Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Got To Dance Season 4

Wow, 4th season already x:
Ok so its season 4, and it starts sunday, I thought it started this sunday that just passed because it says on Sky's site that you can watch the first episode, which i couldnt, i'll need my sisters details in order to watch it or download the episodes somewhere, So last years was kinda meh, crews that I did like, like Addict... didnt get put through, and they put alot of shit stuff through, also, Choreographer & Judge ashley banjo of Diversity should be removed from the judging panel, If you're going to copy Phillipine allstars to win Britains Got Talent, then i'd rather not have you there for A: stealing ideas... B: not being as good as any american dance crew, and this includes kid crews, 8 Flavah'z, RNG & Bubblegum are all better than diversity and they're aged like... 9 - 18.
C: would be because he isnt that hot, people thinks he is and I dont see the attraction atall =3=
D: would be putting through shit stuff over stuff that myself and others would actually enjoy.
I love Davina, and Kimberly Wyatt, I dont care whether Adam is gone or not.
anyway =3= rant over, i'll be posting about what I think of this years auditions, I'm also hoping Sky doesnt replace auditionee's music with their own =3= gaaaah it was so anoyying to watch A-team's performance ruined because sky used different music.
anywhoooo, Peace :V

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