their HHI performance from 2011, I wasnt that impressed, and then their HHI performance 2012, which was used for their first audition really impressed me, THIS routine... was... somewhat epic, alot of tricks, maybe too many, but it was done in a way that i thought "Wow, they could go to HHI this year, and win" and would be really happy if they won GTD2013, much better than Antics, that double flip was crazy, i know he fell on his butt but, oh god it was epic, while watching I remember just thinking "wow, this crew would be able to to compete on ABDC and go far" aswell.
oh god i hope they win.

Ruff Diamond went through good.... Gymtasia... really? was expecting Shun or Mindtrick =3= kinda... meh =3= whatever, right i'ma add Juicy & Ruff Diamond to my list on the side :3

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