Monday, 4 March 2013

Got To Dance Semi Finals Week 4.

Ooo pretty long post this week.
Ok, this week was pretty interesting for me, first, on the ad break before the show started, I was pretty impressed with something diversity did in the ad, I didnt like the tutting they did about their head because I was doing that well over a year ago, and with them doing it, it just doesnt look right, but the part after the over the head part was pretty good.
Anyway, on with the talent.


I'll be honest, they're strong, athletic but... alot of the routine felt like they were trying to be like someone else, one did a drop onto his back, and it wasnt that smooth, it felt like a rip off version of what Ryan Conferido (Quest Crew) usually does, and the other parts seemed somewhat messy, and i knew the one direction thing was coming, it was a bit predictable. and then they jumped off stage like people use to do in ABDC, so for me, It wasnt that great, and last year they were tutting, which felt like I was watching white guys do Poreotics, but not as clean, or as fun.

This was prerecorded, I cant remember why, I thought it may have been an age thing, like, the girl was out passed her bed time or whatever, but then it showed her in the audience after they showed her prerecorded routine, so it was odd, the routine was nice, made me happy, though I did go to the kitchen and get more pizza D: and missed some of it. She's adorable and really good for an 8 year old, probably the best of the night i'd say :)

Gaana Rajas:
I cant remember everything in this routine, but it was interesting to watch, it wasnt the typical boring bollywood stuff that i've seen over the years on BGT / GTD, it was more powerful, however, i dont think it was as powerful as other stuff, It did have that street feel to it though, maybe because of the power they had or whatever,  was pretty good.

Javier & Julie:
I agree with what Aston said (i think it was Aston that said it?) Julie is uch better, Javier is a bit sloppy and not as elegant as Julie, but it seemed nice, its a bit odd that Javier looks like a nicer looking version of her husband / boyfriend, javier is sexy o3o it was pretty good also :)

One Step Ahead:
It felt like they were one step behind tbh, dont get me wrong, I really appreciate that they're in sync, and i loved that they were in sync, the cheesey smiles though put me off, and the routine wasnt that great, however, I think if they were a street crew, with the right choreographer, they could be a powerful street crew because of how in sync they are.

_______O: He's nice, always i'm on my blog, i'm going to compare and stuff, he's like the british version of tight eyez, but Tight Eyez is much better, Obviously because Tight Eyez created Krump, and ever since that video i watched that he did with Jaja (IaMmE) I really love him now, so Godson's routine was interesting, the slow part he did though was a bit odd for me, he's athletic, sexy, got a nice body :3 ya, I'd like to see him in a crew, mainly because that other krump crew wasnt that great, I think Godson would be good at Chreographing a crew.

 So Godson & Antics were voted through, I knew this would happen tbh, I predict next week that Mindtrick (which is my fav dancer) and Ruff Diamond will be going through.

 Now the special part of the night, when Ashley said last week "SuperCrew" I thought he meant ABDC 2 winners, but he said "A Super Crew" with Methods Of Movement, Unity UK,  Boadicea from Got To Dance Season 3, and Season 1 winner Akai.

So firstly, the routine was good, Boadicea have gotten better, their parts were nice, girly parts in a routine is always good coz i can be all "you go gurl" Unity UK's stuff was good aswell, they've also gotten better imo, however, I still really dislike Methods Of Movement, having Crazy Popper in the middle and 5 others BBoying around him just looks weird, It's like giving your newphew a bag of action man figures and putting one barbie doll in there, It doesnt fit.
Ok now for the best part... Aka... I was very impressed, take out methods of movement and i would have been very very very happy with this routine, take off 2 of the very's and thats how i feel about it. Akai has gotten much better, He's better than Ashley Banjo, and i think he could give Adam G Sevani a run for his money, the way he was moving was very slick, and the tricks he did were really cool, I was really impressed by the whole routine as a whole minus MOM.
tbh, If others like MOM, fair enough, its just not for me.

anyway, thats this weeks done, goddamnit I hope ABDC gets taken over or something, Jabbawockeez get alot of money, cant they like... take it over and have a member from crews judge, so like, maybe 1 of the Jabbawockeez as a judge, have Dtrix as a judge too, one from SuperCrew i suppose, and then the 4th judge could be special guests from each winning crews, so one week they have Moon as a special judge, next they have Jet Li, week after Hiro, week after that Chachi... you know :)

I usually look forward to ABDC starting a few weeks after Got To Dance but kinda sucks that I dont have anything to look forward to over the next few weeks <:

anyway, thats all for now :D

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