Sunday, 13 January 2013

Got To Dance episodes 1 - 4

Ok so my sister took the Sky box with her and the only way I can watch Got To Dance now is by going to her house, I'm only going to mention stuff i think is worth mentioning.
Ok so the first 2 episodes, there was a kid that was ok, dancing to Cinema (Skrillex remix) I didnt find it over powering but it was good enough to mention. apart from this kid, theres nothing else worth mentioning.

Ok, 3rd & 4th episode (which was much better)
First off, theres all girl crew called Poison, i really liked them, the stuff they did was brilliant, they said "commercial / street" I think its more street and I really enjoyed their performance, not as good as ReQuest (and in my eyes no one ever will be) but I think they could probably get far on a show like ABDC.
the 2nd person worth mentioning is a guy named "Mindtrick" he danced to a dubstep track, i forget what, but his popping was really cool, and some other bits were cool, I think he's better than Ashley Banjo, this guy is more original whereas Banjo likes to take moves from phillipine crews to win BGT :3
the strobing he did to the 16th notes in the song were cool (strobing is the right word i think, where one shakes in a way thats epic)
Antics are back, good for them, I liked them somewhat last year, they're ok but once you've seen someone already do something they've done but better, then you think "meh" dont get me wrong, they do tutting, i like tutting, they do a lil krump (which i'm liking lately) but they didnt do enough to make me really really like them.
some guy called "godson" who was krumping is hot o3o he seemed better than the people that were krumping last week, last weeks krumpers werent that great.
ok, so the one i liked the most (apart from poison) Is Ruff Diamond, they auditioned last year, they were also at Hip Hop International 2011 and 2012, so i guess they were britains best in the HHI Adult Devision, I like them, they're cool, done some cool tricks, i think this was better than their HHI performance, even though some of this was taken from their HHI routine, it was alot better executed.
Ionno whut else to type up, so i'll finish with it there.

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